Nike channel the colour-scheme of one of their most famous ever club shirts with the new Arsenal Away Kit!

New Arsenal Away Kit [hhog_bookmarks]

Echoing the famous lightning-striped 1995-96 away kit (the second ever away kit Nike ever made for Arsenal Football Club), the new Arsenal Away Kit marries cyan and navy once more on the gunners change strip!

It’s two years since the Arsenal away kit has been blue, with Nike having opted for the traditional away kit of yellow, so the return to a blue hue for the gunners will likely prove a popular one with many fans.

New Arsenal Away Kit - 2011-12

The front of the new away shirt is divided into two halves, one in navy blue and one in turquoise blue, inspired by the away kits worn by Arsenal teams from the past. The diagonal line represents the gnomon, the pointer which casts the shadow on a sundial, inspired by the original Dial Square sundial on the site of the Arsenal munitions factory in Woolwich, where the Club was first conceived in 1886.

The back of the shirt is entirely navy blue, while one sleeve is navy blue and the other turquoise blue, with a stripe in three parts on each to once more represent the Dial Square sundial.

New Arsenal Away Kit - 2011-12

In line with the home shirt, the new Arsenal Away Kit features the commemoratively-designed 125th anniversary crest, to mark a century-and-a-quarter of Arsenal FC.

As for the tech-specs, Nike˘ flagship features like Dri-Fit and laser-cut vents make their usual appearance here, and the Considered Design initiative is still going strong, with the shorts now also being spun out of recycles plastic bottles from landfill sites, making the 2011-12 range of Nike kits their most eco-friendly yet.

New Arsenal Away Kit

As you can see in the shots of Jack Wilshire, Nike are also readying the launch of the new Premier League football – stay tuned to for information on that launch very soon, indeed!

The kit is available for pre-order now via our store'  and will be available in stores from late July.


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      do you think every one uses english to pride himself? just talk about da jzy. its cool for light skined ones excluding Ebue’s category

  1. says: harry

    comments from 2 years ago. ever since this site has changed the way we write our comments, i feel footy boots has gone down hill. DOES THE GEEKS REALLY EXIST? If so i would like a response on the pros and cons of conical studs and are they better than blades (the ctr360maestri ii blade configuration)

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      Hey Harry! We’ve worked hard to get the site as good as possible since our launch in 2006, and are always making it as good as possible with feedback from guys like you (and everyone else!)

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  2. says: Mr Chow.

    I support arsenal but im not one of those who buys the kit EVERY season, but if i do get one it willl probably be this one, although i’ll wait for our 3rd kit to come out and see if that any good 🙂

    1. says: Jack Straw

      Don’t think there will be a 3rd this year.  Heard it was going to be white but they decided against releasing it. 

  3. says: Jack Straw

    I would assume 1 year because of the anniversary badge.  Potentially they’ll update it with a new badge for 2012-13, but I think a completely new shirt is more likely.  Same for the home, although I think a badge update is more likely there.

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