By now, you’ve probably worked out whether you love or loathe the idea of the Nike CR7 Safari – but whichever side of the fence you fall on – Nike’s big Winter Launch is going to be unavoidable for the next 48 hours.

2 days away from the official release, Nike have dropped this brand new video into our laps today to show that Cristiano Ronaldo’s new Nike CR7 Safari gear has left Portland and is on it’s way to meet him in Madrid.

Whilst there’s no images of what’s in the box, it’s certainly football boots sized! Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink indeed.

It’s no secret that Ronaldo’s one of the best paid athletes in Nike’s stable, probably only second to Tiger Woods, and if Nike value him enough to give him his own football boots, chances are we’ll see him rocket up the rankings of the world’s highest paid footballers when his contract is next up for renewal.

We love the bravado and showmanship that Nike bring to unveiling a new set of football boots, it really serves as a reminder of how far a humble pair of shoes can go in terms of popularity!

What about you guys? Loving the hype? Or do you think the Nike CR7 Safari is a little too much fuss to make? Especially given that half of you naughty, naughty people seem to have already guessed what all this is about anyway…

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  1. says: Ryan

    An aeroplane just for a little box?! 😀

    Anyway, if the leaked stuff on internet is anything to judge by… these are a definite no-no

    Anyway, wouldn’t even consider these in the first place, as I just got my T90 Strikes (which are great, maybe Footy Boots could start doing more reviews on second grade boots,*wink* *nudge*)

    Anyway, glad to see Footy Boots getting the latest info on these boots first! 🙂

  2. says: BiyiAdetunji

    lets be real, most of us have already seen these so the fact that this ad potrays them to be on super-secret lockdown is quite funny, but i wonder, from a reasonable distance away, wont the boot just look like a light grey/silver mercurial with an orange tick?

  3. says: Johnny

    You can never be too sure if the pictures going around are 100% the actual shoes. Doesn’t seem like Nike to let a big thing like this slip away. Look back when the superfly II’s came out it was kept as a secret really good but who knows.

  4. says: Fifinho

    I know Nike like going over the top and I should be used to it by now BUT I think maybe this is far too much fuss over a boot which looks rather ugly and, if it’s just the same as the current Superfly, overrated.

    Don’t get me wrong I loved the “Write The Future” campaign and everything but this is too much.

  5. says: zizou wannabe

    haha… i know i wont be buying these boots but love the whole shebang that Nike rolls out for stuff like that… some times its really what makes them so cool, and some times, its really what makes them such a dick! They tend to hit and miss with stuff like that but one thing they always do is… JUST DO IT… they will do it, hit or miss, cool or dick!

  6. says: Splinter09

    @niccolo & @all-footy-boots-readers

    I don’t know about you but if that is how the new Nike CR Safari will look like, I think Nike has let us all down, I was expecting much more than a white boots with black dots.

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