The new Chelsea Home Shirt for the 2011-12 Season has been released by adidas – be sure to check it out, right here on!

Adidas have revealed the new Chelsea home shirt for the 2010 / 2011 season.


The new Chelsea home kit takes inspiration from past home jerseys. The addition of a red collar and trim is a tribute to the Chelsea Pensioners who famously and proudly wear red coats (Chelsea were actually nicknamed The Pensioners between 1905 & 1952).This is not the first time red has been included on a Chelsea kit. In 1953, Chelsea re-launched the official club badge featuring red for the first time. By 1959, red was introduced into the kit socks, and the colour continued to feature in numerous home and away kits until the mid 1990’s.


The kit also encompasses a contemporary v-neck design with laser cutting detail inspired by design elements of Stamford Bridge stadium. The main body of the jersey integrates mesh into the fabric creating a striking design with pure performance benefits for wicking sweat away from the body


Tech Spec

For the first time in club football, adidas TechFit features directly in the playing shirt, enhancing muscle performance.

TechFit: On the field, the players’ kits will incorporate adidas’ cutting edge TechFit technology, to help improve speed, increased endurance capabilities and enhanced muscle focus proprioception. This works by stabilising and focusing the muscles’ energy to generate explosive acceleration and deliver maximum power output.

Climacool -The shirts also feature adidas ClimaCool technology, a mixture of heat and moisture controlling materials, ventilation channels and 3D fabrics which improve air flow to the skin in the key heat zones.

Price: £43 adults / £33 children

Availability: Now on pre-order, the new Chelsea football shirt has an official release date of Thursday May 6th.

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  1. says: E@zy

    the only technology clotheswise is wicking away moisture, admittedly keeping you cooler. improve performance, speed enurance, its almost as if the designer’s have to put in some stupid gimmick talk to make it seem ‘modern’ or new or futuristic. it’s not exactly new. no wonder parents are finding it difficult to keep paying for new kits for their kids because stupid clubs roll out slightly different kits from the past 5 years.

  2. says: Fifinho

    Personally, I think this kit looks like it has just been copied from the current Liverpool one.

    On another note, I would like to see more teams with home kits that last for more than one season. So glad my team doesn’t do that 😀

  3. says: FUZZY

    Only centenary seasons, or one off kits for special occasions (like the end of an era – Arsenal at Highbury) should a team change the kit. It should be every 2 years for home, and away should change every year, with the old away becoming the third kit if needed. 🙂

  4. says: Perry Groves

    Completely agree with Fifinho on the one year one kit regieme most top clubs have seemed to enforce. Its a complete money making scandal for both the club and manufacturer. To me it seems a bit pointless to change your kit design year on year especially if the colours dont fundamentally ever change. Liverpool to be fair stick with theirs for two years and Man Utd have done mostly in the past (but I think they are getting a new kit next year). I say all this but if Nike have got a brain they should make a green and yellow Man Utd away kit for next season and it will sell like hot cakes!

  5. says: VB

    Martincillo – Previous Chelsea kit didn’t have a zipper – just a rubber strip saying Chelsea FC on it. If I had a nickel for every time someone said that…

    I do think that they are getting ridiculous with rolling out kits so often. It should be every 2 years for both, home and away.

  6. says: Geoff

    As a Chelsea fan, i prefer this kit to the current one we are playing in now. However, one feature that lets it down is the red collar bit. It makes it look like a french kit. I bet Anelka and Malouda are going to get bored with playing in the same sort of kit for both club and country!

  7. says: Geoff

    I agree with the kit regime but you are forgetting that chelsea have stuck with their home kit for two seasons recently. 2006/2007 season and the 2007/2008 season.

  8. says: j4ysus

    its good but its a waste of money buying the new kit every
    year they better stick with this one for the both years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. says: mike

    Hey from australia,
    The shirt loooks great the touch of red is perfect it covers to noteable countries , one being Britain and the Union jack also the Russian colors just a thought. There will be alot of oppositon supportes hating the sight of it by the end of the first round, lol cmon the Chels.
    Thanks Mike PS does it really matter

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