Nike Football Innovation 2020 Kits


Nike 2020 innovation kits are bringing the unique histories and cultures from their extensive array of federations.

In 2020, their distinctive attributes are celebrated with highly differentiated collections. Nike undertook deep cultural immersions and collaborated with each federation to ensure the designs truly resonated. From hand-drawn prints to custom fonts, each team’s look will be it’s own.

Science and art played a major role in designing this innovative kits. It all started in the lab, where Nike captured data on more than 300 footballers and football-specific movements. The design team leveraged 4D visualization tools to bring the product to life before creating samples. This process helps Nike analyse how the kits will perform on the body with regard to stretching, draping and fit. Using the generative design, Nike then knitted kits that are 55 per cent faster wicking, 13 per cent more breathable and with 10 per cent more stretch than Nike’s previous kits. The precision knitting is reinforced where needed and vented in areas prone to heat. The results, upon close inspection, reveal a highly intricate knitting structure, while not distracting from the national pride artistry from afar.

We will take a look at three teams that were revealed today with the remaining federations being launched in-country during the next few months.


America will self-reference as the “States” with their 2020 kits. From the outer pride element on the back of the away shirt (and the back of the socks) to the chest of the anthem jacket and the back of the training tops, “States” will be prominently featured.

The home kit is white, elevated by details. A blue-collar transition to flag-inspired red-and-white stripes on the back of the neck. The side stripe design pulls from the lab data on how the side appearance of the shirt is altered by a powerful kicking motion. While the stripe looks jagged when standing still, it aligns with a full swing of the leg. Nike’s Futura logo appears on the left chest and on the socks; the US is the only federation that will receive this version of the Nike logo on their 2020 kits. Blue shorts and white socks complete the home kit.


The away kit is deep obsidian with pops of brighter blue and red accents. The abstract pattern on the shirt was hand-drawn by Nike’s design team and pulls from the infiltration of camo-esque elements in high fashion. All 2020 federation crests will return to their tactile origins with raised embroidery for more dimension and shine.

America’s full football collection is loaded with nods to the country’s love of multiple sports and the curation of cool. As with the performance items, “States” will be prominently featured on the sportswear pieces. Deep obsidian shorts and socks complete the away kit.


Korea receives a major redesign emblematic of its vibrant culture and Hallyu. The Korean Wave is represented on the home kit with a wavy pattern comprised of the trigrams from the national flag. The trigrams also appear within the names and numbers on the back of the kit. Vibrant pink on the upper body transitions into the new red of the federation through the torso and the shorts. The crest on the 2020 kits is also new, featuring a geometrical white tiger. The collar and sleeve trim are black with black side stripes that tonally read “Daehan Minguk” in Korean characters and “Korea” in English. “Korea” also appears on the socks. White shorts and socks complete the home kit.


The away kit makes a bold statement on and off the pitch with a striking white tiger print on the shirt and socks. All of the stripes in the print were originally hand-painted by Nike’s design team. A sacred creature believed to be a guardian animal in Korean mythology, the white tiger symbolises courage and power. Complemented by metallic gold Swoosh and crest applications, the kit is intended to feel a bit luxurious.

Korea’s extended collection will include unique items, such as overalls and sunglasses, as well as significantly more women’s apparel than in previous years.


In 2020, Nigeria picks up right where they left off from 2018 with a home kit that fuses the traditional aesthetic of an agbada robe with modern football design. The kit’s pattern was hand-drawn and is highly symbolic of Nigerian heritage with nods to nobility and family. Nigeria’s crest is placed centrally on the chest with a Swoosh underneath it. The player names and numbers integrate the eagle feather into the application. “Naija” appears inside the neck of jersey and on the back of the socks in a new typeface.


The away kit is inspired by Onaism, a traditional artistic movement central to Nigerian design and craft represented in the trim details. An eagle feather aesthetic, creatively distorted, continuously repeats in ascending size to create a visual impact. The collar has a slight V overlap with a thicker overlap in the back. Both the collar and the sleeves feature a slight nick at the mid-point.

The broader Naija collection will feature an extensive array of Super Eagles apparel including a poncho, vest, dress and more.

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