We know that we’ve spoiled you all with news of all the new boots and colourways that debuted in March.

And being honest, we’ve been left with our heads spinning – New boots from Umbro, Reebok and Nike are out this month and Nike & Puma have hammered out a whole host of new colourways. So we thought that we’d put together a quick guide to all the boots that are out today.


Champs League

Adidas announced their Champions League range of football boots waaaay back in January, and the Pro’s have been wearing them since the start of the new year, but believe it or not, these special edition Predator_X, Adipure III and f50i only went on sale on the 25th of March!

They’re now available, along with their full compliment of sibling boots including the AdiNova III, f30i and Absolion_X:

Here for Europe


Nike have hit their stride in March – after announcing the Superfly II at the end of February, they went crazy with not only 2 new boots, but new colourways for their existing boots!

Mercurial Summer 10

The new Superfly and the Vapor VI, available along with their sibling boots – the Miracle, Glide & Victory are now available

Here in Europe

Football Boots Laser T90 III

Nike also released the new colourways for their popular T90 Laser III range today – along with the Shoot and Stike they are available

Here for Europe


Puma Summer 10

Puma also went on a roll with new colourways throughout March – releasing some very tasty black/blue combo’s for their v1.10 and v1.10 KL. Also up for release was the amazing new Yellow/Black PowerCat 1.10!


In addition to those, Puma also furthered it’s Unity initiative as the World Cup draws ever-closer with this amazing Unity King XL‘s!

For Puma Football Boots look:

Here for Europe


Reebok RG800

Right at the end of March, Reebok chose to honor their most decorated and well respected player – Ryan Giggs.

The result was these stunning champagne-gold boots, known as the RG800 Pro LE. Only 800 pairs of these football boots were made, so if you want to get your hands on them:

Click Here – Europe Only



Just the one boot this month from Umbro – after revealing it towards the start of March and then beginning one of the most bizarre advertising campaigns for a pair of football boots that we have ever seen, you can now get your hands on a pair of Umbro Stealth Pro‘s!

Check them out here for the UK

That’s all that’s out right now, but later in the month we’ve got huge releases from Lotto & Mizuno, who are hoping to scrap for some bigger market share with their key World Cup boots.

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  1. says: fifinho

    still haven’t been given any technical specs on the Stealth Pro? Also at the end where it says huge releases from Lotto and Mizuno do you mean the new Lotto Zhero Gravity and Mizuno Wave Ignitus (which have both been released just now) or there is more to come?

  2. says: Kyle

    Hey fifinho – We updated our Stealth Pro piece a little while ago, so that should have all the info you need.

    And yep, they’re indeed the ones we mean.

    They’ve both been unveiled, but they don’t go on general sale in Europe until later this month, so that’s what we meant there!

  3. says: Maxi10

    Kyle and co.:

    You guys have not mentioned anything about the new Mizuno Ingitus. They look interesting… They remind me of the mid-90’s predators. Their slogan: “No Spin!”

    Check it out, please.


  4. says: E@zy

    How dare you suggest that the FB team do not have their grubby hands on a pair of barely released boots? Unacceptable!

    Thanks for the round up. Must be a busy time for you as the companies battle to get their share in the world cup hype.

    I’m wodering, could you do an article in the effect of the world cups on the boot market?

    Also, do poster boys have to wear their companies latest boot and latest colourway? I mean like will Ronaldo have financial consequences for not using his Superfly II and making them look useless while he was slipping and sliding in first half.


  5. says: Kyle

    Yo Ez!

    We do our best – but it’s not always possible with media restrictions and whatnot!

    Yeah, and there’s only more to come – we’re looking to a really busy period coming up to the World Cup.

    Thats a great idea! We could do one before, on what companies expect the World Cup to do to their profit, and one after on what actually happened!

    That’s a really good question too, I think it depends player-to-player, but it’s probably worth an ask!

  6. says: kuuku

    Yes ronaldo slipped and slid so much in that first half against atletico madrid that he came out in the second-half with his old yellow superfly I’s on….in soft ground config no less…..

    Are the super duper extendo-studs not working?

    So many lovely boots. I’m so psyched about the upcoming world-cup!

  7. says: hunter

    Great article as always ..
    I have a question bout the superfly 2 do you belive Nike will be coming woth new colors soon.??

  8. says: DanDman

    the new Superfly II Dark Obsidian/White – Cool Mint are genuis so lite an d vapour has become more comfortable as wel! ne 1 no ne players wearin dat colourway?

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