New Chelsea Home Shirt 2008-9

The New Chelsea Home Shirt for the 2011-12 from adidas has arrived! Be sure to check it out!

Images have been leaked that reveal the new Chelsea Home Shirt for season’s 2008 – 2009

Leaked images have been banded around, showing the new home shirt that Adidas have designed for Chelsea to wear from next season.

Here at Footy Boots we try and take a diplomatic approach when it comes to previewing material that is not official, however when the leaking of a new shirt hits the tabloid press we think its fair game to share the news with our audience.

So in today’s Sun we see that they are running with a story featuring Frank Lampard in the Chelsea Shirt. Being the responsible national newspaper that they are, the image must be official, right?

Just take a look at the images below. One is an official image of Frank Lampard in the Chelsea Shirt launch of their current shirt, the other is the new image, with the new shirt.

Chelsea Shirt

Now call us sceptical, but these images look remarkably similar. Franks hair gel has maintained exactly the same style for two years and he hasn’t aged one iota.

Anyway, whether the Sun’s make up artists managed to create a miracle or not, we have it from a good source (the guys at Football Shirt Culture) that this is one of many edited images!

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  1. says: inessenze

    i have the new kit (ladies verison) and its great!!! my bf pre ordered it and it arrived on thursday not seen any1 in it yet! woo!!

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