Jaws hit the floor around the office when we heard that the Nike CR7 Safari range wasn’t just limited to football boots.

Nike Lunar Gato Safari limited

And they hit the floor again when we saw this limited-run Lunar Gato, which are so awesome it hurts! Forget Ronaldo’s new signature football boots, if anything deserves the title of being Super-Fly it’s these animal-print 5’s shoes!

Designed to sit alongside the new Nike CR7 Safari gear, these Nike5 Lunar Gato‘s combine the bold print that we’ve seen already on the cleats with a Black/White/Total Orange colour scheme across the upper and sole to give the boots an absolutely standout look.

Nike Lunar Gato Safari

For those who missed our coverage on the new Lunar Gato when it originally hit store shelves last month, it breaks down like this:

The Lunar Gato is a shoe for those who take their football to the street, and as such it’s packed full of nifty features to make your game as easy as possible.

Nike Lunar Gato Safari

They feature a natural leather forefoot with rubber toe and medial side panel for durability and ball friction, meaning that they won’t wear out on hard surfaces as quickly as other trainers.

The main draw of the Lunar Gato is the Lunarlite technology in the insole for the next level cushioning. LunarLite is Nike’s newest game changer. It’s 30% lighter than standard Phylon, which reduces weight and creates springy cushioning. LunarLite absorbs the force of impact and distributes to force evenly throughout the shoe and foot, meaning less jarred knees and twisted ankles.

Nike Lunar Gato Safari limited

These smart 5’s shoes are available from the 15th of November, but are available for pre-order right now for around £60/$85US.

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    this is nice to see as it wasnt leaked, the only thing im dissapointed in is they dont have the print on the laces, and thats the only thing ive really liked about the whole safari thing :/

  2. says: jPizzo

    i hope these are in limited addition because i think only about a 1000 mugs would buy these.

    Should have done a white boot, with print laces and have a subtle stripes/spots a la chemelon effect adizero’s used for the animal print.

    these look like a pimp’s attempt at soccer boots.


  3. says: Nicoacademia

    Compared to the earlier Lunar Gato colour scheme this actually makes it look better. I’m not saying it looks great, it only looks better.

    Any comments on the Lunar cushioning? Theoratically it sounds a good idea as I do alot of stomping on courts(defensive enforcer).

  4. says: channo

    i’ve experienced a couple of nike’s lunar running shoes. and although they’re truly a miracle in couple first runs, but i’m sorry to share that the whole sole technology could deteriorate quite rapidly. after a month or so, they’re just don’t bouncy no more 🙁

    i don’t know if it’s the temperature, the moist, the way i kept my shoes, or i’ll just blame entirely on durability of the materials issue, but i play 5-a-side harder than i run -much harder. i need something strong and long lasting.

  5. says: Mikey

    I got these for christmas, it was my first lunar gato pair to own, im in love…. Im considering getting the gatos that are mostley red with a blue nike logo and gray accents…. Idk there are some pretty good indoor boots coming out…. Im considering getting some mercurials indoor versions or maybe the new mtr 360s except they dont have the detailing of the triangluar indents like on the real cleats

  6. says: Mikey

    Oh and everytime i have worn these, i have got atleast two compliments from people every single time i wear them….. so suck it haters.

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