Never one to shy away from Ultra-Bright colourways, the latest release from Nike is the Voltage Cherry Mercurial Vapor Superfly II.

New Nike Superfly II football boots in Voltage Cherry

Definitely a throwback to the disturbingly popular Mercurial Vapor IV Berry, these almost-pink football boots are bound to turn heads on pitches across the world.

Billed as ‘Voltage Cherry’ these boots are definitely a nearly-neon shade of pink (We’re interested to see the colour of the cherries that the Nike design team are eating!!) and are contrasted with a cool metallic silver on the instep to achieve Nike’s oft-discussed ‘flicker’ effect.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II Voltage Cherry Football Boots

Call us cynical, but we reckon in this pair of football boots, your team mates should have no trouble spotting you across the pitch!

The Dark Obsidian has been a popular colour on the Superfly II, appearing on 3 colourways including this one, but this time chosen to make the huge Nike tick really ‘pop’ off the bold upper.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II Voltage Cherry Football Boots

Hats off to Nike for yet another incredibly bold colour choice for their ultimate Speed football boots – and should this colourway prove even nearly half as popular as the notorious Vapor IV Berry, then Nike will have another sure-fire winner on their hands.

Though our main question raised by these boots has to be; Are these Superfly II‘s another dream come true for Nicklas Bendtner?

Pre-Orders for this boot are being taken as of'  the 24th of September, with availability beginning in early October, with a retail price in the region of £275 or $400 US.

NIKE SUPERFLY II VOLTAGE CHERRY/OBSIDIAN/SILVER, 8.7 out of 10 based on 148 ratings

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  1. says: harry

    im sure in ron chopper harris days, if he spotted a player in these boots , they would be comming off the pitch on a stretcher. football is supposed to be a physical mans game. the colour is atrocious

  2. says: Tito933

    Is it just me or has Nike run put of colors to use? It seems to me that they are reusing a lot of their previous colors, maybe in different settings but non the less the same colors. The cactus we’ve seen, these berry ones we’ve seen too. If this is the case then Nike should release a pair in the original vapor 3 colorway. The white and gold, now THAT would be EPIC!

  3. says: BiyiAdetunji

    you have to be seriously good to wear these. i had an off day today with my Neptune Blue T90 Lasers, and my team mates looked at me like i killed a baby, 3/4 of them wear black boots and the match was more or less a friendly, Plus we wear blue, but as they were so bright everyone thought i would play like wayne rooney.

  4. says: Jimmy

    Next colors will be Black/Orange and White/Blue so i recommend waiting for those. I bet most pros will keep using the Cactus until the Black or White…

  5. says: brian

    Im sure a lot of pro players will be REALLY excited about wearing these boots.The color is not that bad, I’d rather wearing these boots than the light green ones.

  6. says: channo

    @harry: it doesn’t has to be ron harris mate… if i ever see anyone in these… well, he better be as fast as ronaldo. any slower than that, i’ll guarantee that he’ll be leaving the pitch supported by his teammates.

    @BiyiAdetunji: hahaha, so true. when u wear purple adizeros, people would expect that u’ll play like lio messi.

  7. says: Leo

    @Channo, based on that comment I’d have to assume ur either a fan of Blackburn or Wolves.

    Let whoever wants to wear them, wear them. They’ll be judged on there ability at the end if the game. And It’ll be easy to separate the serious players from the posers.

    Can’t wait to see these on the feet of the pro’s

  8. says: Nicoacademia

    I hate people who tackle hard just for the sake of it. The risk of injury is just not worth it.

    Seems like people love blood sport. Sometimes I wish I could just lock these “hard men” in a room and show them what real violence is like.


    Hard men on the pitch. Sissies off it.

  9. says: Nicoacademia

    Is it me or…….NANI is now wearing Adizeros???
    He was the face of Get the Pro Pre-season marketing campaign.

    Ibrahimovic scored with this pinkie.

  10. says: Nicoacademia

    Is it me or…….NANI is now wearing Adizeros???
    He was the face of Inside the Pro marketing campaign 2010?

    Ibrahimovic scored with this pinkie.

  11. says: Rasheed

    Speaking purely on aesthetics and leaving out the manliness debate, I would have preferred a black swoosh to the obsidian, or a revert to the style of Vapor IV berry: all pink with white swooshes.

  12. says: Tito933


    footy boots has a store…
    It’s shown across the entire site.
    ANNNND the article says how much they are at the bottom.
    Not only that there’s at least a hundred online stores including eBay and the one shown on the HOMEPAGE.

  13. says: jjprsoccer

    Their awsome.. but the thing I hate is when any one buys them and their not any good , ive been playing for years and i dont wabt to were them because i know i cant compare to those who do wear them… respect

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