The new season is just around the corner and that – of course – means the new match ball of some of the top leagues in the world is about to make it’s bow; introducing the Nike Maxim!

Nike Maxim Ball

Sharp-eyed football fans (including the ever-vigilant Mayur K on our Facebook page) have noticed the Maxim’s starring role in Nike’s ‘My Time is Now’ campaign, showing up in just about everything from the excellent video ad to the pictures of players wearing the Clash Collection boots.

So, what’s under the hood this season?

Nike continue with their Geo II design that has served the Tracer and Seitiro admirably, with many dubbing the former as ‘The World’s Best Ball’.

The new Nike Maxim ball features design and performance innovation that offer great responsiveness, touch and stable ball flight for accurate passing and striking.

As the ball of choice for the best leagues in the world including the English Premier League, Serie A and La Liga the Nike Maxim ball features Nike RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology that is a lab and field-tested standard of visual performance.

Nike Maxim - Official Premier League Ball for the 2012-13 season

The technology on the Nike Maxim allows players to see the ball better and capitalize on split second scoring and passing opportunities. The bold geometric graphic generates strong visual power with crisp edges for players to pick up on during play. Optimal use of bright colors and sharp contrast allows the ball to be more visible in the stadium and pitch environment.

To maximize performance on receiving and distribution a five layer construction guarantee optimal first touch while a 360 sweet spot allow consistent response off the foot. The Geo II Balanced Technology – an aerodynamic textured casing – delivers accurate and powerful strike, no matter where you hit the ball.

– PU with micro-grooves: textured casing that stabilizes ball flight to increase accuracy and
– Flexible nitrogen-expanded foam gives superior touch and consistent feel in all weather conditions.
– Responsive rubber stores energy from impact and releases it at launch for power and speed.
– A layer of polyester support fabric enhances the structure and stability of the ball for durability.
– The fifth layer is the bladder made in six-wing carbon-latex air chamber that provides explosive
acceleration off the foot and superior air retention.

What do you make of the Maxim’s new design?

Let us know, with a comment!

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  1. says: Blues

    go back to the old footballs, they are to light these days and bend way too much, in away takes the skill out the game!

    1. says: Alan Knut

      Yeah, much better that a ball weighs the amount of an old leather ball waterlogged than it weigh an amount that won’t damage your quad.

      If you like old footballs, you should probably be interested in the Nike balls, they don’t look pretty, but they behave most traditionally. Quite nice balls.

  2. says: nico

    nike balls are the best. they roll the best and somehow has that weight somewhere in the middle of it.

    one of the best was the Geo series. if anyone can remember that.

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