Nike Offers Germany 6 Times Adidas Offer

Nike have offered the German football association (DFB) over £300 million to be the official sponsor of the German national side.

Nike Germany Adidas SponsorshipThe eight year deal would see the German side switch from the German brand Adidas, to the American brand Nike (see Adidas Won’t Compete With Nike For Germany Deal).

Adidas has sponsored the German national team since the 1950s, when Adi Dassler helped Germany win the 1954 title with his revolutionary screw-in studs, so this would be a serious poke in the eye for Adidas.

Nike seem to be particularly determined to win this deal, as this offer is significantly more than Nike currently pay to sponsor the darlings of International football, Brazil.

It is further proof that Nike are backing up their comments late last year, which stated that Nike wish to be number 1 in football by the year 2010.

The deal is not complete as yet, as there is a legal battle going on. The DFB are in dispute with Adidas over the term of the current sponsorship deal. Adidas claim the agreement runs through to 2014, whereas the DFB claim the deal will end in 2010.

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  1. says: boB

    I just think its sick that the fugly giant Nike has become, has to trample on Adidas homeland for more advertising, or is there something more deep and meaningful to Nike make such great effort to becoming Germany’s sponsors. Like all I can say is Nike make really comfortable football boots and at eBay you can still get a pair for a decent price, that is my own opinion. Wonder if Adidas and Puma could put there differences behind them, and work together? Well will see if Nike have bitten off more than they can chew and fail at their glory hunting crusade.

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