New Adidas Tunit Football Boots

New Season, New Colour Adidas Tunits

Adidas are set to release a series of new colourways for the Adidas Tunit football boots this summer to coincide with the start of the new season, and players buying new football boots. With so many different variations, options and colours available for the Tunit (which is by nature a customisable football boot) Footy Boots brings you a quick guide as to what new Tunits will be on offer on the web and in your local sports store this summer.

Adidas Tunit F50.7 Black White

Adidas Tunit f50 BlackAs we reported earlier, the new Adidas Tunit F50.7 kicks off in July with the new black and white colourway, also to be made available in a leather upper option. Read more about the new Adidas Tunit F50.7 in black and white here.

Adidas Tunit F50.7 Red White Orange

Adidas Tunit f50 RedThe much anticipated red Adidas Tunit F50.7 also makes an appearance in July, and is bound to be a football boot seen on the feet of many a professional in the new season, club colours permitting of course!

Adidas Tunit F50.7 Champions League Winners

Real Madrid Tunit UpperThe most exciting of the new Tunit releases for us will be the series of Tunit Champions League Winners football boots, made for an exclusive array of clubs that have been winners of the top European prize and are not sponsored by Nike. The Adidas Tunit upper will be released for Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona, Liverpool and Real Madrid. Gold stars on the side of the football boots will indicate the number of wins made by each club. Adidas had planned to produce a Chelsea version, but as Liverpool and Man Utd fans will be quick to point out, they are yet to join the group of Champions League Winners, so it is likely this version will be shelved until Chelsea manage to win the Champions League.

AC Milan Tunit UpperLiverpool Tunit Upper

Adidas Tunit F50.7 New Colourways

If all these new football boots are not enough, Adidas are also bringing out new colourways to add to the range, including silver and yellow, as well as a lime green laceless due in August.

Adidas throws down the gauntlet to Nike – this summer its Tunit vs Lasers!

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  1. says: keil leisk

    Absolutely love this idea, although adidas and nike should maybe team p, or give them the rights to create a boot for the likes of Man Utd along with other clubs that have won the cup, adidas would see the profits shoot through the roof if this were to happen, paying slight compensation to nike, joma, etc etc.., but a very good idea!!!

  2. says: Matt

    Nike should follow that idea too. Barcelona isn’t getting those boots though and they are making Chelsea boots and I have pics of them.

  3. says: ronald

    they should most def allow adidas to make uppers for nike sponsored clubs and i saw the chelsea one it looks just like the blue and white tunits with a chelsea sign on the lace cover. its not that great to tell you the truth

    1. says: RJ

      no just the clubs listed – manu sponsored by nike so unlikely they would agree to let them put logo on an adidas boot. shame really.

  4. says: Ian McCallum

    pretty wierd they would make any other than those 5, its the 5 teams with the badge of honor, if they make any more, where does it stop

  5. says: declan

    i think that all clubs should be able to get there kit manufacturers like nike e.t.c should make boots with your clubs logo on
    they’d look really cool and it would set apart you from your mates

  6. says: tom g

    The real madrid uppers are by far the best looking uppers they are making
    I use the new lime green laceless uppers and they are perfect
    they fit any foot perfectly and have tremendous shot accuracy

  7. says: Ro

    well the pdf docemounts for this cleat is in the j peg folder which should turn ur cleats greeen in about 8434 nano meters………

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