We’ve all become accustomed to some of the most brightly coloured football boots ever over the past year or so, so it’s interesting to find out more about the Nike mindset going in to season 2009 / 2010.

nike black pack

The Nike Black Pack

The more observant amongst you (and has anyone met a football boot fan who isn’t observant?) will have noticed that there is a theme running through Nike’s four current premier football boots including the new Superfly and Vapor V. Put simply, it’s black.

A Nike executive has confirmed to Footy Boots that it’s the company’s wish to have all of their sponsored professionals playing in black based boots for the new season. Additionally, it seems as if that policy will remain in place for a few months at least.

nike total 90 laser ii black total orange detail

Nike Total 90 Laser II in Black / White / Total Orange

This ‘return to basics’, if it can be termed as such bearing in mind some of the technology we are talking about here, will doubtless please the traditionalists, though fans of the Vapor IV Berry, v1.08 Pink or the multi-coloured original Valde Pro might not be so enamoured!

nike air legend tiempo III

Nike Tiempo III in Black / White / Volt

However, it’s a concept that certainly gets the Footy Boots seal of approval, particularly as its given us a chance to show you even more of the classy black football boots / black background promotional shots that Nike have created. You have to admit, Nike fan or not, that they do look pretty amazing.

nike superfly black voltage yellow

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly in Black / Voltage Yellow

So, what do you think? Is the Nike ‘Black Pack’ a good thing? Do let us know by commenting below.

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  1. says: rye-rye

    i think the black vapors(im getting them) are by far the best ones out yet although if the purple on the abyss colourway were a navy those would be absolutely beautiful

  2. says: Crosby 87

    only black? bad move. well the legends i can understand but vapors and the people who wear them are all about the flashiness!

    1. says: Fenboy

      Connor – there are dozens of Nike boots out there but the ‘brand’ will always have a major say in what the vast majority of pros wear.

      And, as the piece says, it looks like at the start of 09 / 10 it’s gonna be black.

  3. says: Soccerdude2404

    Finally I have been waiting for these new vapors and superflies to come out!! I cannot wait to get them and play my last college season supporting my school colors, go UW-Superior

  4. says: martincillo

    ajajajajajaja black vapor ???
    did you forget the black vapor 4 with the red nike logo ?
    ajajajaajajja i like them, black but with a flashy detail like the citron nike logo.

  5. says: Scottymac

    Wouldn’t it be better if they were all in the same colourway, they all just look mismatched together like that

  6. says: Eric

    i agree with crosby the air legends have always been in black/white so that’s all good but the vapors and the people who wear them are all about flashiness and the black/yellow vapors won’t sell AS MUCH.

  7. says: Theo

    I believe there is all black predator that came out not too long ago in the market, and it’s really sexy. Most boots start simple but give it time, obviously there will be flashier options for the vapor superfly and the tiempos. Altho I’m not too happy with the changed look of the tiempos, I’m sure it has advanced functionally/technically.

  8. says: paul

    the brand that released bright pink boots is now trying to act like an old school brand…nike is completely losing ground on adidas

  9. says: TK7

    I ordered the Nike Mercurial Vapor SuperFly FG – Metallic Platinum/Hot Red last week, i think these boots are sweet and are the best boots

  10. says: John EEE!

    Ummm i cant decide between the new vapor, f50i white black red and the lotto zhero gravity tre…….help me out

  11. says: Jimmy89

    I think that in some ways, this is a great idea… however in other ways, this is a mistake nike are going to make.
    For the Tiempo boot, yes this idea would fit perfectly. Most of the Tiempo range are already all black, or consist of alot of black colouring.
    However, Nike are making a huge mistake applying this concept to the Vapor V. What is so attractive about the vapors is the bright colours such as The Pink or Citron Vapors. Changing this to just plain black is going against what the vapor is about… colour!

  12. says: Jhonny

    I think black is a great idea, I mean coloured cleats are cool but trying to bring it back to basics, taken in consideration the humongous color competition on the market, Nike is definetely hitting the sweet spot.

  13. says: dennis

    nike is really smart, they always release the best colorways right before the new models come out, the last colorway of the laser 2’s is sick, silver red and black, but the laser 3’s are horrendus, ugliest cleat i’ve seen in years

  14. says: number2

    the new predator TruStrikes look even uglier than the laser 3’s, though.

    obviously, when it comes down, its about performance over looks, but i’m sure lots of players will look to switch to more aesthetically-pleasing boots from the new Nike’s and Adidas’s.

    they are horrendous. truly.

  15. says: winger-9

    I got the T90 lasers and they’re amaizingly light and soft in ur feets. I’m a winger by the way, i haven’t tried them in a game yet but i think the toal 90’s are for technical and fast players.

  16. says: kuku

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  17. says: jesse

    i LOVE black boots!!! bright boots are a slide tackle magnet for me, and the blood shows on them more ;).
    But black boots just look simply great i reckon.

  18. says: farid

    the Nike black pack is GOOD. no offense to some players or fans, but wearing all these luminous coloured boots just looks a bit silly….

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