Nike’s latest Nike5 range has become a huge hit, with the Nike5 Lunar Gato being singled out for particular praise as one of the single most comfortable pieces of footwear you could hope to wear. It looks like Nike are ready to capitalise on that popularity with the release of the new Nike5 Gato Street.

The new Nike Nike5 Gato Street football shoes, to be released April 1st 2011

Nike’s new Nike5 Gato Street is designed to be a more hard-wearing variant of the indoor/sala Lunar Gato, whilst retaining the comfort and features that have seen so many small-sided players pick up a pair of the classy trainers ( even spied Cesc Fabregas buying a pair at NikeTown London!).

From a conceptual standpoint, Nike says it took inspiration from 4 of the world’s most famous cities to create the ultimate street soccer footwear.

The Nike5 Gato Street‘s supple upper and adaptive traction sole are inspired by Barcelona – where Speed and touch matter as much on the streets as they do at the Camp Nou.

The new Nike Nike5 Gato Street football shoes, to be released April 1st 2011

A specially designed last and responsive shape allow you to get closer to the ball than ever before – something that comes in handy on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, where it seems that even the quieter players have skills with the ball that make even seasoned freestylers green with envy.

London is a city where the pitch is gnarled old concrete and the soft ripple of the net makes way for the deafening clatter of a ball thundering against a metal fence. In short, it’s tough. Which is why the Nike5 Gato Street is the toughest shoe in Nike’s Nike5 range; an enhanced cushion insole and hang-tough outsole mean that this trainer will take everything the streets throw at it. And then some.

The new Nike Nike5 Gato Street football shoes, to be released April 1st 2011

All this is tied together by the eclectic imagination of Tokyo, where old clashes with new in ways the world never though possible. The classic Nike outstep with central lacing and the ‘big tick’ design that has graced so many great shoes belies an instep covered in a durable, prism-patterned instep that powers every pass and increases first touch friction.

The Nike5 Gato Street is an ultra-durable street soccer shoe that takes most of it’s queues from the Lunar Gato and wraps them up in a package so cool and understated you don’t need to worry about looking out of place when wearing them to and from a game, and maybe even for a quick drink or bit to eat afterwards!

The new Nike Nike5 Gato Street football shoes, to be released April 1st 2011

Available in 7 colourways inspired by Nike’s most popular street-wear trainers, the Nike5 Gato Street will hit store shelves from 1st April 2011, with an RRP still TBC. We’ll keep you updated as soon as pricing is confirmed!

In the meantime, what do you think of this latest Nike5 shoe?

We certainly think it looks the part, and if it’s as durable as Nike say it is – they could be onto a real winner!

NIKE 5 GATO STREET, 9.2 out of 10 based on 104 ratings

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  1. says: channo

    looking very badass indeed this shoes!

    @kuuku: yeah definitely got the feeling where you could suddenly jump into a kickabout whenever and wherever 😀

    maybe i’ll actually get these as my next casuals.

  2. says: Daniel

    I would doubt that Nike 5 are very comfortable, I have a pair of them and I have blisters after each indoor training session..

  3. says: adam

    Considering they don’t even sell these at Niketown London yet I would be very surprised if anybody had bought any from there, not least a guy who gets everything he wants from Nike for free.

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