In any walk of life, we are always looking for the next best thing. The next iPod, computer game, self cleaning car, self cleaning child come to that or non calorific chocolate bar.

In the world of football boots, scientific advancements and stunning examples of innovation might not yet be commonplace, but are touted on a relatively regular basis.

So what can we expect next?

Well, if you’ve been scanning the football boot message boards or just keeping your ear close to the ground, the word Concave might be familiar to you.

Why? Because the newly conceived Concave football boot is promising to deliver big time.

Eight years in the making, machine and human tested by experts in Australia and with Celtic and Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish as the face of the project, the manufacturers have high hopes for their product which will be launched on to the UK market in the very near future.

Rumours abound as to its alleged performance, make up and look. Apart from a few high placed individuals who know the ins and outs, the exact details of the Concave football boot are being kept a closely guarded secret (or as closely guarded as is possible in this business) before being officially released.

But Footy Boots has gained unique access to the people behind the Concave football boot and we’ll be bringing you exclusive material and images in the days to come.

If you’re a football boot aficionado, general football fan or player, you will get the chance to make your own mind up as to the impact the Concave football boot will have, by visiting Footy Boots over the next few weeks. See all article on the Concave football boots.

Concave football boots

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