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Nike anti clog traction

Nike have released details of a new technology they have invented which prevents mud from sticking to the sole of their footy boots.

Nike are introducing a technology on their boots called Anti-Clog Traction, aiming to make footballers faster on the pitch than ever before.

Having tested the technology with their roster of players around the world, Nike are now releasing their boots with the Anti-Clog Technology built in.

Anyone who has played football on a wet pitch will know all about flicking, or knocking your boot against something to try and free the mud from clogging the soleplate.

“Mud has always presented unfortunate but seemingly accepted problems. Players are accustomed to clanking their boots together as they exit the pitch or rubbing them over harsh brushes to remove mud. Worse, they play slower and cautiously as mud makes their feet heavy and compromises their traction,” says Max Blau, Vice President of Nike Football Footwear.

The technology was developed over the course of two years by Dr Jeremy Walker, who has a background in materials science engineering and chemistry, he was one of several PhDs working on this project.

“Understanding the molecular structure of mud was key to developing a hydrophilic solution, which helps keep mud from clogging the plate,” said Dr Walker. Something we have always thought here at Footy Boots HQ.

He continued. “We stopped thinking about repelling water and started thinking about using it to our advantage to create a lubricious layer, without sacrificing traction

We love it when cool tech for boots is released and this idea definitely gets the thumbs up.

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