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As the ‘Wild Child’ of the old Nike5 range, we always expected bold, brash and beautiful' things' of the Elastico – and as the Nike FC247 collection launches, we’re glad the Nike Elastico Finale II doesn’t disappoint.

Nike Elastico Finale II - Nike FC247 - Profile Shot

Designed for hard-court surfaces like you’ll find in futsal, the Nike Elastico Finale II' is as bright a shoe as you’ll ever come across.

In a dynamic green, complimented by hot pink, the Elastico Finale II' brings the ‘safari’ print across to it’s design on the Nike branding and laces for a truly standout shoe.

Nike Elastico Finale II - Nike FC247 - instep

Futsal is all about speed, control and flair, which is why Nike have brought NikeSkin to the fore on their new FC247 collection. The high-friction upper on the Nike Elastico Finale II' offers a natural guide for the shoe to crease along, for comfort and ease of break-in, as well as improved touch on the ball.

Nike have sought out feedback from players at all levels for their FC247 range, and that hes resulted in them featuring 39% fewer components on the Elastico Finale II' than it’s predecessor, resulting in a 22% reduction in weight.

Nike Elastico Finale II - Nike FC247 - Side detail of the upper

The outsole has been designed for hard-court surfaces, featuring a split herringbone and dot design to help maximize traction and improve underfoot ball control.

Designed to grip like a the on the lateral side of the foot, the medial point under the toes and outside of the heel both feature ‘dots’ for improved flexibility.

Nike Elastico Finale II - Nike FC247 - sole

As with the new version of the Bomba Finale, the forefoot outsole is split along the first metatarsal. The resulting groove improves flexibility, for a more natural movement of the toes when accelerating.

Nike Elastico Finale II - Nike FC247 - sole detail on the toe

On the comfort side of things, Nike have revamped the rear of the shoe with a new perforated segment. Additionally, the eyestay for the laces has been redesigned to lock the tongue and instep in place, so no more unwanted tongue sliding off to either side of the boot.

Nike Elastico Finale II - Nike FC247 - Iniesta

' Ĺ›If I had more free time, I would like to train more with my colleagues on the futsal team. Futsal helps my ball control in tighter spaces,ĹĄ added Andres Iniesta.

Launching March 28th, we’ll have full details of the Nike Elastico Finale II' (and it’s takedowns) pricing as soon as they’re made available.

Liking the Elastico’s new look? Let us know in the comments!

NIKE ELASTICO FINALE II – NIKE FC247, 9.4 out of 10 based on 154 ratings

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  1. says: Mark

    May I ask if this boots offer also proper protection for the foot while shooting the heavy futsal ball or having contrast with other players? The fact that they are very light led me to think that they are also less protective in comparison to the Nike Gato II, am I wrong?

    1. says: Matej Juhas

      I played in Nike Gato II for a year and now i have been playing in these elasticos for roughly two months. Tiptoeing a futsal ball with elasticos hurts a bit compared to a bulldozing-no-feeling-at-all of gatos, but any other shot apart from toe feels considerably better with elasticos. Its like in gatos the ball hangs on a boot a split second longer, giving it kind of a mushy feeling and in elasticos the ball leaves the boot like an arrow leaves the bow – bang and in the back of the net. Shooting/passing in elasticos is considerably more precise as you can get under the ball much easier, making top corners an easy target to hit. In contact with other players I have not experienced any diminished protection but again – its futsal – not a heavy tackling sport. All in all i would take these elasticos over gatos anytime, my only gripe being that tiptoe shot(which would be a dealbreaker for me if elasticos were not perfect in every other aspect).

  2. says: Garth

    The outsole tore and started peeling off my pair within 90 seconds of play on artificial grass. was awesome to deal with and I got a pair of Lunar Gato II’s as a replacement. But I wonder if anyone else has had issues with the Elasticos sole coming unglued?

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