Nike Air Legend

Nike Air Legend

Update: The new Nike Tiempo II is now launched, see the latest article- Nike Tiempo II

The Nike Air Legend football boot has been on the market for some time now (February 2005), but it continues to be one of Nike’s best sellers. It is also a firm favourite with several professional footballers.

Due to it’s longeivity on the market, the Nike Air Legend football boot is available in a variety of colourways, giving you a great selection to choose from

The Nike Air Legend, has a rare look. In today’s market, wear style and colour is all the craze, the Nike Air Legend manages to merge a classic, traditional look, with a modern feel.

Performance: The outersole features a fibreglass shank and toe for lightweight rigidity. This is a relativley light boot, offering good touch and control.

Comfort: This is where this boot really excels. Built with a kangaroo leather upper, which provides superb touch and softness. The folded mesh tongue provides ventilation, whilst the velcro ensures it’s not flapping. The visible Zoom Air in the innersole provides protected shock absorbtion.

Players: Joe Cole, Ronaldinho, and Cesc Fabregas wear the Nike Air Legend football boots.

Price: £80 – £90

Verdict: Well priced football boot, offers great comfort and classic style.

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    1. says: Ivan Walcott

      These boots are excellent for striking and running…but they rub and cause your toes skin at the ends to peel off just slightly…other wise they are great boots.
      p.s if you wore addidas b4 u wont lyk these

      1. says: Ben

        why not, i have a pair of f-50’s and them not enough support, i got tons of foot injuries wearing them. So i decided to try out some nike’s
        i havnt checked the legends out yet but love their style

  1. says: SportBoy

    I love these boots I bought them in black, they look proper retro and dont get scuffed like my old Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III football boots. The best price I found for them was at they were £70, which is £15 cheaper than Kitbag and the others! They really wear a lot better, beacuase they are made of leather and not synthetic like most other top priced boots.

  2. I too own a pair of Legends and Vapors. My Vapors are blades, the Legends moulded. At this time of the season, I find that I could get away with wearing either football boots, however I always choose the Legends. They are so much more comforatble and I feel like I have a football boot on. But hey, it’s all about personal opinion!

  3. says: incrediboy

    Legends are the best football boots around at this point in time. They are revolutionary, like when Puma gave us the Puma Kings and when Adidas gave us the? World Cups! This is Nike’s turn to create a legendary football boot, which they have done. No plastic here!

    1. says: Williamadu

      My Man,trust me, get the color you want dude. it’s all in your hands. play with heart and touch, with these cleats you can dominate!

      Joga Bonito

  4. says: Jay C

    Matt you need them in black and white mate, they look great and feel better. I have them in white and blue, and black and white. All our academy players at Utd wear them and they are the business.

  5. says: Jay C

    Yeah they’re all the same, just look different. I suppose its what you personally prefer. I love the black and white ones, they have that classic Cantona edge of when Tiempos were around in ’96. But if you want to look like a christmas tree dont, why dont you get the gold ones?

  6. says: rude

    I?just wonder will they bring the ones that Pirlo wears for Italy??I think at the moment they were made for him specially, beacuse Italy won the World Cup they are all gold with a blue Nike tick.

  7. says: Brian

    These Nike Legend football boots?are nasty. Very good touch, kind of?get heavy when wet, but feel great and mold to your feet.?I have the Italy ones and they are?sweet, they’ve lasted me 4 months and not even a sign of ripping by the sole.

  8. says: Chrispy

    The Nike Air Legends are the best football boots ever. I have the white/blue ones in studs, moulded and astro. I’ve had the moulded for about 7 months now and I wear them 4 times a week minimum and they still look great and have no signs of rips or tears. I would say that the way that Legends have their moulded studs placed, it almost makes the soft ground versions obselete as I have only had to use them once and even then I could have probably got away with the moulded ones. TOP BOOTS.

  9. says: CC

    Has anyone else seen the 4 Star collectors edition? In gold with a blue tick and italian flag on the tongue. Limited to only 300 pairs. I was gonna get some +F50s but found them crippling to wear, maybe I got big feet. So i’ve ordered these. Hope they look good when they actually arrive.

  10. says: chelsea supporter

    I’m definitely getting the air legends because my friends have them and say they are excellent. I’m even getting F30’s black/fierce red just so they don’t get worn or dirty before the main season starts. I’ve got some Chelsea leather food, kleen kleet, shoe bag and shoe dogs which keep em smelling nice. But I’m having difficulty choosing one of two colours. Should I get the White/Blue ones or the White/Red?

  11. says: Izici

    Ho ho… these I wanted the moment I saw the Mestro try them on the first time (Nike website) and did those volleys, hitting the crossbar on the goal post over and over. Got them mid 2006 (white/red colorway) and tried them the next day. Nice snug fit (so snug that you’ve to make sure your socks don’t fold over while putting them on…otherwise you get blisters) and very very comfortable. Soles provide very good cushioning but are a bit too rigid for those who (like me) like to twiddle their toes to get a better feel of their football boots. Velcro strapped tounge tend to move outwards the longer you play with the football boots and starts flattering (yaay..your very own war banner) with age.

    Sadly, I found out that the shoes had very less to do with the repeated volleys on the crossbar, but repeated volleys and kicks INTO the post, on the other hand, worked fine for me.
    Best soccer cleats (with the MV) on the market. For me..a good solid 9.75/10.

  12. says: kieran lynch

    I’ve had Nike Air Legends FG for two seasons now and I do feel as though they are the best football boot I have ever bought. They are extremely comfortable and have not shown any sign of wear and tear, considering I use them four times a week ! I have scored many a goal in my legends a top pair of football boots worn by two top players, myself and Ronaldinho !!

  13. says: Jay-Goldy

    Hi just bought some blzck/white legends and i’m not sure whether they are a bit too snug (I agree with an earlier post, of being able to move my toes up and down). Just wondering if as the football boots are a good quality leather, do they loosen up quite nicely an mould to your foot???

  14. says: Brandon

    Hi, just got my blk/wht legends from the nike rep. Had two pairs of mercurial vapours and they lasted 6 months, then a pair of total 90’s which lasted only one year. Will have to see how long the legends last. Tight fit around the toes, but have to get used to them. Total 90’s were very comfortable though, but broke so easily. Will have to see if the leather lasts longer than the plastic from the vapours/ 90’s.

  15. says: LTFC

    The R10S Gold and white are brill. worn them this season, fantastic fotr touch, speed, and crossing. will get nike italy 4 star legends in the summer 4 next season

  16. says: james jenkins

    i have the black and white air legends(the ones with the black tick) but i desperetely want the mercurial vapor 3s, i play striker, i play upfront with a teammate, i do all of the running around upfront, so i think i need the vapor 3, please somebody help me. much obliged, = )

  17. says: lulu-footy-mad

    hi i jst bort some nike air legends (silver/black) and wanted 2 ask who liked the silver and black ones best.


  18. says: rod allen

    great great boots. playing football has nothing to do with how much your cleat weighs. people here are saying these are too heavy for fast forwards. i laugh at that. im too speedy as hell and any defender’s nightmare. i run faster than my girlfriend’s video camera is on the sidelines. tell ruud van nistelrooy that these are not for strikers. he’s not slow at all. neither is joe cole or ronaldhino. and btw, ronaldhino is wicked fast in these cleats. and no one does more tricks than ronaldhino. so tricks and speed shouldn’t be associated with vapors. drogba is the only good forward who wears vapors. and he is not fast. c. ronaldo is like ronaldhino. he’d be fast in any cleat so it is irrelevant. vapors are not superior to legends in speed and tricks! if you think there is a difference than you need to play against me. ill leave guessing my boot size, eating my dust, and watching my highlight reel. these boots are excellent for strikers. touch is a strikers MUST ask any coach. comfort is a strikers friend bcus in tough situations comfort will help you take your mind off your feet/footwork and more on scoring goals. and if you think 3 oz will make you slower! then don’t eat breakfast or lunch as well. both meals would probably add 1-2 pounds on you.. and then you’d be too slow to be ridiculous

  19. says: cody

    man i must say, as a kegend wearer, that they are awesome, the kangaroo leather is spectacular, and they are so comfortable, i have MVIII but they hurt my big toes with all the running. Legends are a true all around position boot

  20. says: Ryannn

    ive got the vapors and i love them though.. i was thinking of getting the air legends cause every1 says they’re good.. just wondering if they would feel heavy if i was used to the vapors?


  21. says: Welisha

    Hi guys, i just gotten a Nike Legend Black and Gold tick. Can anyone advice me how to take care of the leather. Have heard so much different advice. ome say can wash with water some say cant. etc . PLs advice.

  22. says: steven

    I have benn planning to get t e air legends but I don’t know what color to choose from. I was thinking off getting gold, but I can’t find them anywhere. Then, I thought of getting either red or blue. I’m afraid if I get white ones, they will get dirty easily.

  23. says: Vyke

    I have a pair of the first R10s, always wanted to get some legends but at first wasn’t sure which color to get, and then when i finally went out to get them, I got sidetracked and bought the R10s instead, and now they’ve put out a new line without the color i finally decided on getting (silver and black). anyway, I find that the best way to keep them looking tip top is by wiping mud and grime off with a wet cloth, and then, to keep the leather prime, rub the boots with lotion. Yes, that’s rite, just use a small amt as it won’t all go into the shoe, it’s just for the surface…

  24. says: danny mac

    what do you people think are the strongest and classiest for an attackin midfield player
    i want a pair of boots that provide protection and look classy i have already had the puma kings but they ssplit when i went into a tackle abit to hard any1 got any ideas what would suit mee

  25. says: craig yums

    Just got a bargain with these boots last years edition ฤ‚ยƒรขโ‚ฌลกฤ‚โ€šร‚ล20 from Sports direct.Hope there comfy and precise.

  26. says: Nick

    These are easily the best boots i have ever had in my life. ive been playing football at all levels since i was 7 year old, and the legends are the best ive ever had. ive had my current pair for around 3 years now and they still give me an amazing touch and well and a great strike on the ball to match magnificent crossing. I’ve always prefered nike boots to adidas and these are the perfect example of a great pair of boots in my honest opinion.

  27. says: ALAN


  28. says: Omar

    I’ve just received some white and red Nike Air Legend 1 boots in the post. They were made in Itlay and on the box it says they are for Promos.

    Does anybody on here know anything else about them, like the amount made or more colours?


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