Nike Town’s Boot Room is due to launch in London soon, so when Nike invited Footy Boots to take an early look around and have a football boot designed in their NIKEiD Studio, our Boot Geeks were happier than Steve McClaren’s dental surgeon.

As we approached the Nike ID Studio at Nike Town in London, pencils and clipboards at the ready, we couldn’t help but appreciate the range of products in the Boot Room. Of course we’ve seen the range of Nike football boots many times before, but when we saw them perfectly presented on bright display stands all around us, we felt like kids in a sweet shop.

We were quickly ushered into the design studio, for our appointment made with Paul, a Design Consultant, and to be honest we couldn’t wait to get going in creating our own football boot.

nike boot room

We looked at the array of football boots available to try on and get an absolutely perfect fit, but the first decision to be made was what type of football boot were we going to create. We opted for the Total 90 with a custom iD, as it had plenty of ways for us to customise the football boot, but also as it was a performance football boot.

Next decision was which outsole to build. We thought we’d be a bit different and go for an indoor football boot, as we haven’t test run the Total 90 indoor version.

The great thing about going to the NIKiD studio and picking the Total 90 is that you can select the shot-shield, just like the pro’s do.

Nike Boot Room Shot Shield(1) Regular – geometric design for enhanced ball control and greater spin

(2) Aggressive – enhanced geometric design for maximum spin on the ball (NIKEiD exclusive worldwide)

(3) Minimal – a more natural touch for players who want less material between their foot and the ball

We went with the minimal option, as we like to feel the ball on our foot, especially for indoor football.

So with the technical attributes decided, the colourway design was next. True to Footy Boots, we went with the white, green, grey and black – the colours used on this website.

Nike Boot Room T90

The whole experience was great. The staff are very well educated about football boots and know the Nike range inside out. This leads to you ending up with a football boot that fits well, has the attributes that fit your game and can be unique in its design too!

See the Footy Boots design on the NIKEiD website, press Search DESIGNiD at the top of the page, then enter our DESIGNiD 134119869.

If you’ve designed a NIKEiD football boot, put the link in the comments section below.

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