We saw some of the behind the scenes footage of this viral when we gave you news of the potential Blue Superfly II, but now it looks as though Nike are readying the release of the full thing!

This star-studded teaser shows some of Nike’s top athletes practising their ‘BOOM!’s in preperation for Nike’s new campaign set around the new Nike Pro Combat baselayers.

The idea behind the upcoming ‘BOOM!’ campaign is that one moment of sheer power or passion can change a game (a bit like the message behind the Write the Future campaign back in the Summer) and ‘BOOM!’ perfectly sums up that moment.

Nike have been running a similar campaign Stateside to great effect over the past 4 weeks, and now it seems like some of the biggest players in the World of football are going to have their chance to show us what an epic, game-changing moment looks like.

What do you think the full ads will look like?

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