Nike Mercurial Vapor X

Nike Mercurial Vapor X

After the reveal of the Superfly IV, long-time fans of Nike lightweight footwear could worry there might not be any surprises left for the boot that revolutionised the game; the Mercurial Vapor.

Thankfully, no amount of brio cables could steal the thunder of the daddy of the speed scene, as the Nike Mercurial Vapor X packs enough new features to be worthy of the tenth entry into the Vapor lineage.

Nike Mercurial Vapor X - Hyper Punch Gold

The headline change to the Nike Mercurial Vapor X‘s design compared to previous generations is the new tongue-less design, instead integrating a new lacing system with a super-thin, stretchy microfibre for the most low-profile, form-fitting Mercurial yet.

Nike have completely re-evaluated the heel-cup – once the most problematic area of a Mercurial Vapor – Nike say the new lacing system locks the foot in place whilst still being as comfortable as the last couple of generations.

Nike Mercurial Vapor X - Hyper Punch Gold - Upper

Let’s talk a little about that upper, though; the new, thinner, synthetic offers a truly new feel on the ball from both the Superfly and the Speed Control Texture on the Vapor IX.

Naturally, the Nike Mercurial Vapor X also comes equipped with the ACC All Conditions Control finish that has now been going on since the Vapor VIII for consistent touch in even harsh weather.

Nike Mercurial Vapor X - Hyper Punch Gold - Soleplate

You’ll also find a new soleplate: the split-toe design follows on from a successful introduction for tech on the Hypervenom.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor X also packs the same stud config as the Superfly IV, and a nylon soleplate for durability, flex and gramme-shaving for all you speed junkies.

All in all, fears that the Vapor would be waylaid by the Superfly can the thoroughly dismissed;  this is probably the most significant update to the boot since Mark 8.

At £160/$200/$195, it also shaves some £70 off the Superfly, too.

Having already been sported by massive Vapor stars like Hazard and Zlatan, will you be joining these Nike stars in the Mercurial Vapor X?

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  1. says: Emperius

    The friggin ‘swoosh’ tick insists on being on top of the boots. Gotdamn it, they keep squeezing the cash cow. All I see here is new colors and nothing else. The last good vapor were the III’s.

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