Nike have long been proud of their Mercurial Line; from the days of Ronaldo, the jewel in Nike’s crown was always the ultra-light, ultra-fast synthetic Mercurials. With the release of the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly, however, Nike have taken speed to a whole new level.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly - II football bootsNike Mercurial Vapor Superfly - football bootsNike Mercurial Vapor Superfly - III football boots

Nike has launched the Mercurial Vapor Superfly. The football boot uses Flywire technology and Nike maintains that it will redefine how footwear is made.

Nike Flywire technology utilises high-strength threads that act like cables on a suspension bridge, delivering engineered support precisely where it’s needed. This revolutionary technology transforms how footwear is engineered by reducing the amount of material required for the upper of a football boot to the bare minimum without compromising on durability or integrity and support.


The strength of Nike Flywire technology is created through optimal placement of threads providing support where players need it most, coupled with highly tuned composite upper package that locks the threads in place, allowing the upper to adapt to the motion of the foot. The composite upper package uses an ultra-thin Teijin skin to cover the top of the foot, and together with the Flywire threads locks the foot in place.


Cristiano Ronaldo with the Mercurial Vapor Superfly – Read his chat, Ronaldo Talks Superfly

The Mercurial Vapor Superfly also incorporates a revolutionary lightweight traction sole plate and a carbon fibre chassis that shave precious grams from the boot, ensuring the player remains quicker than ever without compromising integrity or traction.


Nike assert that the Mercurial Vapor Superfly is their lightest and fastest football boot ever, a fit with the modern game that is now being played faster every season with a need for quicker reactions and acceleration.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly Technology:

Engineered Flywire Thread is positioned to meet the needs of the fastest players, providing optimal support precisely where the foot needs it.

Composite Upper combines five ultra thin layers that encase the Flywire threads to create a finely tuned shell that functions in harmony with the foot.


Teijin Synthetic Skin exterior surface, only 300 microns thick, to ensure the best possible fit and feel.

Flywire, Composite Upper and Teijin Skin combine to create Nike’s thinnest football upper to date and provide a uncompromising foot to boot, boot to ball fit.

Lightweight Traction Sole Plates incorporate a higher density inner structure providing the necessary integrity yet allowing the extraction of unnecessary weight from the centre of the studs. These super-light, super-strong direct injected dual-density molded studs deliver optimal traction.

7-layer carbon composite outsole shaves off weight while delivering maximum resilience, strength and flexibility.

Minimal Internal Heel Counter provides added integrity in the heel for ultra explosive players.

One-piece Seamless Heel Pod Liner offers added comfort and fit.


Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly Vital Statistics

Weight: 185g

Cost: £224.99

Colourway: Launching the Superfly Black Voltage Yellow

General Sale: August, 2009

Players: Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Franck Ribery, Theo Walcott, Dani Alves

Debut in Premier League: 14th / 15th March

Debut in Champions League: 11th March

More on the Mercurial Vapor Superfly: Mercurial Vapor Superfly

More on the Mercurial Vapor V: Mercurial Vapor V

The Vapor superfly

**Update, the Superfly II has now been launched, check all the latest information here – Superfly II 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (No Ratings Yet)


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  1. WOW! I must confess I’m classic football boots fan, I like my boots in black and K-leather, but for the first time I’m considering getting a pair of “modern” football boots. These new Mercurial Vapor SuperFly’s are the B……

        1. says: Fbn21

          Did anybody notice that the studs have holes in them. Deam they are so desperate to reduce the weight they remove durability and also the price is not good cant they make a great boot with an affordable price… Nike should be ashamed for this boot

          1. says: Kilby16

            buddy the studs have holes to reduce weight which is good but it also looks fabulous!
            these are beautiful one of a kind boots and if you don’t respect that Nike is a good company i think that you should not be commenting at all….personally i think these are wonderful boots and i am looking forward to buying myself a pair…p.s. all you need to do to make up for the miniscule loss of durability is take care of them!

          2. says: big dady 3

            ya dont walk on the cement with ur cleats for the studs will of course run out but if u just stay on the grass then i will most likely not run out (studs)

  2. says: Fenboy

    Better looking than the Vapor IV and the V – I suppose the big test will come when some thug of a centre back treads on the dainty feet of a Superfly encased forward.

    I’ll go 80 / 20 in favour of the defender!

  3. says: Sion

    They look OK, but at that price they need to be the dogs wotsits!

    I’ll sit on the fence until I see a decent colour (like the black ones you have in the other write up), then decide….

  4. says: Nick

    Yeah ok, they look miles better than the MV IV and V but they are £225!! and they have already ripped on drogba’s feet in the international against Turkey!! lol they will not last!

  5. says: KK

    Why? These boots seem so unnecessary. Sure, they’re only 185 grams, but the MV3s were only 195 or so. The 3s looked better, cost a damned sight less, and probably felt better. I’m starting to understand what Benayoun sees in still wearing them.

    1. says: ALennon

      Thses things are nasty… But seriously ppl the MV III cost you like half as much look better… especially if you get a hot color… and after like three weeks the rich boy who got them will probaly be tired of them… its not nearly as good as it sounds

  6. says: Matt

    Finally Nike has returned to the actual concept of speed! The Vapor is light again, only 6.8 oz! This has potential to be the best Vapor ever if it can hold up. I can’t wait to see it in action in the second leg of the Champions League match between Manchester United and Inter Milan on Wednesday 11th March.

  7. says: Kyle

    Wow, this is an interesting debate isn’t it? I liked the initial design (without the lace cover), made me think of the MVIII’s like KK says.

    The issue of foot protection will always be there, but I think at £225 Nike have made my mind up for me – that’s far too much for a pair of boots in my opinion – especially with the question of Longevity in the mix.

    Here’s a challenge for Nike though – lets see you release a colourway every month at £200+ a pop and still stay profitable!

  8. says: Omar Saleem

    Im absolutel;y fascinated with the Superfly. I think the technology will probably show up many manufacturer faults in the inital stages but once mastered it will prove to be a huge success.

    Without doubt the price is inflated ridiculously high but in time will come down as the current economic climate won’t sustain sales over a significant period of time.

    That said, I like the Superfly, it looks good, has a great design and will be feather light! Combine this with superb fit (hopefully) and the boot has the potential to be a real winner for Nike.

  9. says: ill-d

    they look “pretty” but seriously, people praise all these uber light weight boots as if it actually makes them faster. im sure if you did speed tests on people and made them wear the lightest boots then the heaviest boots there would be zero advantage.

    i say F@#k all this light weight boot bs, give me a boot that will keep me from losing a toe nail after getting stomped on.

    btw, what would you footbooters out there consider the most PROTECTIVE boot?

    i do think this boot is nice looking. and who knows, although the super light weight attributes of boots like these might not actually make you physically faster because of the lighter weight, but it could be a psychosomatic issue or something….you THINK the boot will make you faster, and your brain tricks your body into running that minor increment faster….who knows. im sticking to my copa mundials lol

    1. says: couly

      the trick about a good boot is how lightweight and tight they are on your feet
      when i put on my talarias i cankick ages harder and further than with some tennis shoes with cleats on the bottom
      nike has outdone themselves i dont care about the price i have a JOB! thats an activity you do to earn money to all those people crying about the price
      the colour is okay now but a black and yellow like they did with the mvII would be champion

  10. says: Roman

    Oh, wow those look good. Finally some proper pictures. The color is not amazing but I’m positive they will have better colors coming. Don’t care about protection, or having them last long. Those look good.

  11. says: Raul#7

    the boots aren’t bad except for the 2 tone ones. the all black ones with the yellow swoosh are sweet, but i’m not sure about the others. not such a good job with the color scheme nike.

  12. says: faris'

    oh my! watever nike is up too, im sure im up for the challenge..

    dont care if it’s nice or horrible, if the colour suits my needs, i’ll wear them…

    of course the price is unacceptable but come on pple, this is nIkE!!!

  13. says: Omar Saleem

    Some fair comments there guys, I’d agree in the most part with things said. I guess taste is an individual thing, some people like boots thats match their kit, others want quality and comfort, others want light weight! Either way I think this boot offers a lot, and will be a successful seller when the price is reduced.

    ill-d it’s a fact that a lighterweight boot will help movement and agility. It doesn’t do it by a significant amount however it definately will improve the speed at which the feet move between the ground and the ball. In addition they weigh not far off sprinters trainers, and they definately work! The lighter the boot the poorer the quality it seems however. Once out for a while and all manuyfacturer faults are returned to Nike I think we’ll see a sharp upturn in the quality of the prodict and hopefully a decrease in price!

    Let’s hope Niklas Bendtner is forcibly kept away from the boots, his ability will do them NO justice!

  14. says: Clarkie

    These are way over priced, but then again so is every pair of boot.
    They are nice though, love the colour! I would like them better with the lace cover.
    Will definately be buying a pair if they are ever cheaper.

  15. says: iain

    WOW!!! those look so gd but the price is a little to high,although i think that they will prove 2 b an excellent boot and a very big hit.I dont really lyk the colours though apart from the black and yellow 1s they r class i think they will prove them selves worvy of the price

  16. says: ringo star

    look extremely weak and unbelievably over-priced.
    doesnt change the fact that if i had the cash id buy a pair every second week.

  17. says: Zizou wannabe

    Like the whole concept and the tech behind this… but… at that price, and the risk of getting trod on 5 mins into my first game with them…. i think i will stick to my Predators.

  18. says: Frikin Sweet

    um, they look like a complete rip off, over 200 quid!! ugly as sin also! definitely going to be sticking to my avocado vapour v’s!! fo shizzle hahahahah (Workout Planets comment – lol = )

  19. says: alan

    my grandsons old nike football boots smell of cats wee and so does his mercurial trainers which r 4 months old so i would not buy him these if i had the money to buy these buy the way i heard bbc watchdog were looking into why these smell so bad i dont know the outcome may be u do

  20. says: martinccillo

    i remember the original mercurial vapor sl was designed without the lace cover in a black color with the nike swoosh in pink, now nike is back with this boot and is almost the same first sl

  21. says: ill-d

    to omar:
    any article or link proving that? true, a lighter boot theoretically means faster strides since the foot isn’t carrying as much weight…

    but i still think however lighter these are, the amount of weight difference isnt significant enough to make someone noticeably faster. maybe by 100ths of a second, in which case its not enough speed increase to be any use. If you are beat by a player, a hundredth or tenth of a second speed increase isnt going to make you catch up with them!

    however if there is some sort of proof that a lighter boot really does make a noticeable difference in a players speed then id be more than willing to change my stance.

    i still want to know what people consider the most protective boot out there.

  22. says: bobby

    £225 wat a bump!!!!! blow to the wallet i prefer the vapour 3 vapour 4 and these new fives are just ugly

  23. says: Roman

    “i remember the original mercurial vapor sl was designed without the lace cover in a black color with the nike swoosh in pink, now nike is back with this boot and is almost the same first sl”
    No they are not. You are mistaken.

  24. says: mikeyp

    Pretty boots for pretty boy players.I feel sorry for Rooney that he has to take the field with a tart like CR.Nike certainly has achieved juggernaut status in the boot world-good on ’em,success breeds innovation which helps all us wanna be players.

  25. says: Geordieboy14

    Oh my god! Did you see what happened to Drogba’s Blackout Flywire boots against Turkey?! Are they really that protective?

  26. says: lee

    i must say the boots are wicked..i love shocking colours like that

    i had the original murcurial vapors that ronaldo wore against newcastle, the orange ones

    but they had very very bad protection..and these are lighter so as much as i love nike im going with adidas for better protection..coz i am sure zlatan or ronaldo are going to be on the floor holding their boot after a tackle from vidic or cordobas !

  27. says: Devhead

    I wonder what the markup on these are…?

    I watched the video with the dapper lads stitching them together… but seriously? These things are probably made in Cambodia at <£5 per hour, and might have £50 worth of materials. That means you pay a whopping £170+ for that very large swoosh.

    Ridiculous, in my book.

  28. says: Alastair Craig

    I was lucky enough to purchase a pair in a sports auction on saturday 7th of March. And can safely say that belioeve it or not they are even better to play in than they look! p.s. I played in these boots before ronaldo! AMAZING!

  29. says: christian cockayne

    on kitbag they r £29.99 and from ma christmas money i have got 30 quid left so i can gett them cant wait. i was gonna get the lime green 1ns but when i saw these 1ns out i thouht they r the best vaporss i have eva saw so i am deffinetly gonna get them !

  30. says: Samuel

    Men i would like had thees boots but the prblem is i’m a rigth side defender and i dont now if they are going to protect but the design is the best

  31. says: HEILBRONN

    DONT RIPP INTO THESE BOOTS, THEY ARE SWEET AND I BET THEY’LL BE SWEET WHEN YOU WERE EM. the only problem is ordering them on the net and breaking a week later and not being able to send em back. be realistic tho we all said it about the sl’s and ive still got my pair in mint condition

  32. says: Beast

    Stop complaining about how expensive it is! its is made for PROFESSIONALS Or ELITE players. if you don’t want to spend that much money; just buy the regular vapors for 200.

  33. says: Mario Dos Santo Aviero

    they do cost a bit but are worth it if you are at that level of play which means for good players..

  34. says: Justin

    these look sick but still ull break ur feet in these if u get stomped on and on top theyre flashy so ur the first target during the match
    im going to stick with MV vs powerswerves and those new diadora’s untill they make these boots more durable or a better color

  35. says: Kaspa

    They are the best boots i’ve ever worn. I have two pairs and the max orange are slightly more comfertable and yes BEST AND LIGHTEST BOOTS EVER. In Australia they are $500 and its the best grand i’ve ever spent.

  36. says: Liam

    well i have brought the purple and white ones today, well worth it, only £100 now! well worth my hard earnd cash on

  37. says: mr mack

    the studs of the superfly r durable even though they have a hole in the middle because the fibre glass wont run out

  38. says: Ewans mum

    my son swears by these boots, he recons nike r the bomb!! the orange ones r his 3rd pair, he also has the lime green & the black ones with the blue tick…… he wont wear anything else

  39. says: Matt

    These boots are expensive, and i don’t know how durable they will be, but nike does do a good job backing up their product; if these rip, you will be able to get a voucher and get any other cleat you want. I say they are worth the risk if you can afford it and plan to have a back up pair of boots with me just in case.

  40. says: bosko

    these boots are so sick its like ur wearing nothing even though they r expensive its worth it if u have skill nd p.s they r not 4 defenders they r 4 strikers or midfielders that r fast and skillfull

  41. says: Pero

    Hey guys, just wondering

    im buying size 12 black superflys

    and im wondering if anyone would no the length and width measurements??

    Thanks Heaps
    Please Reply

  42. says: smiley

    well i have this shoe…i have to say that it is the lightest shoes i have ever played with….when i kick the ball i feel i am wearing nothing in my legs….thats why it is made for speed….anyways good choice nike…

  43. says: Mustafa shamte

    For someone like me who loves to run fast on the wings n breaking offside traps…i really need me them superfly Boots…Nike u didnt again,n ama get me a pair of them. and makes it even more interesting is that they are black

  44. says: mercurialover

    I think the Superfly is a great boots especially in the black/yellow one.. The technology used for this boot is incredible. It is lightweight, only 185g. This is good for a professional footballer especially the fast ones like ronaldo and drogba as it MIGHT makes them a better and faster player. But it will not turn a bad player to a professional player.

    The most ridiculous thing about the Superfly is it costs that much. As it costs a lot, I expect it would be a high-quality and a long-lasting boots. But drogba’s boots ripped badly when he played against Turkey.

    So, overall I think the Superfly is great. But the ‘Superfly ripped’ issue makes it not worth the price..

  45. says: Gerry The Great

    any boot would’ve ripped from that impact from the turkey player made on Drogba’s boot. So you guys need to stop letting that one picture make the boot look bad, when they are really good and make you feel so light in them. They are also a bit too exppensive.

  46. says: zach

    The shoes are incredible they look good increase speed by 5% and if your good enough you dont have to worry about getting your foot trod on

    BUT only bad thing is the price. 500 australian dollars “rip off”

  47. says: Mitch

    They would increase speed a little bit only if u are really dependant on speed as in you are really quick. Why do you think top sprinters run with very light spikes, because it makes them quicker

    1. says: Dc Dallastx

      Dicks sporting goods chap. I bought then yesterday and im not a fan of the mercurials. The touch is awful. Bulky. I went back and exchanged them for adidas f50

  48. says: pavel

    cristiano no se si hamblas español pero yo guiero decirte una cosa estas botas mercurial estan guapisimas.Yo siempre e sido fan de mercurian NIKEy se gue hay otras mercurial pero estas me gustan mucho

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