Continuing Mizuno’s line of new football boots for early 2011 is the new Red Supersonic Wave!

Mizuno Supersonic Wave Football Boots Red White Gold

The Supersonic Wave has quietly been making it’s presence felt across the footballing world since it’s launch after the 2010 World Cup.

Reborn here in this Red/White/Gold colourway, the Supersonic Wave is sure to turn heads on the pitch!

Our favourite thing about these football boots is how great they look in that nearly-all-red upper and soleplate. Most boots would look fairly dull as a single colour, but we think the Supersonic Wave just about pulls it off thanks to it’s classy leather front end.

Mizuno Supersonic Wave Football Boots Red White Gold

We reckon that it won’t take long for Stoke City frontman and Mizuno endorsee Kenweyne Jones to switch to this pair – they’re a great match for the big striker’s home kit!

The lightest football boots in the Mizuno stable, the Supersonic Wave is an excellent choice for players who demand speed but can’t afford to compromise on touch and control. The unique Feather Touch System employs low rebound sponge integrated into the leather to ensure a great touch on the ball when running at speed.

This colourway of the Supersonic Wave is due to hit store shelves in early January 2011 and is expected to have an RRP of bang on £100, making it fairly competitively priced for a cleat that weights just 215g per boot.

Are you a fan of the Red? Personally we think it’s good – but not a patch on the White/Gold/Black launch colourway!

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MIZUNO SUPERSONIC WAVE RED/WHITE/GOLD, 9.1 out of 10 based on 50 ratings

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  1. says: bpurvisTX

    how is the traction in these boots? i currently wear the Vapor IV’s and sometimes it feels like I am not getting traction when sprinting. Does anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions?

  2. says: Aaron

    They weigh 215grams not sure how much the vapors weigh.

    Footy-boots don’t u think it’s time now to boot test these boots? There are interest but as these boots have a new hybrid tiger claw stud configaration we would love to see how they perform. It’s winter now so your bot goin to be able to as it’s sg boot season. Very disappointed indeed!!!


    These boots are a mixture of conical (round) and blades. They have created a new stud called (tiger Claw) really interesting! They say its meant to Perform inbetween the two. I’m a massive fan of mizuno and have bought a few of there boots and have been AMAZING so I can only assume they will be great.

  3. says: OnlyFootball

    ^I disagree. I don’t think they look much like the Legend, apart from being a K-leather boot with classic looks.

    The toe is similar to the Morelia, but the lack of a fold-over tongue and the extra panel towards the forefoot distinguish them nicely.

  4. says: Jehovah Kristophersen

    These boots look amazing. great colourway and interesting design. Hey there is a mizuno wave ignitus in a white/black/gold that i dont believe has been covered yet on footy-boots, just to let you know

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