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Despite lacking the technical flair of the Bomba or Elastico, the Lunar Gato quickly became many people’s shoe of choice form the Nike 5 range – and it’s looking to do the same again as part of the Nike FC247 range – introducing the Nike Lunar Gato II.

Nike Lunar Gato II - part of the Nike FC247 collection

Despite being a football shoe on the outside, the Nike Lunar Gato has always been taking the heart of one of Nike’s award-winning running shoes and equipping it for the beautiful game.

In the time since the launch of the last Lunar Gato, Nike’s running shoes have evolved at an unprecedented pace – and that’s something that definitely shows on the Nike Lunar Gato II.

The instep of the Nike Lunar Gato II - part of the Nike FC247 collection

Using the Hyperfuse technology from both basketball and running shoes has allowed Nike to create the Lunar Gato in a way that simply wasn’t possible a few years ago.

The Nike Lunar Gato II‘s upper is a soft natural leather, that’s quilt-stitched like the Tiempo Legend to cut down on break-in time and improve feel and touch on the ball.

A quilted microfibre upper is at the heart of the fore foot on the Nike Lunar Gato II - part of the Nike FC247 collection

This is only on the forefoot and instep, mind you – on the heel and lateral midfoot, Nike have fused mesh panels to create a shoe that’s lighter and more breathable than it’s predecessor, and lock the midfoot in place.

Despite the more ‘techy’ look, the Nike Lunar Gato II' uses' 33 percent fewer components than its predecessor, which helps drop the weight by a full 16 percent.

Close-up of the heel detail on the Nike Lunar Gato II - part of the Nike FC247 collection

The Lunarlon cushioning from which the Lunar Gato derives it’s name has also been upgraded. The deeper ridges are more than ever akin to the Nike range of running shoes, creating a footbed that absorbs the high-impact strain on the knees that come with street football.

The street-specific soleplate design of the Nike Lunar Gato II - part of the Nike FC247 collection

As with the rest of the Nike FC247 range, the Lunar Gato II' boasts a split forefoot midsole. The separate pieces follow the natural bend of the first metatarsal, allowing for natural bend and curve of the foot for stress-free agility and acceleration.

Neymar steps into the Nike Lunar Gato II - part of the Nike FC247 collection

śFor Brasilians, the street is where you learn to play football. You can see it in the way we move, our first touch, our ability to control and move the ball at speed,ť said Neymar.

Launching March 28th, we’ll have full pricing details available as soon as we get them.

NIKE LUNAR GATO II – NIKE FC247, 9.2 out of 10 based on 272 ratings

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  1. says: Nabil Ahmad

    It would be absolutely fine. I have its predecessor and playing indoor football/futsal regularly, so far no problem regarding traction, touch, etc.

    1. says: barca 4 life

      thats my question too. I have a feeling that it would be better to go for a turf shoe/ football boot for artificial grass as i also play on artificial grass.

  2. says: Ryan

    They do use a more durable rubber, but it does look awfully thin for a street capable shoe. How long will these last on the street/concrete?

    1. says: Timur

      I have been wearing mine for about a month. I’m a righty and I can only shoot with my right foot, so that’s the one I use most of the time. The right shoe has been peeling off on the rubber parts around the toe. The paint has been chipping off as well. After a long session of street football, a part of the rubber ripped off as well. They are very stylish and comfortable, but in terms of durability I would give these shoes a 5/10.

  3. durability might be a problem, my friend wore it for the first time for indoor soccer, the paint on the leather part peeled off like flakes. I also have a pair, but haven’t use mine for any game, just received it today and tried it for a walk around the house. Now, I wont deny that it is very comfortable but something feel strange and when i checked inside the shoe I saw like a string slipping from the edge.

    It’s thin, its comfortable but with this kind of build quality. This shoe feels like a top grade of knock off products. I don’t know how may game this shoe will last, for a boots that cost ÂŁ70. i feel like have been robbed by nike

    1. says: KyleFB

      Interesting stuff, Yogi – that’s a lot of cash for something that could potentially not be brilliant out of the box.

      Would you be able to keep us posted both on yours and your friend’s pair and how they hold up, please? If you Tweet them to us, we might be able to put a piece together on any issues you experience.

      1. Well I was hoping to see how the others review this boots but I just can’t find it anywhere. I’ll just see how this boot holdin up when I play next week and I’ll put an update in my post.

  4. says: Timur

    These shoes are not very durable at all. Mine have peeled off in various parts around the toe and have been losing paint from the leather. I have only had them for a month.

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