All across the World this weekend there was an outpouring of new football boots and colourways

Professional players were given the chance to break in some of the hottest new football boots that the world’s top brands had to offer; so imagine our surprise when some of the biggest ambassadors of their brand opted to stick with an older pair!

We’re sure we weren’t the only ones who expected Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas to wear a pair of the new Team Red/ Metallic Gold/ Summit White CTR 360‘s in this weekends game against West Ham.

So imagine our surprise when he turned out wearing the original CTR360 Challenge Red/Black colourway!

Fabregas went on to score a penalty later in the game, which would have been an ideal d'©but for the so-called ‘Arsenal’ CTR360

Sticking with Arsenal – Fabregas’ teammate Gael Clichy has been something of a posterboy for the new Umbro Stealth range – appearing in a couple of publicity shots and doing some interviews to promote the boot.

But as you can see, the French left-back is a stickler for tradition, continuing to wear the ancient SX Flare, instead of Umbro’s latest!

Moving further afield, after training in the new Superfly II earlier this week many were convinced that ‘Mr. Mercurial’ himself, Cristiano Ronaldo, would lace up his Superfly II’s this weekend for the first time competitively.

But the Portuguese trickster opted instead to stay with the original Superfly for their clash with a spirited Sporting Gijon side.

Maybe Cristiano was worried he wouldn’t do the boot justice after Clint Dempsey’s outstanding outing in the new Nike football boot earlier in the week?

Back in the Premiership, Nicolas Anelka has refused to budge from his Blaze Yellow/Chili Red Puma v1.10‘s for a long while now.

But surely Puma’s recent colourways would be enough to tempt the Frenchman out of his beloved boots? The Black/Puma Royal v1.10 would be a great match for his Chelsea away kit…

…but apparently not! Anelka once again stuck with the Yellow football boots – but perhaps he’ll change for Chelsea’s next game, as Sunday’s game at Blackburn will be one that the Blues will want to remove all traces of!

We reckon that because all the players we’ve mentioned are currently fighting for first place in their respective leagues, they might be a little bit superstitious with their choice of boots, so are sticking with their ‘lucky’ versions!

Who else did you spot this weekend deliberately dodging the latest boots and colours? Leave us a comment and tell us!

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  1. says: fifinho

    well the yello v1.10’s do match the Chelsea away kit to an extent so maybe i could understand Anelka’s decision. The CR spot was the most interesting though for sure, I’ve also noticed not as many players seem to be wearing (RED) Laces now, or is it just me?

  2. says: Rob

    I notice that some of the players have specially adapted versions – CR has mixed sole, Fabregas has the legend sole plate, even Ribery has very little flywire in his boots…perhaps the custom pairs are not ready or not broken in yet?

  3. says: Connor Wallace

    Im with rob even the pro have to take some time to break in their boots and god knows youd rather use something you know works when youre fighting for top of the league.

  4. says: MisterBroom12

    Both Arshavin and Bendtner were both still in Superflys, although when Walcott was warming up he had the Obsidian/Cool Mint Superfly II’s on. I also still think Fabregas wears leather CTR’s, maybe thats why he’s still wearing black.

  5. says: kuuku

    Only rooney out of the poster boys changed boot. Drogba as usual continued in the black superflies from the start of the season and fabregas doesn’t seem to want to get rid of the CTR colourway he had 4 assists and a goal in. I, for one, knew he wasn’t changing colourway this weekend after ignoring two colourways of the CTR. If you watch the premier league you will notice that a massive amount of professionals have stuck with the original CTR colour, mostly because there is no reason to, it breaks in well and is durable and comfortable. I don’t think he’ll wear the original all the way to the end of the season though. He’s seen what changing boots did for Song and might be tempted to try some of that elixir. 😉

    Fabregas doesn’t use the legend soleplate, it’s the CTR SG soleplate he’s using and his boots aren’t leather, they are kangalite. I know that because on a closeup the boot doesn’t have the creases and striations leather has.

    No need speculating why the pro’s didn’t change, they had a good reason to and whether it’s custom versions or superstition or even a dislike of the new colours, simple fact is they are still getting paid to endorse them. ^_^ It might simply be a matter of them not seeing any point in changing just yet and when their teammates (song for fabregas, marcelo for cristiano and ferreira for drogba) have tried out the new goods and given a positive verdict they might change.

  6. says: Adri

    Fernando Torres always wears white boots when he plays for Liverpool. Well, he used the green t90 III for 3 or 4 matches but switched back to his white/red t90 II’s. When he plays for Spain he uses different boots but in Pool it’s almost always white. I don’t think he’ll change from his white/gold t90 III’s soon either.

  7. says: shiv

    rooney wore neptune blue laser 3s, proved to be a good choice, but they are easy to break into from what i’ve heard and are comfy and he’s had a week to break into them.

  8. says: markymark

    i think the main reason alot of pros have seen training in new boots this week but not playing is purely an issue of breaking them in.

    also, interesting comment on anelka, but have you seen the latest powercat adverts ‘nicolas anelka wears the puma powercat’, but he doesnt, does he… yet??

  9. says: martincillo

    oh man, fabregas is not wearing sg, im sure, and maybe he is wearing the tiempo sole, like bojan and iniesta with they lasers

  10. says: Hugh

    guys it is not a question of breaking them in, the pros get non-coloured versions of the boots weeks before they come out to break them in and then Nike add the colours afterwards. Last season Ronaldo changed everytime a new colour came out for the vapor IV’s so i dont think it is breaking them in that is the problem.

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