Mizuno Wave Ghost Striker

Mizuno Wave Ghost Striker Football Boot Review

Mizuno was founded in Osaka, Japan, in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno. Although the Japanese sports brand is well known for its running, baseball and golfing products, Mizuno entered the football boot market in 1997, and its search for technological innovation has led to the design of some fairly impressive football boot offerings.

Although it doesn’t have the football history of Nike or Adidas, Mizuno counts Argentinian international Pablo Aimar and Romanian Adrian Mutu amongst its endorsed players.

Mizuno Wave Ghost Striker

mizuno-wave-ghost-strikerThe first thing we noticed about the Mizuno Wave Ghost Striker was how light it was. Weighing in at 215 grams, compared to the Morelia Wave’s 250 grams, this is certainly Mizuno’s lightest football boot.

The Mizuno Wave Ghost Striker football boot, is made from washable kangaroo leather and features a microfibre synthetic upper. The leather is fairly flexible and the football boot fits well on the foot so don’t buy a pair expecting them to expand and stretch too much.

Mizuno have included compact wave plate technology in the heel to enhance cushioning, stability and balance whilst playing. The heel plate grips well and prevents your foot slipping in wet conditions. A removable sockliner is included.

The PU outsole is made of a multi stud unit, which the football boot brand developed in conjunction with top international players paying particular attention to improving traction.

At £79.99, the Mizuno Wave Ghost Striker is a top end offering from Mizuno. You can use it on soft and firm natural surfaces and it is available in studs and moulds, although we preferred the moulds. Mizuno certainly think it looks stylish, as they have nominated it in the Best Looking Football Boot category, in the Football Boot Awards.


Colourway: Pearl/Red
Weight: 215g
Size: 5-11, 12
RRP: £79.99

Verdict: All in all the Mizuno Wave Ghost Striker is a pretty decent football boot; very light and flexible, with a good fit.

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  1. says: Simon

    I have owned every pair of boot around. Latest were the Vapor IIIs. These boots are the best I have ever worn – amazingly comfortable, very light (lighter than the newest vapors). Ball control/touch is excellent. Fantastic buy.

    1. says: Andre

      Simon, I am looking at purchasing these online, but I am not sure what size to get. Would you say they fit true to the size labeled?

      1. says: Simon B

        I’ve had Nike Vapors in US 10 Vapor 1, II & III and bought these Ghost Strikers in a US 9.5 (normally I’m a UK 9, US 10 so got these in a US 9.5 = UK 8.5). The boots are fantastic. The ball does tend to get “stuck” if you try to roll it through 180 degrees – compared to the smooth surface of vapors these are more abrasive so the ball doesn’t glide of the boot as much). Still they combine touch, comfort and light-weight feel better than any boot on the market. Also solid feel unlike the light Puma’s on the market. The new vapors IV etc aren’t streamlined and feel wide and clumsy.

        CONCLUSION – Great for any position, whether your a quick winger/striker or a ball-player / defender.

  2. says: Paolo

    Hello everybody!!
    I am desperately looking for a shop online to purchase this mizuno wave ghost striker, I have tried the second and the third editions but they do not fit the same. Anyone can help me?

  3. says: Martina Ravingerova

    I have spent many hours bz finding these boots everywhere in the world,because of mz boyfriend which LOVES THEM!!!!!!!
    And it is znbelievable!!!!§
    We cant find any place where to buy them.PLEASE IF SOMEBODY KNOW JUST TELL ME WHERE.He would by as manz as possibble.

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