Nike continued their new-colourway assault this weekend by sneaking another release out this weekend.


Clearly listening to those football boots fans calling for a more serious set of colours for Nike’s newest entry into the power catagory, the American sportswear giants have launched this Black/Challenge Red/Metallic Silver.

Definitely a more understated entry into the series than the Neptune Blue or Neon Green, this should win over those who have felt the Laser III has been too flash.


We love this new colourway – it definitely shows off the Laser III as a dangerous looking football boot – we think it’ll be popular with those looking for a sleek-goalscoring machine and with big mean centre-backs!

Also – it’s interesting to see that the swerve-zones fins finally have a bit of colour to them! There were rumours that this area would remain black for the Laser III’s lifespan as it was too expensive to colour; but Nike have added a splash of mercury-quicksilver that not only sets the boot nicely, but also has us excited for the other possiblities that Nike could colour it with!

The Nike Total 90 Laser III in Black/Challenge Red/Metallic Silver will be available from April 1st and retail for £130 RRP

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  1. says: Tito933

    Quite nice indeed. Remind me of the laser II that had this colorway as well. Kinda look like the predators too, glad k leather ones have the colored strike zone to spice it up a bit. Keep it up Nike, doing great with new colorway releases. Hope to see maybe one more knock out colorway for the WC like for euro. Cheers

  2. says: channo

    THIS is a serious color??? silver and red???

    then nike design team are seriously crazy or seriously ahead of time. everything they created lately looked like a Japanese Harajuku style.
    have u seen Japanese teens with all their bright jackets and accessories, crashing mix and match colors, and colorful hairs? if u haven’t, neonlights in Vegas are one thing that’s could come quite close (but even neonlights in vegas couldn’t offer that much bright & contrasting colors!)

    but well, this is a start… this one looked pretty “normal” compared to the green & the blue ones 🙂

  3. says: MisterBroom12

    I can’t wait until the pods are not one uniform color. I can easily see Nike making the pods having 2 colors fade into each other or just each pod a different color.

  4. says: channo

    @Masahiro: LOL yeah the terminator! black leather jacket, silver titanium body, with a touch of contrasting red eye!


  5. says: dizzl

    best laser 3 colorway yet IMO…

    i really like how the instep/swerve stuff looks, but i still dont find the outstep/outside of the boot attractive at all.

    anyone else still rock their laser 1s? i still have mine, and still think they are a very good boot.

  6. says: timmy

    hate dis colour. i will wait for a way better colour before changing my nike K-leather II’s..they still have the exact stud system right?

  7. says: Eric

    these boots are sick! I think I’m going to get them for my birthday(m30) or just wait until the red black ones come out(red is dominant over black) or the world cup colorway! but agreed! this is easily the best color way yet!

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