New Balance | Furon 4.0 & Tekela 1.0 Pro Cherry Colourway


New Balance is fastly becoming one of the big players in the football boot market.

Step aside Nike, the Furon 4.0 has arrived. 

The design is sleek and comes in the colour of black and a sort of bright cherry. This is quite unique and would certainly help you stand out over the traditional black boot.

The FantomFit frame technology allows for the ball to be gripped effortlessly by your foot, making finishing much more natural feeling. There is a very light feel to the boot, almost as if you aren’t wearing anything at all. This is perfectly mixed with the fact the boots are very tough, with inlayed chassis for increased stiffness and hydraskin film for water repellency. 

I predict this boot to go all the way to the top due to its sheer attractiveness and lightweight ability to improve your game! This boot is ideal for an attacker or somebody who needs speed and accuracy.

The Tekela 1.0 is the perfect boot for a midfield maestro. That creative busy bee in the middle of the field.

The full foot microfiber and Kinetic Stich embroidered bands allow for increased stability and control. The firm ground studs provide 360 degrees of rotation, meaning there is a seriously reduced risk of injuring yourself from a pitch perspective.

The colour comes in a very cool but distinctive white cherry, making it the envy of the other players on your team.


Availability: Now

Price: Tekela £160, Furon 4.0 £160

Pre Order: BUYNOW>>


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