Nike Football Boots – New Design from Down Under

Nike Football Boots in Australia – World’s First Design

Nike Design Football BootsA pair of Nike football boots could soon be on sale with a design from Australian that catches the eye and creates history in many ways, as reported in the Austrailian Four Four Two website.

Socceroo Jade North could be the first player to wear Nike football boots which feature exclusive Aboriginal artwork. The design not only appeals to the eye but following on from the Aboriginal tradition, also tells a story: in this case the tale of the player’s sporting life in pictorial form. The design has been created onto North’s white Nike Air Zoom Total 90 football boots.

The design was created by Indigenous Australian artist Darren Dunne with hopes that the style and colours will reach out and appeal to players far and wide. North and Dunne are discussing the design with Nike at the moment, and if approved, the unique football boot could go on sale worldwide. It is always intriguing when there is a meeting between a major corporation and culture dating back thousands of years and we await the Nike decision on these unique football boots with interest.

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  1. says: amnda

    your all losers embrace history and have some respect for indigenous australians. As an aussie i think the boots are greatand would love to see indigenous australians wear them on the field.

  2. says: kathy

    R U SERIOUS, these r totally the maddest boots goin, wat r all u mob goin on about, my son & every football playa in my family wants a pair, (worst eva, ugly, not very stylish & so last year, wateva get a grip there the deadliest boots goin), if I had 2 guess I would say the negative comments would b from non-indigenous persons. All i want 2 no is where & wen can I buy them, & I dont care how much they r. I tell u wat Matty, JT, Sam, Preston jus 2 mention a few would b the 1st 1’s 2 get them & then I spose every1 would then b sayin oh aren’t they fabulous LOL!!!!!!!!!! Nike if u want 2 make a lot more money then bring these boots out as soon as possible, I tell u wat all us murri’s will b buyin them like their goin out of fashion:-)

  3. says: ritchie

    we like the new design of the new boots you have.
    Very interested in in buying 2 or 3 pairs as we have aboriginal players in the code of NRL footy.
    So we all hope that nike take you on.
    Well done darren dunne and others involed.
    Can you email us the prices when you get them thanks?

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