As you know, we love our football games here at the office, but as football boots-fanatics it can be a little annoying when we see our favourite players in outdated kit and cleats.

New football boots for Pro Evo land today

Kudos to Konami then, who are releasing their second round of DLC (Downloadable Content) for their hugely popular 2011 incarnation of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise since it’s launch in October.

The boots included in this update are:

adidas adiPure IV (both launch colourways)
adidas F50 adiZero (Intense Green/Pink)
adidas Predator_X (Electricity/Poppy)

Mizuno Wave Ignitus (Black/Red/Gold)
Mizuno Wave Supersonic (Red/White/Gold)

Puma PowerCat 1.10 (White/Team Orange)
Puma v1.10 (Parachute Purple)

Umbro GT Pro (Both launch colourways)

As well as these cleats, the Republic of Ireland will also be getting their updated away kit courtesy of Umbro.

Personally, we think it’s awesome to see brands like Mizuno and Umbro are getting their latest products in on games like this – they’re a great way to showcase your best football boots and kits, and increase immersion and realism for the player. Here’s hoping Konami keep supporting the game through it’s life-cycle with the latest football gear

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  1. says: sam

    I wish we could say the same for EA, I hate the fact that Adam Johnson is in the lime superfly II/Vapor VI and all we get is the cherry colourway! Also, I think it’s high time we could properly create our own kits on FIFA, as the online create a team thing is just useless

  2. says: Mark

    Still a bit gutted they haven’t put the yellow Wave Ignitus on their but i’ll make do with putting my player in those red Supersonic Waves because i’ll buy some of them as soon as they come out.

  3. says: iPodkiller

    EA has now not a argument for the world cup.
    Now they M U S T bring a shoe update out this year.

    And 1 question : Why got Fifa just only 4 boots of nike and why not so much colourways as Adidas in the game has?

  4. says: anon

    ipodkiller, the reason nike hasnt got as many boots as adidas has is because, adidas is one of there partners, havent you noticed adidas live season, and how on the arena the footballs adidas. And EA are too lazy to make updates for kits and boots. And it means that they would have to spend extra money to get the latest boots and then create them. Its just too much effort

  5. says: iPodkiller

    @anon, I know that but that’s no reason to bring less colourways for nike cleats.
    And as a customer i want attention to the game just like PES did. They must bring out and DLC with updated kits and shoes like Spain and etc.

  6. says: MisterBroom12

    We wouldn’t HAVE to pay for EA boot updates, they gave us the adidas World Cup jerseys for free last year. I agree though, there is no reason that they shouldn’t have equal amounts of colorways for all brands, even with the EA/FIFA/adidas partnerships. Wish they weren’t so lazy, it probably isn’e even that hard to render another colorway on an already designed boot pattern.

  7. says: Roman

    I would settle for FIFA letting us choose from all the boots in the game already. I mean, there are boots already assigned to some players that are unavailable when editing. WHY!!!! Just allow us to choose from all the boots. An update would be amazing but I can just see them getting rid of the current colorways rather than adding or replacing the generic EA boots. This has pissed me off for years now.

  8. says: Gabi

    Well it’s obvious that all the boots from all the brands have the same shape,only the coloring is different(just go and change a players boots) so the lack of Nike colorways is probably just because of the Adidas money.
    Well boots don’t make a football game,but the gameplay does,and FIFA is miles in front of PES.And tbh I don’t really care much about the boots…

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