It’s all been a bit quiet from the Mizuno camp since the start of the new season – after the launch of the Wave Ignitus, Supersonic Wave and Morelia Ultralight Mizuno have kicked back and watch their stable of players slowly grow.

But sure enough, Mizuno are back with a whole host of new colourways for their key football boots!

Mizuno Wave Ignitus Football Boots - Black Gold Red

The first one we’ll be looking at is the flagship Wave Ignitus – a boot that we have great fondness for here at Footy-Boots.com, having rated it highly on our in-house boots test, and we know you guys love it too having rated it as the 3rd best football boots of 2010 in our Football Boots Awards!

Mizuno have given the Wave Ignitus a really fearsome look in this Black/Gold/Red colourway. A far cry from the bright and friendly Yellow/Black launch colourway, the Wave Ignitus looks seriously mean n’ moody as Black and Red dominate the upper.

Mizuno Wave Ignitus Football Boots - Black Gold Red

But it’s the little things that really sell a new colourway to us; while we’re always excited to see our favourite football boots with a new colour combination, Mizuno have used the new colourways to embellish the little details that set the Wave Ignitus apart from the crowd.

For instance, the triple-density Pebax heel-counter has it’s outermost layer a completely opaque red – making the finger-like obtrusions look like veins, whilst at the same time drawing your attention to the feature.

Mizuno Wave Ignitus Football Boots - Black Gold Red

Also making full use of the scheme is the Mukaiten panel on the instep, which Mizuno have coloured metallic Gold, highlighting this awesome feature.

The Mizuno Wave Ignitus has firmly established itself as one of the most versatile football boots on the market – tipping the scales at 229g per shoe (only 64g heavier than the adiZero!) and featuring a Carbon Fibre sole-plate the boot will satisfy speed freaks, whilst the unique lacing system and anti-spin panels across the boot will give power players something to really get their teeth into!

Mizuno haven’t given us an exact date for release yet, but we’ve been told early December – so not long to wait!

So, what do you think to this latest colourway from Mizuno? Can you take the Wave Ignitus more seriously now it’s not bright yellow?

Let us know using our ever-handy boot-o-meter!

MIZUNO WAVE IGNITUS – BLACK/GOLD/RED, 9.4 out of 10 based on 23 ratings

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  1. says: BiyiAdetunji


    nah im joking, its nice too see a more informal review on these, also should be expecting to see an artice about the red/white japan colorway tomorrow?

    im in love with the wave ignitus though, a power boot at a weight that coud make it be considered as a speed boot!

    if only a more toned down colourway had come out sooner, the only reason i didnt get the ignitus was because the only colour avaible was the bright yellow/black colourway which was a bit too bright for me, i tried hard to search and find the japan only colorway (white/black/yellwow) for sale, but no luck 😛

  2. says: ben

    Hmmm, they are lighter than the Nike Elite T90s?! I’ve heard that they are not as light as advertised. Perhaps it is because they do not mention 229g for which size.

  3. says: Sir Prance Alot

    ben – I hear what your saying regarding weight.

    I got the Yellow boot in a UK8 – they weigh 235g.

    Awesome boots – Black look is Killer !!!

  4. says: Richard Madley

    Well its clearly a great boot with under rating in stats but the colours need sorting out why cannot the clours be more simple.

  5. says: channo

    got the white/black/yellow AND the white/black/red japan limited! yaay xD this boots never fail to impress me 😀
    pretty much figured out that this black/red/gold would be the choice for black boots lovers though. looks really mean!

    @BiyiAdetunji: u might want to try rakuten, just search it on google. they got translated pages and international shipping as well 😉

  6. says: kyle

    @Biyi – We put this article together just for you! With all the releases landing pre-holidays at the moment we’re only selecting some of the colours, but we’re always glad to see someone who likes our style!

    We try to get all the facts across, but don’t want bore people to death!

  7. says: E@zy


    Keep doing what you are doing guys. Can’t satisfy everybody :). I love how this site has given such knowledge on footy boots. I’d like to thank you for making me getting a boot all that much harder deciding what the hell is best for me.

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