The team were all enjoying their Sunday Afternoon roasts and post-match baths, when all of sudden, tweets, emails and Facebook messages began flying in left, right and centre with fans citing an incredible boot-spot!

Manchester United’s Portuguese winger Nani played the entirety of Sunday’s away match against Bolton Wanderers in the new White/Black/Radiant Pink adidas F50 adiZero‘s!

A long time Nike-man, Nani was notable among Nike’s current roster of players for preferring the Mercurial Vapor VI over the wildly popular Superfly II, so to see him in anything other than Nike is definitely a surprise; due to his clearly specific demands from his football boots.

Though this isn’t the first time in recent weeks that we’ve seen Nani outside of his Vapors, many boot-spotters clocked the pacey winger in training last week in the adidas Predator_X, definitely an auspicious choice for such a speedy wideman.

Nani in adidas F50 adiZero Football Boots

Another note, it looks to us that Nani is wearing the synthetic version of the adidas F50 adiZero, making him one of the few Pro’s not to use the leather upper option.

We’d speculate that this is because Nani’s not too fussed by leather, evidenced by the fact that he’s a long-time Vapor-wearer, or that he wanted the boots to be as light as possible.

Manchester United's Nani in adidas Predator_X Football Boots

Whilst definitely a strange move for Nani, we can only speculate that he’s in a contract grey-area at the moment due to the fact that he’s tried out football boots from adidas on more than on occasion in such a short space of time.

If it was a one-off incident we could guess that Nani’s boots had ripped or been unsuitable for the turf in the warm-up, forcing him to borrow some off a team-mate, but as Manchester United are a Nike club we would put money on Nani having a spare pair of Vapors if he wanted them.

Nani has also featured in some of Nike’s most recent campaigns, contributing several ‘Inside the Pro’ short videos to the Nike Facebook page. So here’s hoping that Nike are able to keep Nani on their books for the time being.

Well, either that or the new Voltage Cherry colourway was a step too far for him!

Shout-out to our man with the Eagle-eyes Chief Daniels who was the first to tell us about the spot!

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji

    WOAH! this suprised me when i saw this on the front page!

    although obviously something must have been bugging nani if he’s changed brands soo quickly, it kind of makes it look like he couldnt wait to get out of the vapor’s he was stuck with.
    but like i said on another post:

    If i was a pro (which i highly doubt is happeneing anytime this millenium) i would get money from other sponsership deals other than football boot contracts, all those football boots out there and your only limited to one type?

    for all we know cristiano ronaldo might prefer adizero’s to superfly’s but nobody, not even him will know that because he’s not even allowed to touch them unless someone who’s wearing them tackles him!

  2. says: Bob

    If you knew how much money they got paid for their boot sponsorships you would not say that. It’s a small price to pay to have to wear football boots only from one brand for the amount of money they are making off it.

  3. says: E@zy

    Oh I’dl like to point out that Dani Alves, avid Superfly wearer, was wearing Messi’s colourway of Adizero’s vs Athleico Bilbao on Saturday. I could be wrong, maybe it was Sun Yellow.

  4. says: perrygroves

    No one has mentioned he scored a cracker of a goal in the adizeros too.

    Lets be honest though guys, we all know Nani is one of many pros to swtich to Adizero and its more proof that its a very special boot. I myself have a pair and I can see the appeal if you were a pro, very comfotable, very durable and no wearing in needed.

  5. says: sam

    Adidas, to be fair, have peed all over nike in recent times. The Laser’s are soo ugly, the CTR’s are ruined by the colours they released them in, the Tiempo’s aren’t as comfortable as AdiPure’s and the Superfly’s are too gimmicky, and as it turns out, not very light!

  6. says: perrygroves

    @sam I 100% agree. Seems you cant ever say a bad word about Nike on these pages though otherwise you get marked down. Too many fanboys who think they are CR7 must be reading this.

  7. says: kyle

    It’s the same on many websites, whilst I malign ‘CR7’ (I hate that and CR9 by the way – he’s a man; not a car!) fanboys as much as the next guy you have to be impressed by the almost fanatical level of brand loyalty that Nike command.

    I mean, credit to them – even if their latest generation of boots, especially the ‘speed’ category hasn’t been as revolutionary as other brands, their boundary pushing colourway choices mean their boots are always on camera, they still have a slew of great players on their books and most importantly, their advertising is second-to-none.

    The ‘Write the Future’ ad was a stroke of genius, as soon as the WC was over they were straight back at it with ‘The Chance’, ‘Kill the Nil’ and ‘Never Look Back’ campaigns, whereas adidas have a solid-gold product on their hands with the adiZero and still haven’t really followed up their ‘The Quest’ ads.

    For every, intelligent, well-thought out, unbiased commenter on any website, there are at least a dozen brand-loyalists who can’t see past a logo.

    Though, that said, I am proud to say that here on, that ratio is much, much better than on most boot-places on the ‘net!

  8. says: arietepesado

    far beyond that nike and adidas are choices for any of us… for them is as simple as who offer more money, and nike isnt offering good money, if they had offered enough messi would be now superfly or ctr360, instead their efforts are directed to a more agressive advertising campaign but starring a bunch of nobodys or low profile appear of true soccer players…

  9. says: brian

    Is danny alves wearing adizeros officially?i mean…does he have a new contract with adidas? What about Nani? Despite of these two cases, I think it is clear that the best speed boot right now is the f50.Better price,amazingly light, very confortable and durable.I’m only expecting better colourways.

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