New England Shirt

The first pictures of the New England Shirt, featuring John Terry and David James in the new look retro shirts were live but withdrawn at request.

Umbro were hoping to keep everything under wraps until the England team runs out at Wembley to play Slovakia on Saturday, but their hopes were dashed when pictures leaked.

Captain John Terry was modelling the retro styled shirt with the new look crest (see more in our footy boots video section) on his chest.

The new England Shirt has a very traditional look, so let’s travel back to some of the previous England shirts and see what happened when the national team was wearing them.

England Shirts

England Shirt – 1966

England Shirt 1966

England’s finest moment came wearing this round neck, all red number when they won the World Cup in front of their own fans at Wembley. Geoff Hurst scored a hat trick in it, Jackie Charlton sank to his knees in it, Bobby Moore wiped his hands on it before shaking hands with the Queen and taking possession of the trophy and Nobby Styles did a little jig in it.

England Shirt – 1970

England Shirt 1970

Four years on, England travelled to the World Cup in Mexico with supposedly their best ever team and a third kit which included this light blue top which they wore in a game versus Czechoslovakia. However, it was in the more famous red shirts that that they lost the quarter final match to old rivals Germany 3 – 2 having been 2 – 0 up. Peter Bonetti was singled out as the villian having taken over in goal from the ill Gordon Banks though manager Sir Alf Ramsey was also criticised for his decision to sub Bobby Charlton on 70 minutes.

England Shirt – 1988

England Shirt 1988

Another German disaster befell the national team wearing this shirt in 1988 as England travelled to the European Championships hosted by West Germany. For England, it was a forgettable tournament as they lost all three group matches, 1 – 0 to the Republic of Ireland, 3 – 1 to a van Basten inspired Holland and 3 – 1 again to Russia. The Championships themselves though were of significance as not one player was sent off, no knockout matches went to extra time or penalties and at least 1 goal was scored in every game.

England Shirt – 1990

England Shirt 1990

The England shirt had a splash of background colour to it for Italia 90 and also the splashes of Gazza’s tears. The England midfielder was at his best in the tournament but a yellow card in the semi finals meant that he would have been barred from playing in the final. He needn’t have worries as England went out on penalties in Turin to; you’ve guessed it, West Germany.

England Shirt – 1996

England Shirt 1996

The Umbro brand and 3 Lions crest was positioned across the chest of this England shirt as the country hosted Euro 96. Football according to Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightning Seeds was apparently coming home. Sadly, not to London as yet again, England’s finest went out in the semis on spot kicks to Germany. England fans were then subjected to even more torture as Gareth Southgate, who missed the vital pen, along with Italia 90 penalty failures Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle appeared in an advert for Pizza Hut.

England Shirt – 2007

England Shirt 2007

With red piping across the shoulders and down the sleeves, this shirt was sadly wasted as it was used during the reign of Steve McClaren. The ‘wally with the brolly’ oversaw a disastrous campaign as England failed to qualify for the European Championships of 2008. The former Boro boss failed to outlive the shirt, being replaced after 16 months by Fabio Capello.

England football shirt – 2009?

At least we can expect some Italian style in the design of the new shirt which is available for pre-order from today. On the pitch too, things are looking up with England on top of their World Cup qualifying group with 4 wins out of 4.

England Shirts

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  1. says: Duberry

    It just adds to the shambles that is england lately. New regime, capello and nike in at umbro can only help. btw, the last kit was rubbish, that silly number thing in the shirt is such a gimmick

  2. says: Socrates

    Yeah its about time England change shirt sponsors, Umbro are not up to the standards of English Football, they would do much better with Nike or Adidas as they are more prestigious brands.

    1. says: the boss

      Umbro is owned by Nike. As England is Umbro’s premier brand it is highly likely that Nike were very influential in the shirts look anyway. More to the point, why is it when Nike or Adidas release something along these lines the fans love it, yet when another company do it is rubbished?

    1. says: ledleythlithp

      Umbro were bought last year by Nike, I hope the shirts being shown on some searches are not the actual item because its horrid!!!

  3. says: Dave

    New kit looks fantastic – simple tailoring with a touch of class. Seems like a lot of thought has gone into the design process – top marks!

    1. says: gaz 1984

      it a umbro shirt with the umbro bage which you can by from most stores 4 $12.99 but they just put 3 lions on it and they are selling it at £49.99 come on it a way to rip up off again

  4. says: Steve

    Why oh why does the kit always have to have blue in it, England’s colours are RED and WHITE. We are not the British team but the English team so please drop the blue.

  5. says: FusioN

    Think it looks terrible and sad that I will have to watch them in South Africa for the World cup wearing that! So what if it is a tailored look? It’s just not football! Looks more like a ponsy cricket shirt….

  6. says: john

    having seen the new shirt is it right that its only going to last a year as it says on the buttons 209 -2010 wat a rip off if it is

  7. says: Ryan

    Hey i think the new England Kit is Fab since me Anty helped makeing it. i thought it was a cricket top at first but then when the players were wearing it for the first time i was like wow.

  8. says: Erin - Learn English

    T-shirts show the image of a team and I thinnk for fans it must be very important, because during matches in the staduims there will be thousands of fan wearing t-shirts and flags of their favourite team!

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