With 5 different football boots in the range'  – all with different features and price-points – Nike’s Mercurial Vapor range is a potentially confusing place to be looking if you’re shopping for a new pair of cleats.

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Which is exactly why – now that the launch furore is dying down and mystery lace covers have disappeared – is the perfect time to give you guys an ‘at a glance’ guide to everything that’s going on, on each boot!

Nike Mercurial Football Boots

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III

Cost: £274.99/$399.99
Weight: 210g (7.4oz)
Soleplates available at launch: Nike Adaptive Traction FG

As the Elite level football boots in the series, the Mercurial Vapor Superfly III is the boot all the others ‘build down’ from. With a full carbon fibre soleplate, triple layer Teijin Synthetic upper, Flywire support structure, the Superfly III is the pinaccle of Nike’s speed series.

Nike Mercurial Football Boots

Nike Mercurial Vapor VII

Cost: £150
Weight: 230g (8.1oz)
Soleplates available at launch: FG/SG

The original speed football boots, the Nike Mercurial Vapor VII are a slightly more ‘pure’ version of the Superfly III.

Built on the same last as the new Superfly the Vapor VII’s lace cover may be gone, but a host of favourite features remain the same, including a full glass-fibre soleplate, T-bar dual-injected blades and multi-directional stud configuration and a single-layer Teijin synthetic upper.

Nike Mercurial Football Boots

Nike Mercurial Miracle II

Cost: £94.99/$124.99
Weight: 243g (8.6oz)
Soleplates available at launch: FG

Another boot in the range built off the same last as the Superfly III, the Mercurial Miracle II is only a fraction heavier than the Mercurial Vapor VII, with a surprising amount of it’s features employed for the price. The single-layer Teijin synthetic upper remains intact, as does the multi-directional stud configuration.

The key difference is the construction of the soleplate. This time employing a two-piece outsole to reduce weight, the heel section of the outsole is comprised of the same glass-fibre as the sole of the Mercurial Vapor, to provide a strong, sturdy, yet lightweight base for these football boots.

Nike Mercurial Football Boots

Nike Mercurial Glide II

Cost: £66.99/$84.99
Weight: 255g (9.0oz)
Soleplates available at launch: FG, SG, AG & Astro

The fourth tier of the Mercurial range, the Mercurial Glide II is the first in the range to move away from the Superfly III last and switch to the ‘Speed’ last. It’s also on the first not to utilise any form of Carbon/Glass Fibre in it’s construction.

We’d have to speculate that this is due to the fact that it’s available in four different soleplates, and by avoiding expensive materials in the soleplate Nike can hold the same price point across the range. However, despite this change Nike have seen fit to keep the same single layer Teijin upper as it’s two bigger brothers for optimum ball feel and comfort.

Nike Mercurial Football Boots

Nike Mercurial Victory II

Cost: £49.99/$59.99
Weight: 2777g (9.8oz)
Soleplates available at launch: FG, SG, Indoor & Astro

Finally, the Mercurial Victory II rounds up the collection. Bearing semblance to the Superfly III in colourscheme only,'  these football boots use a different last, upper, soleplate and outsole.

That’s not to say it’s without it’s benefits, mind you! Nike have cleverly engineered their Mercurial line up so this is the only boot with an indoor soleplate – if you’re after an indoor Mercurial shoe, this is the entry for you! Also, let’s not forget that for the price of the Superfly III, you could buy FIVE pairs of Mercurial Victory II’s and still have enough change for a new pair of shinnes!

So, that’s our brief rundown of what’s what in the new Mercurial range – should you want more details on each boot – just click on the link of the boot’s name to visit it’s respective page!

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  1. says: Dempsey_8_23

    Miracles are a good value. I’d wear those if I was still young and my feet were growing. I think it’s dumb for 12 year olds to have SFs.

  2. says: Jake

    NIke, no one liked the last generation. Why did you put on a fresh paint job and call them new? The best speed boots are 3 ounces lighter.

  3. says: one21

    In answer to your question at the end… Yes footy-boots more guides like this please, great stuff! I like how you’ve put the weight and price for each boot, with a little description and information on how they differentiate. One small point though, the Mercurial Victory II weigh ‘2777g’??!… That’s pretty heavy!! Haha 😉

  4. says: Salutes from Argentina

    The only thing I really wish is that the people from Nike can read all the comments from the people all around the world. Once they did I wish they can change their way of working and improve their products. After all, the people’s choice should be the most important in here..

  5. says: E@zy

    Yes footy boots. You are footy boot mad likes us so if you think something’s a great idea, I’m pretty sure we will think so aswell.

    Man I miss the old Mercurials, especially my R9s.

    Can we have some updates to see how not so major are doing like your bikkembergs, pele, pantofola something?

  6. says: 0strike

    I feel saddened by the fact that boots are now seemingly only made in these whacko colourways. These is a very helpful guide, considering every boot has its own family now. Cheers =)

  7. says: joe

    Hey Footy Boots I agree with the other comments, more guides like this!! Probably most of the poeple dont understand the difrences of a version on a model range, (lasers, strikes, shoots or adipure, adicore, adiquestra or adidas trx and no trx sole plate…) its is true that by reading and searching, and wearing, and playing yo learn about these… some poeple are new in the media so these would be super helpfull, beside that you actually put in context and in a good webpage (no blog) the lists and guides we (the boot fans) imagine!!

    keep it up!

  8. says: Johnson

    Fantastic job by posting so many articles, about different boots. The expensive ones, as the cheaper models.
    I am new on this area, and your guides have really helped me out. Very useful. Thank you very much,!

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