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*Update! The Mercurial Vapor VII is available to order now!*

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Nike Mercurial Vapor IV

In February 2008, Nike celebrated 10 years of its Mercurial football line with the release of its most innovative football boot of the time -The Mercurial Vapor IV.

First designed specifically for Brazilian striker Ronaldo in 1998, the Mercurial was produced to meet the needs of the world’s fastest footballers and has been making an impact ever since.

In the last seven seasons, the top scorer in the English Premier League, other than once, has worn Mercurial Vapor boots.

Mercurial Vapor 4

For the Mercurial Vapor IV, Nike called on Premier League forwards such as Didier Drogba, Cristiano Ronaldo and Theo Walcott for direct input into the design process. As a result, Nike has developed a series of technological innovations that maximize speed with and without the ball .

Speed Plate
The Mercurial Vapor IV features Nike’s innovative Speed Plate technology designed to give players instant acceleration and make them fastest to the ball. Additionally, a re-engineered upper has been crafted not just to make players faster, but faster while dribbling and shooting.

Tactile Coating

In order to aid dribbling with the ball at speed, just one seam exists in the shoe’s upper material, while a new stitched stretch lace cover creates a cleaner ball contact area. The football boot is also wrapped in a clear tactile coating that creates a gripped surface for all playing conditions.

Vapor Traction System

The Mercurial Vapor IV’s Vapor Traction System broadens the scope of player fit; heel pods have been expanded laterally for more cushioning and extra protection. Stabilizing the foot, a form-fitting insert cradles the heel, while a Glass Fiber heel wrap provides lightweight stability with minimal slippage. All told, the comfortable ride of the Mercurial Vapor allows for sustained play at speed, keeping the ball where it should be: on your feet or in the net.

mercurial vapor blue

Players: Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Theo Walcott
Price: Around ยฃ120
Sizes: 7-12

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*Update! The Mercurial Vapor VII is available to order now!*

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    1. says: cristiano

      yes there will be more colors there is vivid blue and a special edition for euro 08 also you can see the new green and white ones on you-tube under “new nike mercurial vapor iv new color pine green blue spark”

    2. says: tom

      i have just got my brand new citron ones!! im not even joking how good they are. they are unbelievble
      they give u blisters at first and after that there the best boots on the market !

      1. says: Rich

        yeah same here like. there a size to big because i got them at the end of the season. they do give you blisters bu hopefully at the start of next season they will be perfect XD

  1. says: Paul

    Hi Frederic as well as the Orange Peel Nike are launching with a black and vivid blue. Inside sources also reveal that there will be a white and blue and green and white colourway later this year.

  2. says: tysonschoene

    i would love for them to come out with an all black (blacked out) version of this one. their color schemes on the mercurials make them rather unappealing.

  3. says: Butler

    I disagree bout the Colours, its becasue theyre Orange Peel that i love em,, Ive just bought a pair of RED/GOLD 1s. altho there just Astro turf to play on hard grounds, ๐Ÿ˜€ i cant believe they ant brought out YELLOW 1s ???

    lookin fwd to seeing Ronaldo in the CARBON SL 1s ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. says: colton

    i just got the red ones and the cover doesnt come off but its better for shooting trust me my last game i scored 3 free kick way out side of the box ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. says: james

    Will they be coming out in sizes below 6? like 3,4,5 and stuff like that. Ive been waiting for ages for them to make the sizes smaller but all they have done is put these weird jet stream mercurial ones in stores which really aren’t as good, although they go to sizes 2,3,4,5 they aren’t as good as the mercurial vapour IV so i was just wandering if they would do make the vaporurs into smaller sizes anytime soon. if anyone knows the answer to this it would help.

    1. says: Horatio

      YES they do make the Mecurial IV in sizes 3,4,5 i’ve got a pair which will be too small for me soon which are size 3 1/2 but there still really good my ones ar in Orange and black there awesome for skills because there soo light i personally like the orange ones but i like Drogba’s ones too there cool.

      1. says: Marjory

        but aren’t those the steams? I was just searching for when was the Mercurial Vapor 4 released and i came by this.

        Where’d you find those in sizes 3, 4, 5? Any website where it is available for purchase? I am also looking for a mercurial IV in smaller sizes.

  6. says: C.Ronaldo777

    i think its good for midfields,it maked me captain for my football team and were goin to the finals.My boots is Red/Gold.the top cover makes my freekick powerfuller.

  7. says: CR7

    I think they are steams cause i search and search for junior vapor but cant find em. I’m nearly size 5.5 so i hope i can get vapors soon

  8. says: Nobody

    I was wondering wether to get the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV or Nike Mercurial Vapor III. Does anyone know which boot is better?

    1. says: danny #14

      the vapor 4s are way better,
      its gonna be hard to belive but the vapor 3’s are lighter than the 4’s,
      but the 4’s are better at everything other than for speed.

  9. says: Homie T

    I hope they will be making a mercurial vapor 4 design for the Brazilian players like they did with the vapor 3’s ill be sending inn a picture of my design soon

  10. says: lionel.messi

    i would really like to to white/green or white/cyan it’ll look hectic. i really hate the ones with the shoe-laces, the look oh so ugly~!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. says: Will

      When are the black with silver tick going to be coming out? I need some new boots before the 10th of jan so I think I’m Gona get the red one’s for ฤ‚ยƒรขโ‚ฌลกฤ‚โ€šร‚ล65 probs, good idea any1? I play centre mid but I’m quick, used to play wing but my passin is to good so should I?

  11. says: ZooMonkey

    seriously guys… stop talking about THE FREAKIN COLORS .

    you sound like a bunch of women doing a QVC advertisement.

    why don’t u get together and go buy some lingerie …

  12. says: Jeff

    worst shoes i have ever worn. i get huge blisters just about every time i wear them. i wouldnt reccommend these shoes to anybody

    1. says: sweet_sable

      i understand completely
      son got burised heels from them and blisters
      complained to shop and was told not their problem that the design doesnot suit his feet!! after spending ฤ‚ยƒรขโ‚ฌลกฤ‚โ€šร‚ล119 on them there is a problem when he is now wearing a smaller size cheaper boot!

  13. says: sweet_sable

    i brought the boots in Novemeber 08. son was trying to get used to them.
    In feb 09 had to stop wearing them as they caused bruising to his heel and blisters. I tried taking them back to the shop after spending ฤ‚ยƒรขโ‚ฌลกฤ‚โ€šร‚ล119 on them. i was told they are not faulty and that it is not their problem that the boots do not suit my sons feet. there obviously seems to be a problem with them he has now gone back to wearing his old boots that are a size smaller but do not hurt!!! happy to take peoples money but no one wants to listen that there is some desgin problem with them!!

    1. says: Billy

      Excuse me,But the shop is not lying if they say your son’s feet aren’t meant for these shoes.Yes,Blisters usually do form after the first use,but this problem ceases after 3 days of continous use.After the blisters,The great shoe itself is just out of this world.And to answer some questions I read,If you are a 9 and a half,It is recomended that you order a half size bigger.I.g, 9 = 9 and a half.Anyway,back to the shoe.The shooting is average.Control is awesome.But not reccomended for defenders.Boot is pretty fragile and being slidetackled is just terrible for the shoe.

  14. says: jonathan71

    Well do u get them in berry and pink really want some like that if u do I will buy them of u for 120 yeah good deal

  15. says: Matt321

    Is it just my feet or do these boots constantly give you blisters? Ive had them for about 5 months now and the inside of the sloe where my heel sits is starting to wear as it rubs constantly everytime i where them. Can i adjust the boots at so i wont suffer as much discomfort when im wearing them?

  16. says: Pat

    The seems to be a problem with the innersole take it out and and if you have a pair of old MV 3’s use them innersoles should feel much better!!!

  17. says: Fitzcouzy

    Why do football boots only go up to size 12? My fourteen yr old son takes a size 13 and is finding it impossible to get the boots he wants.

  18. says: Matt

    These cleats are amazing. Except you don’t know how to break them in properly. That’s why they are giving you blisters.

  19. says: jake

    i’ve just ordered my first ever pair of vapors and after reading all of the comments above i would like to know the best way to wear them in :/ if anyone could help it would be much appreciated XD

  20. says: Matt

    Kay well the first thing is to realize that they are made of synthetic material, so your feet are gonna take a while to get used to them. So there are only a few ways to break them in.

    First start by wearring them around the house for a while. Like walking on carpet. *with ur soccer socks on and stuff so ur cleats mold to your foot shape.*

    Second, this is really important for every synthetic shoe. Start by wearing them for a few minutes on the pitch. If you feet start to hurt in any way, take them off and use other cleats. You don’t want to go straight into a game with them or your feet will die haha.

    So wear ur mercs more and more. First use them for like 5 min or so, and keep on wearing them dr longer periods of time. This will help your feet adjust to them. And when u first put them on, rub some Vaseline of the pressure points to avoid rubbing.

    Hope that helps.

  21. says: Chaz

    these boots are so nice but my feet are dying and i feel like i want to get some f50s or something what should i do? i have played two days of rugby 4 hours each day and the blisters are huge and cant wlak properly any suggestions?

  22. says: jefryadi

    hai cristiano ronaldo aku ingin sekali memiliki sepatu merek our nike mercurial vappor 4 ukuran 42, tolong belikan satu untuk ku (penggemar nike)

  23. says: awesomeness

    any chance you could bring the price down to $100.00 or something, love the cleats, glad to take them off your hands. Just sorta on a budget.

  24. says: Sammy

    How do you clean your new vapours?
    Remove black scuff marks on yellow vapours.
    (From rubber pellets on artifical pitch)

  25. says: lachlann

    these boots are probobly the worst ive ever had, they constantly give u blisters, and even with medical tape strapped around your ankle it wears its way through and still gets ya, there really weird, im happy they got rid of the stupid pink things on the inside cos there what kill peoples ankles

  26. says: Mariah

    Does anyone know where i can order the orange/navy ones in a size 7.5 mens because i cant find them any where online or in stores.

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