Nike Hypervenom Phantom Hi Vis | Hands-on & First Impressions

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Hi Vis - Unboxing Hands-On, First Impressions

Dominating pitches across the world these last two weeks has been the Nike Hi-Vis collection.

The Swoosh’s latest batch of boots have dropped in combinations of super-bright ‘volt’ contrasted with black, electro purple and green to create a batch of boots that are visually distinct and favoured by some of the planet’s top players.

We were lucky enough to get our mitts on a pair of the range’s most exciting boot – the Hypervenom Phantom – and, seeing as we’ve not done it for Nike’s latest as yet, give them the full unboxing treatment.

As mentioned in the video, the Hypervenom Phantom might look all sorts of unconventional, but compared to the T90 Laser III & IV that it replaced, it’s actually a lot closer in scope to the ‘old days’ of the Total 90 range, back when they were the Air Zoom Total 90.

The AZT90 I & II’s that the likes of Figo and Carlos wore used technology like the KNG100 upper and Intertract soleplate to keep players at their best for the full game, without needing strike-zones or shot-shields to enhance your shooting.

The Hypervenom Phantom is much the same, with the NikeSkin upper and split-toe soleplate designed to be comfortable, wrapping around the foot to create that ‘glove-like’ sensation all players crave.

However, the Hypervenom has the added bonus of having an incredible aesthetic. Marketeers talk about ‘shelf appeal’, and the Hypervenom has that in spades – whether you’re a life-long Nike fan-boy or your allegiance lies elsewhere, when you see a pair of these on the rack at a sports store, you have to pick them up – Nikeskin is a genuinely compelling piece of design from the brains in Oregon.

Check the video for the full first impressions, and be sure to hang around for the full review of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom coming up over the coming weeks.

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