Nike Hypervenom Phantom - Citrus Orange - Black

After weeks of teasing ‘A new breed of attack’, Nike are ready to reveal the latest football boot in their range – the Nike Hypervenom Phantom.

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Headlining the new Hypervenom silo, the Phantom is the elite-tier boot of the range that will also include the Phatal, Phelon and Phade and will officially replace the T90 series as Nike’s boot of choice for the highly-mobile striker.

Billed as a boot that will enhance agility and mobility, the' Nike Hypervenom Phantom' focuses on providing enhanced ball feel and one-to-one traction for lethal forward players who need to make the most of tight spaces.

After featuring heavily across the Nike FC 24/7 range, the Swoosh have brought NikeSkin over to the Nike Hypervenom' range.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom - Upper

This 3D, honeycomb-textured synthetic delivers incredible tactile feel on the ball thanks to it’s construction, and breaks in willingly across the structure of the foot.

Wrapping around the entire boot, creating a striking look with the launch Black / Citrus Orange colourway.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom - NikeSkin

Whilst no longer a power/accuracy boot like the Laser, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom' does boast a few striker-friendly features.

The side-offset lacing creates a dramatic contact area with the ball, whilst the structure of the NikeSkin inherently increases surface area and friction on the ball.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom - Split Toe soleplate

However, as dynamic and interesting as the upper looks – much of the talk will be over the new soleplate.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom' uses a glass nylon chassis for maximum responsiveness, whilst integrating a revolutionary split-toe design for improved agility.

The small, conical-shaped studs allow for quick release from the turf, whilst a large braking stud is incorporated into the design for lethal changes in pace and direction.

Braking Stud on the Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Additionally, the' Nike Hypervenom Phantom' is crafted on an all-new X1.1 last, designed to adapt to the players foot for incredible, low-profile fit that adapts to conditions without sacrificing comfort.

If you’ve been paying attention to their teasers, you’ll know that many of Nike’s T90 stars will be adopting the Hypervenom Phantom' for the summer and start of the new season, including Wayne Rooney, Robert Lewandowski and Daniel Sturridge.

Additionally, players from other silos will also be making the switch – with Mario Gomes, Danny Welbeck and headline man Neymar set to take these boots centre-stage over the summer as he hits the pitches of the FIFA Confederations Cup with Brazil on home soil.

Set for a late-June release, you can pre-order the Nike Hypervenom Phantom' now and seem them in-action on pitch this week.

Order the Nike Hypervenom today – Shop Now >>

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  1. says: jeorge

    round studs = good thing… thank you nike for going back to less injuries.
    the design is very depending on the age of the player but I think at least the skin looks quite robust though

  2. says: Haden

    Here are 5 reasons why

    1. It looks awful.

    Look at the second image from the top of this article. (This looks like a picture footy boots have taken not a Nike touched up photo).

    2. The honeycomb material looks like carpet underlay.

    3. The colours are shocking, why did they choose orange? And, the main orange doesn’t even match the Nike tick on the heel.

    4. A boot that will enhance agility and mobility. What a load of you know what. So neymar said “I need help when in tight spaces” – and Nike made the boot to fix that. Yeah right.

    5. The boot has an odd looking shape (again look at photo 2 above). It looks cheap and I bet will go out of shape like that Vapor 6 did.

    I really think Nike have messed up with this boot.

    1. says: wtfwth

      1. Your opinion. I think it looks great. My opinion.
      2. Kind of true actually.
      3. Orange is awesome, and the colors match in person.
      4. This boot is the beginning of the “barefoot feel” movement in football. Like New Balance Minimus, Nike Free, Vibrams, etc… If it works, I think it’s a fantastic idea.
      5. The material is very pliable, so it’s shape dramatically changes when it’s on a foot. Ask anyone who has a Bomba Finale II what they think of NikeSkin. It’s almost universally loved, and making a whole upper with it seems like a fantastic idea. It won’t go out of shape, because it doesn’t really have a shape to begin with.

      1. says: Insider_11

        What barefoot feel? You mean with the split toe idea? Ah, you mean the split toe idea which the 11pro has been rocking for the past year?

  3. says: Perrygroves

    I think these are an improvement on the latest T-90 Laser III. I think actually if you think about it these boots go back to the roots of the T-90 before the Lasere series was brought in. These boots give attacking places a choice between centre and off lacing boots as well. Plus apart fro the upper, no gimics just a raw off centre lacing boot. Also low profile seems to be the way forward these days, makes a huge difference for a quick shot/pass with no backlift. I think these will perform well. Only one concern, how protected are they?!

  4. says: Joe

    ÂżIntegrating a revolutionary split-toe design?. This is just what adidas did with the adipure 11pro line some years ago!

  5. says: Wtfwth

    There’s a pretty big difference in the design. I just pulled my 11pros out of the closet to confirm. With the 11pros, it’s more of a flex across the width of the boot. There is a thinner channel running from the flex point to the toes, but its still a one piece design under the toe box. I can definitely see the point you’re trying to make, but I think the ninja turtle foot design of the hv’s might improve on the idea. I think the whole boot is supposed to be part of the barefoot idea though. Nike skin is supposed to improve on the barefoot touch feel compared to the synthetic materials that the adizero and mercurial feature. I think they’re going for a mix between the thinness of synthetics, and the ball feel of leather. It’s been in development for almost 3 years, so I’m interested to see what the result is like in person.

  6. says: Carlos Navia

    its basically a padded up version of the vapor with a better outsole. my concern is, why not ditch the vapor (or gs – that’s three “fast boot” silos there), and leave the t90 alone? adidas with its nitrocharge will win that market now, while this boot will take away from mercurial sales.

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