Nike Pay £38m to Extend French Kit Deal

Nike Football have announced that it will be extending their partnership as kit supplier to the French Football Federation.

Nike who became equipment supplier to the French Football Federation (FFF) in 2011, have confirmed an extension to their existing deal which will see Les Bleus wear the swoosh until the 2026 season.

Adidas had previously held a 37 year relationship with the FFF, but Nike have proved that they value the French association by tying them down before their existing contract is set to lapse in 2018.

Nike french kit deal

Trevor Edwards, President of the NIKE Brand:

Nike is very proud to extend our long-term relationship with the French Football Federation and we look forward to building upon our successful partnership for years to come.

It is thought that the deal will bring in £38m plus bonuses for the FFF, similar to the fee adidas pay the German national team.

Top International Kit Deals

1 Germany  |  Adidas  |  £38m per year

2 France  |  Nike  |  £38m per year

3 England  |  Nike  |  £25m per year

4  Brazil  |  Nike  |  £21m per year

5 Spain  |  Adidas  |  £20m per year


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  1. says: Harry

    ha ha ha ha ha what a stupid price to buy you’re way to the top!!!!! hah nike is run by fools!!
    1st did any one tell nike that national teams success is generational. Both brazil and France have had there day. In future competitions they will after 2010 they will be in the rebuilding stage for a few years. France shirts winning things = adidas and France shirts rebuilding and not wining anything= nike. thats is what is going to happen!!! and that is not the point of advertising the swoosh. ha ha ha total fools throwing money to get successes and going to fail at both. nike spend that money on make decent boots!! earn you’re strips!!!

    The teams of that everyone know with the most potential is argentina and germany and adidas have them.

    I am going to buy up loads of old school classic adidas france gear, to rock when nike take over. player shirts with zidane and henry classic track suit tops etc etc

    big mistake and at a big cost!!! Now adidas will go for Brazil and if they win the Brazil contract then all the old school adidas brazil shirts form the 70’s and 80’s will be re-released. ha ha ha nike have shot themselves in the football boots

  2. says: Matthew

    actually the teams tht everyone know with the most potential are brazil nike sponsor them,portugal,nike sponsor them, holland nike sponsor them, argentina, italy and spain. Not Germany

    it was a fluke tht they got into the final.They have 2 good plyrs.

  3. says: abdiqani adow

    dear sir/madam
    i have been looking for a sponsorship for 2 years but with inspirations i now play for a local team in our area known as simbird fc which is in Kenya in Africa and so i beg to be sponsored and i would have liked to come and join your young team members to have fun with them and play enjoyfully

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