Should you want to get your hands on a pair of the new Mizuno Wave Ghost football boots, then the date to keep in mind is June 29th.

On general sale then, the new offering from the Japanese manufacturers will be in use by Europe’s professionals from this weekend. And to mark it’s impending on-pitch debut, Footy Boots gives you exclusive news on price, secondary colouways and sponsored players.


In terms of price, the Mizuno Wave Ghost comes in at £100 or $160, though the dollar price could well change depending on how the pound performs over the next 2 months.

The initial colourway, which will be worn professionally from 1st May is the previously announced Black / White / Electric Blue which will be available in SG and FG versions. However, a secondary colourway of Super White / Black / Vibrant Orange is to be produced in FG only.

Wave Ghost la Liga

Uche of Getafe and Nigeria wears the Wave Ghost' 

The football boot has been developed using a number of Mizuno’s European based players and over this weekend, it should be seen on pitches in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Holland.

Specific Mizuno players include Hulk (Porto), Cesar (Bologna), Smicer (Slavia Prague) and Kone (Marseille).

Hulk Mizuno Wave Ghost

FC Porto’s Hulk. The electric blue should go nicely with green should the Hulk get a bit tetchy.

As for being worn in the English Premier League, the word from Mizuno is that they are actively looking to secure a major EPL player to coincide with the retail launch in June.

As for the product itself, weighing in at a mean 220g, the Wave Ghost is certainly one of Mizuno’s most innovative boots to date. First impressions are important too, and the Wave Ghost certainly looks striking.

Mizuno Wave Ghost la Liga

Paulo Assuncao of Atletico Madrid in the Mizuno boots

Designed for speed, comfort and exceptional fit, Mizuno say that the boot comes packed with new technology. It’s an over used phrase in the football boot market place, but on this occasion, it’s backed up with incontrovertible fact.

The upper is made of a brand new material called Kuraray which uses the best attributes of kangaroo leather and synthetic fibre, Mizuno say tests on the new material showed it to be 4 times stronger than k-leather and 20% stronger than a pure synthetic equivalent. Additionally, water absorption can be reduced by up to 50%.

The firm ground outsole features Rivaldo’s signature stud configuration. The former Brazilian international and World Player of the Year worked alongside biomechanical and movement analysts to deliver an outsole that offers optimum traction, agility and freedom of foot movement.

It offers a separate heel and forefoot area made from graded TPU. The design enables rigidity in the mid-foot with enhanced flexion in the forefoot and stability in the rear plate.


Mizuno Wave Ghost Vital Statistics

Weight: 220g (FG) 250g (SG)

Colourway: Black / White / Electric Blue (SG & FG)

Secondary Colourway: Super White / Black / Vibrant Orange (FG only)

Sizes: 6 – 11 (UK 12)

Retail Sale: 29th June

Price: £100 / $160 Rate it: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (2 votes, average: 6.00 out of 10)


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  1. says: Maxi

    You guys forgot to mention the BEST and most prominent Mizuno sponsored player in the world – Pablo Aimar of Benfica.
    The boot looks swell, but the one that Hulk is holding up in the picture is a “stud hybrid” boot. The studs are a combination of FG and SG cleats. That’s sweeeeet!

  2. says: VB

    They look pretty nice/clean and are priced fairly reasonable. I do have an issue with the stud configuration however. It almost looks like it’s a Hard Ground configuration with so many studs in the forefoot. Also the boots Hulk is holding looks to have the “blade” studs AND the metal studs (SG). A bit confused about that also…

  3. says: kevin

    Man just in time..
    These boots look awesome.. The mixture of the kangaroo and microfibre is genius.. Can’t wait to see them in person..

  4. says: Aussie Lad

    My first thoughts were that these boots looked madd, and upon reading about the kuararay and other technologies plus the weight, i must say, i’m a fan.

  5. Mizuno football boots rocks I had a few pairs over the years, I can’t remember the models but I sure can remember how good they were. These Wave Ghost look incredible nice, and the price is not bad so I think I’ll be getting one of those when they come out.

    1. says: Aleksi

      Workout Planet, you mentioned you had a pair over the years… I am planning on getting these boots, but I am struggling with the decision of size.. Could you compare the sizes with adidas or nike for example? I am ordering the boots, so I can’t try them out… Anyone else who knows please help!

  6. says: Aleksi

    Can anyone comment on the sizes of the Mizuno football boots or perhaps compare them to nike vapor IV’s or the adipure II’s? I am planning on getting these, but I need the sizes…

    1. says: Sir Prance Alot

      Aleksi –

      I own both the new Ghost and Adipure II, the size is similar.

      Length is similar but the width on the Ghost is less restrictive. Adipure II was too tight in the forefoot in a UK 11 for me and not helped by the new upper construction.

      Looking forward to hammering these in pre season…..

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