After breaking the news this weekend of Nani bagging a goal for Manchester United in the adidas F50 adiZero, we’ve been in touch with some of our friends in the industry to get the official word on these sensational football boots swaps!

The official word from adidas is that adidas have made no announcements about either player, and neither has officially put pen-to-paper with the German sports giant. Which means that both are wearing the adidas F50 adiZero of their own volition.

Due to the high rate of boot-swapping that both players have shown, we can only guess that both are currently undergoing contract negotiations at the moment and are taking the opportunity to try out as many different football boots as possible!

Dani Alves has been chopping and changing his boots like no-one’s business of late, but we were really surprised to see him in the Messi Metallic Gold adiZero at the weekend!

Given that Alves and Messi are very close in terms of height (5’8 and 5’7 respectively), we might even speculate that Alves is a similar shoe-size to Messi and the Brazilian defender ‘borrowed’ a pair before kick-off at the weekend!

As for Nani, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the Manchester United Training camp ahead of their Champions League game tonight, and we can report that the Portuguese winger is still wearing the White/Black/Radiant Pink version of adidas ultra-light football boots.

Nani adiZero Football Boots

So there you have it, the official word is that neither player has officially switched to the adidas F50 adiZero, but we’ll be the first to tell you if either of them does!

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  1. says: BPurvisTX

    I can understand why they would switch from the Vapor to adizero…..Vapors are very uncomfortable from my experiences, and the colors are just rediculous now. Why can’t Nike come out with a white pair of Vapors like the Vapor III’s. Those were some classy boots!

  2. says: Splinter09

    Who else could have spotted such things and have brought us up to date with the official statements from Nike and Adidas. Footy Boots Spies rock. lol

    I wonder what Nike has to say to Alves? I’m sure Adidas has no complaints about it.

  3. says: Boothby

    in the picture of united training, gibsons wearing total 90’s?
    i might be wrong but from what i can remember he wears ctr’s doesnt he?

  4. says: lefthammer


    Gibson did wear ctr’s at one point but he changed back to lasers. Lasers have been Gibson’s preferred boot but I guess he decided to give the maestri’s a shot for a little.

  5. says: Stan

    “The official word from adidas is that adidas have made no announcements about either player”!!! What a joke, how is this even news!!!

    1. says: kyle

      A lot of people have been asking ‘Has Nani/Alves officially switched to adidas?’ And we’re telling everyone ‘No, they haven’t’

      Whilst I admit, it’s not worthy of a Pulitzer or a even a place on the 10 o’clock news with Trevor McDonald, people asked the question we’re giving the answer.

      And it also means that there’s a chance they could officially switch soon, so by keeping everyone updated on the official word, you can keep an eye on their feet!

  6. says: VB

    Absolutely this is news. Two very marquee players that used to wear Nike are now wearing a brand that is Nike’s public enemy number one.

    And Stan, let go of the exclamation marks and start getting to know a question mark.

  7. says: Adam

    Dani Alves switched back to his blacked out Vapors in the second half of the Rubin Kazan match last night. I doubt that means anything, because he is known for being superstitious and they were losing at the time, but I don’t think he is totally decided yet. Just a thought.

  8. says: davey

    adidas vapors is very light and very comfortable to sprint like you got nothing on your feet..very very comfortable to wear

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