Nike Mercurial Vapor III Cactus Football Boots

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*Update! The Mercurial Vapor VI is available to order now!*

The Nike Cactus Football Boot – Are they a Joke or Serious Football Boots

Much has been made of the new colourway of Nike’s highly successful Mercurial Vapor III range of football boots especially the green, or cactus version. With some football boot sellers refusing to even stock the product because they expect the take up rate to be too low and on the other hand some pro players already wearing it, the question Footy Boots asks is this:

Nike Cactus New Image

Are these Nike football boots, which are just a different colourway, a joke gone too far from Nike, or is this a colour that players across the world are going to be happy to wear each week? Or put another way, would you wear these football boots?

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      1. says: Joseph

        Well i bought the nike steam soccer shoes from but the original mercurial vapor 3 i bought them on ebay.
        they should be some there

    1. says: kikin

      I have this boots and people always ask where i bought this boots..i believe this is the best soccer boot that i ever had so far because this boot makes you stand out in the soccer pitch.

  1. says: keil

    I posted these to the chaps of a few weeks back, nothing can descrbe these boots other than disgusting!!!

  2. says: Jack

    Are Nike going to carry on adapting the colourways of the Mercurial Vapor III, or are they going to bring out a Mercurial Vapor IIII?

  3. says: Brian

    Hello people,I don’t care what you people feel but the boots don;t even look that bad.Maybe a bit strong for a weak eye but they look quite unique from the mercurial lot.

  4. says: Alex

    What are Nike thinking!?!? Everyone likes white boots and the white Vapors are the most popular and they stopped making them, but they make this s***. Ahhh!!! A week ago I ordered white Vapors and they were the wrong size so I sent them back and then I found out that they just ran out of white Vapors in my size and they are out on So yea I am screwed and they aren’t even going to make any more and then I will have to find a new boot to wear because the Vapor IVs look like s***. Oh well I’ll have the navy Vapors and then there is always the Puma 1.06s. 6.8 oz. 🙂

  5. says: sam

    Even though these are infact the worst looking MV3’s around they are limited edition so would be the most worthful after a period of time however i m uch prefer the new silver and red/black MV3’s

  6. says: Adam

    i dont understand people who say its ugly, its the most beatifull pair of mv3 ive seen!it makes u unique and its really cool looking! the brazil mv3 are cool to but those are so nice!

  7. says: Tommasinoo

    I have these boots and they are good, they make you stand out witch gets you noticed, they feel the same as all the other vapours. I guess it just up to you though, by the way the picture is dimmed out they are more greener in real like, cheak your self.

  8. says: matt mcdowell

    i want to buy these boots so badly please somebody email me where to get them please!! this season for me is coming soon and i need them ! heres my email mattymcd17

  9. says: Aidan

    These boots are so cool, they should deffinately be placed on the market at some stage for people who would like them, who have not yet seen them… I would deffiantely buy them… i love them…

  10. says: Chris

    I have these cleats and I love them. They dont look as bright as they do in the picture. They stand out on the field and are very unique. I’ve had people comment on how much they like them. Normally I’d think this is a hideous color but on the cleats they are cool. My feet are like just a green flash on the field when I run anyway.
    Love them!

  11. says: fwukaiquahundo

    I owned a pair. The colour is nicer than the s*** picture above.

    I would say, the actual colour under the sunlight is NEON GREEN.


  12. says: meth

    This boot is awesome!! about 1/3 of the footballers at ,y club wear this, and actually it is not the mercurial one, it is the steam fg

  13. says: Petter

    LOVE this boot!! best shoe I’ve ever had! The colours make u special. I’ve had them for three seasons, but now the left shoe has broke. I want new but there are none to be found. Any tips?

  14. says: daniel

    damm it this cleats are awesome i have the new version of the vapor 5 but i would like to hav this version in this color this shoes are only for preoffesionals sorry haters but u shut ur mouth and let plp buy them. where can i buy them????? what webpage????

  15. says: zef

    i wanna buy theses cleats and i cant find them ny where im a size 12.5 and i can only find small sizes does ny1 kno a website i can go to… i looked on ebay too

  16. says: jason

    the citron/ green vapor 3’s r amazing. i bought a pair and they are very comfortable and i love the color, plus it matchs my keeper kit. but yes i would wear these boots!!!!

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