So here it is. The 8th version of the Nike Mercurial Vapour IV – the Berry. And in shocking pink.

This limited edition football boot was released on 24th November 2008, retailing at £119.99. Released in Limited Edition, there were many left disappointed.

It certainly was different but the usual Nike traits and technology were are all there.

First off, the vibrant pink colour is coupled with cutting-edge aesthetics which portray speed and create a supersonic look.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Berry

Designed for quickness of foot and to help players be fastest to the ball, the Mercurial Vapor incorporates the patented Vapor Traction System which provides low-profile acceleration and multi-directional grip.

Stablising the foot, a form-fitting EVA insert cradles the heel, whilst a clear TPU/Glass Fiber heel wrap – visible from the outside – provides lightweight stability with minimal slippage. All together, the comfortable ride of this boot allows for sustained play at speed.

The football boot, which was made in Italy, certainly stood out on the pitch, with many of Nike’s players brave enough to embrace it’s bold colour scheme and dressing room banter.

It was worn by the likes of Andrei Arshavin, Marco Materazzi and Milan Baros.

There’s no doubt that the Mercurial Vapor has become one of the game’s most successful football boots since it was first launched in 1998, having originally been designed for Brazilian super star Ronaldo.

In the Premier League they have been worn to great effect by Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba of Chelsea and Manchester City’s Robinho.

Whether they’ll go for the Berry remains to be seen but you certainly won’t be able to miss them if they do. Rate it: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (3 votes, average: 7.67 out of 10)

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      1. says: hazza

        in a shop but cannot buy them anymore as they where limeted eddition but there are a purple version of them coming out in 2009

    1. says: wvusoccer

      tht is right if u suck dont even think bout geting them they will make you look gay!!!!! but if you are good then rock them!!

  1. says: joner

    no0o0o0o chance, only reason they even released these is to try and get sales up b4 the Vapor V get released.
    its got to be a joke

  2. says: DanRed

    possibly the coolest boots ever!!! evry pre madonna will be rushing to the shops 4 these bad boys!!! can u rele have a gay footy boot Workout planet?

  3. says: steve

    i honestly think this is a kool shoe i sorta like it but i wuold never where it at all but i have a question for u guys when can we see some pics of the vapor v

    1. says: sbe7

      go on to you tube and search for Upcoming Football Boots then take the first movee there. there are a couple of pictures of the new nike mecurial v

  4. says: jacob szlachta

    I played soccer all my life, im 13 and i wear mercurial i think these boots r great.I play for the 6th best team in usa , ive seen some weird boots this pair is amazing im gettin them.

  5. says: Josh

    Those would be funny for like a week. Then I’d want something more accepted like Blue,Red,Black or White.

    They should come out with some Gold or silver ones though.

  6. says: bradz

    im 14 and i play 4 a team in england.. i wear mercurial vapors iv (orange ones). to be honest i think these mite look nice but ur gona look a bit of a clown wearin pink boots. cmon

    1. says: Alan

      damn bro ur right..about that comment u wrote about the Pink Vapors i shouldntcare wat ppl say i mean if u dont know how to play good soccer then u probadly shouldnt buy them if u do u might stand out in the field for one that u have pink shoes nd second that u play mad good rightt PAco ??

  7. says: Matt'BOOB'

    I’m a rugby player and i freakin’ love these boots
    and before you all jump to conclusions i am a FORWARD not a back.
    Rugby teams in Plymouth coz my size 11 1/2’s are on their way when i come on tour with em.

  8. says: mohamed

    good luck to the layers who wear this boot…there are going to be alot of broken ankles, and I am not talking about the tricks ronaldo does on defenders…

  9. says: JL Mexico

    Do they come with earings, necklace and eyelash maskara?
    I would never wear them, in fact I would’nt even try them on.
    I rather wear leather boots and if they are Adidas or Puma, far better.

      1. says: Marco rodriguez

        are you kidding me those are the best boots i ever seen they might be pink but that doesnt count its how you play the game. if you think their gay you dont know anything about futbol

  10. says: >>>>>MITCHELL

    GOT THEM…..



  11. says: Luke

    they are the coolest boots a have ever seen n am looking forward to robinho and ronaldo and players like nicklas bendtner havin them on.

  12. says: Hugh

    They are insane and anyone who calls em gay just hasnt got the balls to where them. They are insane. Gone straight on my X-mas list. Pink or white I’m not to bovered, they are both amazin. Well done to those hu have already got them!!!!!

  13. says: goalscoringmidfielder

    does anyone know if nike plan to release an sl version of these boots?

    also any news on a release date for vapor v?

  14. says: vili

    I have mercurial vapors IV (green) and i think nike mercurial vapor IV is the best boots in the planet right now!!! I get those pink ones in februari!!!

  15. says: she'sprettywithherfeet

    i don’t find boys wearing pink boots unattractive/or gay the best team in my county have a pink football kit. grow some balls.

    men’s or not,there on order.

  16. says: suppa cool

    save me a pair of pink ones please they are so cool like me and sexy too. Hey there lil girls nobody touch em im coming for em.

  17. says: brian

    boots sold out.i got pair of theses of ebay .wore them last night.and myankles are full cuts lol guys wanting to kill u they do ruffle people up lol

  18. says: Claire

    I LOVE THE color pink there the best i want a pair but i already have a pair of adidas predators and my parents won’t buy me anymore until i grow out of those cleats will anybody buy me any JK lol nobody will

  19. says: kaylii

    i realii want these boots der dacent liik but i cant find dem in size 6…..does any1 no wer i can?!?!?!?!…… a giirl by da way!!!!

  20. says: yanal

    imagen c.ronaldo wereing it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. says: Katie

    OMG i NEED these boots but i dont think they sell ’em anymore :/ does ANYONE know weri can get ’em ’cause i need ’em for a big match!

  22. says: DJCrossfade

    hi i really need a pair Size 10.5 US
    if anyone where to get them send me a link , or can give me their pair please tell me

  23. says: Sean

    hi guys. does anyone have a link to a website where i can buy these boots because they seem to be impossible to get?!? thanx a mill

  24. says: Ola

    I can see that a lot of boys will not wear this color.. but believe me ..Girls that play soccer will.. so i am going to get mine very fast! 😉

  25. says: tony


  26. says: Cleiton Dantadd

    It is the most stylish mercurial already launched
    only the most marrentos the most bags can play with it
    “And the main so the stars can give elegance that requires boot ….

  27. says: Cleiton Dantadd

    Have to be very hard way and be posted to the extreme, be very man to use it, and to own a unique football .. Type CRISTIANO RONALDO who better than him to represent her … Is the best mercurial already made to acertain, I aver that a better one!


  28. says: Ben

    I Had Theese , and the worked a treat.
    They were amazing, shot power was awsome,
    im comfortable about my sexuality and i think “berry” is a sick colour.

    the only bad thing was , is that about of the “berry” came off at the neck of the boot, buh other than tha, awsome !

  29. says: Sammi15

    i think these boots are amazing and me being a rugby player i would wear them after a grow out of my black mercurials….
    Im going to get them much cheaper though because im that cool to wear them and im the man to start a fashion statement for rugby!!!

  30. says: Isabella

    These boots are awesome. Everytime i wear them someone compliments me. Not only are they cool looking, theyre extremely comfortable. Best shoes ever, although it took forever to find them.

  31. says: shannon

    I want some of theese boots aswell wondering if anyone knows where i can buy them ?? pleasee someone let me know ….?? 🙂

  32. says: dude

    just coz theyre pink doesnt mean only elite players can wear them . . .i want these but not sure where to get them from

    any website ??

  33. says: cheynne

    I totally LOVE these shoes i wanna buy a pair but idk where to get them and how much do they cost? I live in the unites states and softball starts in a couple days. HELP ME!! 🙁

  34. says: Shaun

    I would also like to know where you could buy them, I saw they do on Ebay but at £267 so that’s definitely a no go unless I can find somewhere else where they sell em.

  35. says: ConleySoccer

    lol dude yall freakin whack all piink cleats bring them to greenville nc i will be wearin them my senior year(and i gotta gf white/asian two yrs relationship)

  36. says: charlotte

    where can i get a pair of mercurial vaour berry’s i love them and i really want if anyone can help leave a comment please x x x

  37. says: Cvirginia70

    I want these pink mercurial vapor with the white nike but where do they sale them??
    I need them in size 7.5 in men!!

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