Nike Mercurial SL

Nike has released its most innovative and lightweight football boot ever: the Nike Mercurial SL.



The product brief for the Nike Super Light (SL) was to create a football boot with no design or financial limitations. Taking money, time and manufacturing considerations out of the equation, Nike set about producing the lightest, fastest football boot possible.

The Nike SL weighs only 190 grams and is made almost entirely of carbon fibre. Something which, until this point, had never been done before. The Nike SL is being marketed as the football boot brand’s most lightweight, most highly responsive yet flexible and strong football boot to date. A football boot featuring only what’s needed without giving up any performance.

Initially designed in the style of a concept car: to lead innovation, to drive new ideas, to push the boundaries in design and engineering, the development process for the Nike SL took 3 years, spanning four continents.


The Nike SL has been specifically designed to cater for the fastest football players, and as such will be primarily sported by Chelsea’s Didier Drogba and Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo. As a limited edition football boot, it is likely to become one of the most sought after football boots on the market. Only 2000 pairs of the Nike SL have been produced and each pair will set you back a cool £239.99.


For the plate, Nike worked with a partner in Germany to create a 7 layer carbon composite material interwoven with TPU and polyurethane to maximize the material. With no lasting board, the structure is in the plate itself. The construction gives the player torsional stability to offer greater propulsion across the field. The foot is closer to the ground, giving players a smooth ride. A reinforcing rib adds support to the foot, increasing impact resistance and preventing reverse bending during a hard toe kick. The carbon fibre is woven together at angles to provide the most flexible, lightweight, foot-fitting support without sacrificing strength.


In Korea, cleats and stud tips were injection moulded on to the plate, creating a single outsole piece. The traction of the cleat is built for a fast athlete, allowing for quick acceleration across the field with or without the ball. The Nike SL has a minimized heel bucket keeping the heel in place.


In Montebelluna, Italy, at Nike’s Research Centre, engineers created a new process enabling them to mould the carbon fibre into a soft performance upper for the football boot.


The black aesthetic of the football boot is dictated by the colour of the carbon fibre. The pink Swoosh is the only added element. “It invites you to take a closer look so you’ll see the detail and the beauty of the football boot” explains Nike designer, Peter Hudson.

He goes on to say: “With the Mercurial SL, we’ve truly delivered on a promise – as a lightweight, high performance football boot for acceleration, the Mercurial SL sets a new standard not only for football performance, but as a conceptual product without limits – a product based entirely on a vision. We created a new design and aesthetic vernacular for football.”

Players: Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo

Price: £239.99

Release: 14.8.08


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  1. says: John

    They are available on pre order at the Footy-boots shop – click the ‘SHOP’ button at the top of this page, and do a search on “mercurial sl” on the site.

    Ordered mine already !

  2. says: Charlie

    hi have just pre ordered these online and am just wondering if the stud version are better than the blades? please respond.

  3. says: cristian

    these cleats suck. i got them 2day and they are so uncomfartable when you put it on. vapor line always sucked and now it still does. plus the color is girly as hell

  4. says: Jeff Silva

    Pow… Essa Chuteira é muitoO Linda!!
    A Nike Ta de Parabens!!
    Tenho Que Comprar Uma Dessa Por Que Craque Tem Que Calsar Uma Maquina Dessa!!


    Sou Brasileiro e Aqui o Futebol é Uma Arte , e Temos o Melhor Futebol do Mundo !!
    E os Melhores Jogadores…

  5. says: Saberinho

    I go one of these , my mates are totally speechless for first time they saw these cute cleats. And for myself – I’m very happy.

  6. says: Cathal

    These boots are unreal there the lightest tings ever and they look great! got no.232. i play alot of soccer and these boots are real comfortable!!!!!!!UNREAL!!!!!!!!!

  7. says: Chad

    Does anyone have these in a size 10 or 9.5 US? I have been searching for these for awhile and can not find any. Please help me out. Anyone.

  8. says: ronaldo

    literally why does every 1 argue 1200 pairs were sold u can not but them anymore and no the carbon doesnt scractch i have the 230 pound carbon sl and i have the 190 pound sl the 230 are a bit lighter but cannot tell only 20 gram difference

  9. says: Bobcartinho

    juanito can u plz tlk english, n all ov you’s r dum there r 6058 pairs made in london n 8000 made across da rest ov england u dumbos. i got dem yesterday mate and dey made me score 9 goals in 3 games. das a record bruv. n i bet u dat dese sik boots will make me bcum da nxt ronaldo but 4 man city, coz i support man city da richest team innit

  10. says: KASSAS

    FOOTBALL JUNKES PLEASE PLEASE i know its 2009 i want these boots for the love of G please some one tell me were i could get them thanks

    man u 4 life

  11. says: josh

    no…..i think mercurial vaopr superflys are. they are about 420 Australian dollars. and are like 250 pounds or whatever. i dunno if there are any boots dearer than these but i haven’t seen any. I pre-ordered a pair of them XD im so excited =P

  12. says: izze

    does any one have these boots i will pay a lot of money for them if any one is willing to sell them a size 7.5 or 8 please!!!

  13. says: sam

    i got these number 424.
    I paid $500 AUD when they first came out. Cant believe people have actually used such a rare boot. Mine still in prestine condition size 10US. Would love to know how many are left untarnished around the world

  14. says: salik

    bobcartiho m8 i scored 14 goles in 3 games for united and im only 13 these shoes maybe light but they still the same it not because of da boots it about how u play, icud play bare footedd and score goals, ive got nothing on ma toes is dat da lightest or not if nike make and lighter shoe then they will be in business

  15. says: Asgerkelstrup

    I got number 1896 bought them broken, but got them repaired a bit at Handball&Football shoemaker. They feel very light and comfortable, but i  thought the traxion was better, superfly´s have a lot better traxion, but the mercurial sl still has a good traxion(better than vapor and adizero). I dont play a lot in them cause they are very, very rare! the dribling in them are extremely good, so is the passing. You cant say the same about the shooting cause its so light. My record in juggling is also in these boots (281)

    But if you see some (try on ebay) buy them they are extremely rare so dont think they will just be sold for 200$. Over 600$ dont buy them, then is the price too high.

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