Nike continue their new colour spree with another new CTR360 colourway!

Nike CTR360 Maestri football boots in Black/White/Cyber

Obviously feeling the need to show a little extra love to their newest line of football boots, Nike have proudly launched another new colourway in the form of this interesting White/Cyber/Black colourway.

We’ve not seen Nike use this fresh ‘Cyber’ colour on any of their football boots before, but we sure hope they use it again! The zesty Cyber is definitely a nice contrast to the Black/White fade.

Nike CTR360 Maestri football boots in Black/White/Cyber

Some of us think that Nike couldn’t resist launch a ‘Cyber’ colourway for the CTR360 at the same time they launched a ‘Retro’ one!

We also like stripe acrooss the upper – again something that we’ve not seen used on the CTR360 before.

Nike CTR360 Maestri football boots in Black/White/Cyber

The more understated nature of this football boot should make it a firm competitor for those in the market for a pair of CTR360‘s that don’t fancy the bold ‘Retro’ blue of the other recent colourway launch.

So, if you had the choice, which would you have? The Cyber or the Retro?

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  1. says: Cody

    Those boots look sick i had a pair of the red and black last year and they where the 1 of the best boots ive eva had as keeper 🙂

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