Mizuno Wave Ignitus III - Blue / Orange / Yellow

After launching with two big, bold colourways this summer, Mizuno are showing no signs of turning down the volume of the palette on the Mizuno Wave Ignitus III with this Blue / Orange / Yellow colourway (Can a colourway be big? Can the volume of a palette be turned down? Who’s to say!).

The eccentric Yellow / Blue / Red lead launch colourway certainly announced the Wave Ignitus’ return in a big way, and this decidedly summery-colourway will likely give the Japanese brand’s ‘power’ boot further visual presence on the pitch and in store.

Mizuno Wave Ignitus III - Blue / Orange / Yellow - Instep

A boot with a strong visual identity, Mizuno aren’t shy about piling on the tech with the Wave Ignitus III.

Whilst the last two Ignitus’ have both focused on the Mukaiten panel for lethal, unpredictable no-spin free kicks.

Now, the Wave Ignitus III aims to put a full arsenal of kicking styles at your feet with a huge fin-covered panel across the medial vamp to help give players 17% more spin on the ball.

Mizuno Wave Ignitus III - Blue / Orange / Yellow - Upper


This results in two deadly new kicking techniques; Tatekaiten and Yokokiaten, both governed by the new stikezone.

Tatekaiten is top-spin: the aggressive friction on contact allows players to get better purchase on the ball as it leaves the foot to create dip to get set-pieces back down over the wall.

Yokokaiten is side-spin: whether from open play, a corner or a free kick, side spin allows improved spin on the ball, for improved control to get the ball spinning laterally.

Whilst the Mukaiten panel’s placement moves little, it has been revamped and made larger for greater efficiency and power, it still remains a big focus in the Mizuno Wave Ignitus III’s design in a time where ‘knuckle-ball’ free-kicks are only getting more popular.

Mizuno Wave Ignitus III - Blue / Orange / Yellow - Soleplate


The’ Mizuno Wave Ignitus III – Blue / Orange / Yellow‘ has been available to order in the Far East and South America for some time, but has yet to land in Europe.

Excitingly, it is one of the options available to US boot-addicts to kick of’ Mizuno USA’s new Soccer website, where North Americans can pre-order this colourway from today.

Given the US Mizuno site won’t begin shipping these until early December, we’re excepting a full European announcement on this colourway before the end of November – so watch this space!’ Or if you’re in the US, you can order, here

In the mean time, give us your thoughts on this new Mizuno colourway – either in the comments on the Boot-o-meter, below!

MIZUNO REFRESH WAVE IGNITUS III WITH BRIGHT BLUE / ORANGE / YELLOW, 9.3 out of 10 based on 37 ratings https://www.footy-boots.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/mizuno-wave-ignitus-iii-blue-orange-yellow.jpg

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  1. says: Andy

    Love the boot but hate the color. Looks like they had some leftover materials and just mashed them up together. Or was this an experiment that went horribly wrong?
    The boot itself is one of the best I have ever used but I’m not buying this color.

    1. says: Hackabusi

      I bought these a few years ago on eBay .. luckily .. as they don’t often sell the ignitus in the UK .. just have to snap them up when I see them! Best boots i’ve ever worn .. so comfy. The Wave Ignitus 2 were like wearing slippers!

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