We’re rolling through the season at a frankly scary rate of knots and winter’s fast approaching – which means that it’s time to break out the baselayers once again!

Nike Pro Combat Baselayers Hyperwarm Hyper Strong

Nike look to be the first of the big brands out there to be capitalising on this cold snap with a brand new range of Pro Combat Baselayers designed for the cold.

The Nike Pro Combat range is made up of four different silo™s, each with its own unique product offering to help you get more from your training and playing apparel no matter what time of year it is.

Hyperstrong protects against collision and abrasion, Hyperwarm to defend against the cold, Hypercool to keep you cool and dry and Nike Pro Combat Core for everyday training and comfort.

As it’s October, we’ll be focusing on the Hyperwarm and Hyperstrong ranges, to keep you at your best over the coming winter months!

Starting with the Flagship product in the range, The Hyperwarm Fitted Speed Mock is a long-sleeved, mock-neck baselayer for players who want to be as warm as wearing a performance fleece, but without the bulk.

Nike Pro Combat Baselayers Hyperwarm Hyper Strong

The Hyperwarm Fitted Speed Mock features:

Dri-FIT brushed fabric keeps warm air in and cool air out while also wicking away sweat
Insert mesh construction provides ventilation and breathability where you need it most
Stretch jersey panels at side seam

Moving a little lower down the body, the Hyperstrong Compression Slider are a re-branded version of the Sliders that you might have come across earlier in the year.

Nike Pro Combat Baselayers Hyperwarm Hyper Strong

These futuristic looking shorts feature silicon zoned anti-abrasion hip and thigh panels help prevent sliding related injuries while also eliminating friction between shorts – so going to ground on slightly frozen pitches is now slightly less painful – and while it might not eliminate the problem completely – we appreciate all the help we can get in this department!

The other new garment is again a pair of under-shorts – this time they’re a little more substantial.

Nike Pro Combat Baselayers Hyperwarm Hyper Strong

These are the Hyperstrong Compression Vis Shorts, and are designed to take out some of the ‘impact’ of impact sports like football!

The main feature of these literal fancy-pants is the  10mm Vis EVA foam, which is shaped in strategic thigh zone areas on each side of the leg – this helps absorb, disperse, and deflect impact and protect against abrasion.

The hexagonal effect isn’t just for show either – the EVA Foam panels are shaped this way for maximum flexibility and movement for the wearer, acting like a second skin.

All of these garments also feature the high-performance ventilation and gusseted areas for maximum comfort whilst playing.

Do you play in a baselayer? If so what do you prefer?

Drop us a comment and let us know!

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  1. says: E@zy

    Yea I play in baselayer. These things are just so confusing. Compression this, techfit, hyper blah blah. I just want something under my shorts.

  2. says: Matt

    I bought the Hyperstrong Compression Slider for this upcoming season because my home pitch is now turf and my previous encounters with turf and my compression shorts have led to holes in them when I went in for a slide tackle, I am very please with the results, you can feel that the compression sliders are thicker than your normal compression and does its job well and has held up extremely well over 10 games and many practices.

  3. says: BBFunnyMan

    DEfinetely not affordable. Their compression shorts in this line start at $70 USD

    Slightly curious why no pricing is mentioned with this info

  4. says: Nicoacademia

    For better protection of the calves. McDavid has calf sleeves.
    Just curious because no one’s gonna kick ya thighs and even so you’d survive.
    But one knee or kick into the calf….man it’s a huge power loss in your sprints.

    And my experience with Nike compression is that it ain’t as good as say 2XU, etc. These let your skin breathe properly and fabric lasts longer too.

  5. says: Fifinho

    From personal experience I have to say Skins make some of the best compression garments. They’re fairly popular in Australia (where I live) but I don’t see a lot of overseas footballers wearing them.

    @Nicoacademia: there’s also a brand called Armadillo I think which makes products specially designed to protect your calves.

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