A new Nike patent revealed today has hinted at the future of Nike football boots, with a special insert being used to give a player additional power and control.

Nike Patent a new ball control element for their football boots

The un-named football boots would feature a T90 Laser II-style lacing system, with a shot-shield over the forefoot – but here’s where things get interesting.

Rather than the rings, stripes or fins from previous T90 football boots, this proposed design see the lace-cover become a frame for the real innovation; an interchangeable ball control element.

Nike Patent a new ball control element for their football boots - could this be the future of their soccer gear?

As well as whatever the ‘standard’ element that comes in the box with what whatever these football boots may turn out to be, Nike plan on making several interchangeable elements available at retail.

The simple idea being that, like the adidas tunit before it, players can adapt their football boots to different conditions or preferences.

Conditions looking sketchy outside? Switch to a ‘Wet’ control element. Playing on artificial turf for training? Switch to an element that gives you the advantage there.

However, the prospect that has us most excited, is Nike could have produced a pair of football boots that can adapt for any type of player.

The interchangeable ball control element could be a CTR360-style control zone, a Nike T90 Laser IV inspired power and accuracy zone or even a Tiempo Legend-esque patch of leather for a natural feel on the ball.

Nike Patent a new ball control element for their football boots and other athletic apparel

The ‘Abstract’ of the patent from Nike describes these future football boots as

“An article of footwear can receive an insert having ball control elements. The ball control elements protrude through a tongue of the upper to engage other surfaces.
The inserts may be purchased separately from the article of footwear and interchanged to be used in a variety of conditions.”

What do you think of the idea? Could this be the future of the T90 Laser, or even CTR360 silos? Is it the ultimate boot, or is it just a gimmick?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says: WhatsInAName

    Did adidas ever make an F50 TUNiT upper with Predator elements in? Or did I dream that!!? Similar sort of thing, scorring over their boots like that!

    1. says: 19isTheMagicNumber

      Was thinking the same thing, obviously the ‘duo’ laces help, but the different shotshield options are the kicker!

  2. says: DropGoal66

    It’s got to be the new T90, hasn’t it? Also, can you imagine two different elements in each boot? Control with the left, score with the right, genius!

  3. says: dc

    I think this will be more of a gimmick than the ultimate boot. The tunits were a great idea, but for me they did not perform as well as they should have. It will be hard for nike to focus on making a quality boot in stead of one completely focused on the tongue inserts

  4. says: Taylor Jackson

    The adidas tunits weren’t exactly the best design because of the screws and how they stripped etc. This idea has a lot of potential to be something great, but it all depends on how it is made by Nike. If they make it a reliable interchangeable piece with no tearing or stretching or any other malfunction, it has a lot of potential. We’ll have to wait and see what the final product turns out to be.

  5. says: MC

    Nike also patented an interchangeable sole-plate system so it looks like they really are going full force down the customisation route

  6. says: Joey

    im personally really surprised that we haven’t seen this yet. it would have been 6 years now since my boys and i spent sophomore year of highschool drawing boots like this when we should’ve studied calculus.

  7. says: StephenLee1790

    honestly, im a strong fan of Nike, but this isn’t a good progress for their lines. The Laser IV was a big step up from the II and the III, but going back to the II’s set up, i believe isnt giving us something new. Nike needs to get more input from the players them selves rather than enhancing the boot in a technological point of view. 

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