Nike have started their almighty hype machine once again, this time the new Nike Safari collection is the object of some severe exposure.

Nike Safari

On Facebook and Twitter this weekend Nike have been posting some very revealing images teasing their big winter release.

The image main image depicts the face and signature of Cristiano Ronaldo – who we suspected might be involved in the Nike Safari collection in a big way – covered in some leopard print style dots – which pretty much confirms that Ronaldo will be the face of the Nike Safari initiative.

The obvious feature of the ad is the date, which means that Nike are closer than any of us thought the were to unveiling the Nike Safari collection – less than a week in fact! The 28th of October is this coming Thursday, so you can be sure that will be ready and waiting to bring you all the info we can on whatever the Nike Safari hype turns out to be about.

Nike Safari

One more subtle talking point is the ‘mesh’ pattern across this close-up – we’re not ones to speculate (Lie: We totally are) but you don’t suppose that could be FlyWire, do you?

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    ive seen these, and i would post a link to a picture but last time somebody did that on here it got removed.

    quick honestly i think nike should be working a better functioning, more affordable boot, instead of making the same boot but more expensive, just because of the colour, because you would be a fool to think that these superfly’s comming out are gonna be the same price as all the others.

  2. says: channo

    i’ll just post what i’ve post on the earlier article:

    more colorways – less innovation

    if nike have found something that would REALLY help our performance, just come up with superfly III already.
    instead they’re just dye some crap and put a price tag on it. even ronaldo doesn’t wear those adaptive studs whatsoever.

  3. says: Guy Incognito

    I think it’s kind of a good thing that Nike are releasing something really ‘out there’ instead of bringing out the Superfly 3 for christmas.

    I mean the Superfly 2 only came on sale in April – I’d be pretty peeved if I bought some ÂŁ275 football boots on launch, only to have them be out of date 7 months later.

    Now all we need is for Nike NOT to push the price up by ÂŁ50 and I’ll be a happy camper.

    Still not gonna buy them tho – lol

  4. says: Brock

    Nike aren’t going to put that amount of flywire on, a mesh of it would be pointless as they wouldn’t need that much.
    More likely a different material, like what Puma used one green v1s?

  5. says: MisterBroom12

    Funny how people complain of prices for these and the lack of innovation while also pointing out that Ronaldo doesn’t even use the adaptive stud. I think we can all agree that SG studs are clearly the best for soft pitches, which is mostly what the pros play on, but for a player like you or me that play on various types of fields the adaptive stud is a pretty great move innovation wise. It allows you to buy one pair of boots that have studs which are effective on both firm and soft grounds. If it wasn’t for these would anybody be complaining about buying a pair of FG and a pair of SG boots at $200 each?

    As for the safari print SFII, I hope I can get my hands on a pair, they look amazing and I love that this storied Nike print is being brought to the world of football.

  6. says: Pablo

    I will probably get a pair of these. I like playing with unique looking boots. I love my custom vapors so these ones would be the same except I ordered my nike id ones with out a shot shield and cushioned insole. I really like the vapor iv though. The boots in the video don’t look as bad as I thought and the laces are pretty cool.

  7. says: channo

    @MisterBroom12: hahaha, let’s see… how am i going to describe this…
    if superfly II are as effective on any terrain as it meant to, ronaldo and the gank would wear it on every game: from bernabeu’s smoothest ground to my hometown’s dirt-they-called-football-pitch.

    but no, pros still wear customized outsole and everything.

    the fact that they didn’t wear it, shows lack of successful innovation for me.

    if the adaptive studs works as good as SG studs on soft ground, now THAT a successful innovation 🙂


    now let me take u guys to look at another boots: the F50 adizero.

    most pros are wearing exactly the same adizero that are sold in our nearest local store.
    well, maybe some pros had their fancy color customization, but the technologies inside the boots are exactly the same.
    i definitely could use something that works for nani or lio messi.


    i’m not trying to help adidas out. they’re also guilty for beckham’s predator x customized heel counter & soleplate.
    i’m just trying to point out which innovation that REALLY works, the pros like it, and maybe we should consider spend our hard earned cash on.

    anyway, i’m not blaming MisterBroom12 cuz the guy stood up for the boots he like 🙂 i would do the same if someone criticize my favorite boots 😉
    i just encouraging people to be more critical about our boots choice. if its only about the looks & colors, and not about the technological aspects, we ended up like our girlfriends that shopping silly clothes in boutiques, that we used to curse and swear at!!!

    peace =)

  8. says: jPizzo

    more useless marketing from NIke. If you want to see the boots they are over at soccer equipment reviews dot com. they look stupid.

    making a leopard (not overly fast) or cheetah print boots is idiotic. making them a limited run is pointless – ronaldo signature or not.

    nike make some great boots – but the adizero has changed the game and coming up with a new “kit” for your boots isn’t going to change the fact that some new innovation is req.

    Adidas changed its stripes, so Nike is moving to Spots… time for new strategy Nike.

  9. says: MisterBroom12

    channo, I said that we all know SG studs work better. But Nike provided a way for customers to buy one pair of boots that work on any pitch. None of us would use the adaptive studs if Nike gave us new boots for each match and the studs on them were specifically suited for that game. You also bring up the adiZero whose studs fall off because they aren’t properly attached for the rigors of a game. All boots have flaws bit to say that there is no technology in the SFII is just ignorant.

  10. says: channo

    not ignorant my friend, only “could’ve been better” 😉

    i don’t know about the adizero studs -hell, i don’t even own one! but what i see on the big leagues, many pros are switching to adizero on their own free will.

    i’m just a regular customer, i conclude from what i see:
    ronaldo doesn’t use adaptive studs? hmmm, then it couldn’t be that good…; nani switches to adizero? hmmm, then maybe it is that good…


    conclusion: from what i see, nike are putting more effort and hype on superfly’s colorways. not on the technology.

    they make ronaldo wear more and more colorways, but never make him wear adaptive studs.

    because SG works better on soft ground pitch? then do more research and innovate something that would work better than SG studs on soft ground!!!

    then maybe i’ll buy superflys. one thing for sure: i won’t buy superfly because it has brighter colors, or because it has spots.

    **i’m soo digging my own grave 😀 i’m commenting on an article where superfly fans around the world gathers and wait anxiously for their newest most anticipated item… hahaha! peace guys ;D

  11. says: sam

    MisterBroom, do you work for Nike? I haven’t seen anything about studs falling off, mine haven’t fallen off yet, and If I remember correctly Adidas were ahead of Nike on this one too with the ability to change studs, soleplate and inner on the F50.8’s! Personally I think Nike were too busy thinking of stuff to add to their boots, and forgot the basics of speed, which is lightness. 3 pairs of Adizeros is nearly the weight as 2 pairs of Superfly’s, which one is now king of the ‘speed’ boots? Go figure……..

  12. says: MisterBroom12

    Sam, I don’t work for Nike, just pointing out that people saying there isn’t any technology in the SFII and that Nike are just using colors to sell boots is wrong. A lot of technology goes into the boots, the same with adidas. The adiZero are made almost the same as the first vapor were. Basically as thin of a material as possible and just minimalization everywhere. Same with both the vapor and adiZero I’ve seen a lot of complaints for blistering and comfort so I wouldn’t be surprised if the next adiZero were a bit heavier to try to aid comfort, just as the mercurial line has done for 8 years. Both are great boots don’t get me wrong, I again just wanted to point out that the technology in the SFII is very prevalent.

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