Nike release a statement on the future of Kangaroo leather in production of their football boots

Following on from our duo of articles on Puma and adidas moving away from using natural leather in their football boots, Nike have released a statement confirming the future of K-Leather within their production.

Nike release a statement on the future of Kangaroo leather in production of their football boots

Whilst it has been obvious to many since Nike launched the Kangalite CTR360 in 2009, Nike have officially confirmed their commitment to removing Kangaroo leather from their product line.

A statement on the official Nike product website reads:

“Nike has worked proactively on phasing out exotic skins from its product range over the past few years. In December 2009 we updated our policy to reflect further momentum on that front, phasing out snake, lizard and crocodile skin.' 

Nike is an industry leader in developing materials for boots that are more sustainable, including synthetic materials such as Teijin and Kangalite. Although it is used in' a very small portion (less than 1 percent) of football boots, our intention is that, as we work with suppliers on new and innovative synthetic materials, we will be able to move away from the use of kangaroo leather as well.' 

We are concerned about the humane treatment of animals and have been informed by the Australian Government that suppliers of kangaroo leather must abide by their strict rules and regulations for the humane treatment of animals.”

Whilst we’re no experts on animal skins, we wouldn’t have imagined that Kangaroo leather would someday be seen on the same level as snake, lizard and crocodile skin after gracing soccer cleats for nearly a century.

But, Nike being Nike, we’ve absolutely no doubt that they’ll continue to innovate and create incredible football boots all the same – it’s just kind of sad that the Tiempo Legend IV Elite will likely be the final Nike all K-leather football boot.

Sad to see it go? Or is this a victory for the ethical treatment of animals?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says: Adam A

    Disgraceful Nike are fobbing us off with a story about ethics and fair treatment of animals…as if nike care about that!!! The fact is that this decision is purely about money. By using synthetics nike will increase their profit margins as the boot will cost less to produce. I wear an old pair of adidas adipure I’s the leather is super soft and feels amazing…when they wear out ill be buying a nice pair of pantofola d’oros.

  2. says: Adam A

    Also, how are synthetics sustainable? Surely using polycarbonates in the production is far worse for the environment than using the skins of Kangaroos which have been culled because there are too many of them…its not as if kangaroos are an endangered species!

    1. says: Mike

      Teijin is zero waste. I dont know about KL. I really like the new adidas HT on the preds, but none of what I mentioned is better than kangaroo leather.

      Also, what J said in the post below explains why leather is less sustainable. I lived in Italy and the leather processing plants smelled like death.

      The underlying problem is that kangaroos are a**holes. They are literally, gigantic rats. Giant Red can tear your head off easy. They also overrun an ecosystem.

    2. says: Emperius

      It’s not like they slaughter them, pure bs. As soon as the animals decease, then the remains are extracted. Wow so ‘inhumane’. F** PETA and idiots and money whores.

  3. says: J

    Environmentally, I think it’s really a matter of the leather treatment process and all other inputs (food, gas to get that food, transportation costs, etc.) The chemicals used to preserve leather are highly toxic and environmentally harmful, and the by-products need to go somewhere….usually in the earth.
    But your point on profits is probably spot on. We know NIKE is big on profits…here’s hoping they go into developing even better materials…

    1. says: c.f.

      i suppose you’re right about leather treatment being toxic, but what about all the synthetic crap the boots have now, can they recycle all that plastic and dyes and chemicals as easily? and there’s an overpopulation of kangaroos, what will be done with them? it is obvious it is all about money, otherwise they wouldn’t charge $300 for the new gs boot that will supposedly save the environment.

  4. says: Ben

    Well if you can get a pair of Tiempo Legend IV Elites, I suggest you jump on them. Because they will be the last of what many players both amateur and professional consider the greatest boot of all. I was lucky and scored both a rare pair of black ones in FG and SG configuration Made in Italy. Bosnian made ones (more common) are just as good, but the Italian ones are so rare, I’m going to hang on to them.

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