After stirring up some interest by charting well in our Top 20 Boots of the Decade, we thought it was time to bring you the lowdown on the Mizuno Morelia.

mizuno morelia football boots test


The Morelia ticks all the boxes you’d expect from a classically-styled football boot in this department, and then some. The K-Leather upper is an absolute joy to wear and the stitching across the toes help the boot flex in all the right places.

One feature that sets this football boot apart from the likes of the Tiempo Legend and Speciali is the distance that the laces cover on the top of the foot. The Morelia’s laces stop a mere 2 inches from the very tip of the toes (on a UK Size 10) meaning you can really adjust the fit along the full length of the boot.

mizuno morelia football boots test comfort

The Morelia also offered me the very unusual luxury of trying them in multiple sizes, which certainly answered some of the questions that arose about Mizuno’s sizing after our test of the Wave Shinken II.

Having the football boots half a size smaller then I would usually take gave the boots a much more glove-like fit, and never felt too tight even when wearing proper socks and shinpads. So if you’re considering a pair, and don’t have particularly wide feet, I would seriously recommend getting half a size smaller.

mizuno morelia football boots test durability


Despite their elegant appearance, these Mizuno’s are seriously tough, like a bullet-proof Mona Lisa! The leather in the upper has been discretely treated to make it more water-repellent than your average cow-hide (Yes, we know it’s technically kangaroo!)'  and a little more stud-proof too.

Also disguised in the back is an excellent heel counter. In the style of boots like the Puma King XL, the heel counter is secreted between the upper and the inner, which minimises rubbing and allows the boot to keep it’s natural-looking faÄ‚§ade. The heel counter really is rock-solid by the way, and only seems to get firmer towards the sole-plate. This not only helps minimise the boot slipping when sprinting but should also offer your heel and Achilles tendon some protection from cynical challenges.

mizuno morelia football boots test feel


As mentioned before, the Morelia’s have a superb fit which translates into an excellent feel for the ball. As the weather’s been awful and all the league’s games have been called off, I’ve been taking the Morelia through its paces in games of 7-a-side on artificial turf. Sharp control, tight dribbling and neat finishing are all must-haves for 7-a-side (I have none of the above, by the way) and even on notoriously quick wet artificial ground the Morelia was supple and grippy enough to cope.

I was also really impressed with the sole-plate of these boots. Looking around the edges of the boot, there’s no potential area for weakness, you get the impression that the designers wanted to keep everything very neat and compact. The layout of the studs is equally well-considered. On the FG model the high-density studs ape the Copa Mundial in both layout and construction, with the 13 studs only slightly different to adidas’ classic 12 stud layout.

Another surprise the Morelia had in store was how much fun it is to shoot in these boots. Whoever coined the term hitting the ball ‘with your laces’ might well have had these in mind. The tight fit across the top of the foot means you can really put your foot through shots, volleys and clearances.

mizuno morelia football boots test conclusion


Once again, I know for the second review running I’ve gushed about the quality of some football boots (I’m not sure what’s wrong either; I must have some cheer left over from Christmas!) and despite the Laser III and the Morelia being completely different animals they’re both excellent in their own way.

The Morelia is a football boot that sets out to deliver a hard-wearing, quality boot to people who don’t want any gimmicks, and delivers in spades. A fantastic upper, incredibly handsome and surprisingly rugged; the Morelia is a boot to be reckoned with.

kyle mizuno morelia football boots test

My only concern would be how the football boot will perform in the steadily growing ‘modern-classic’ market.

When you’re marketing a boot that’s up against competition like the adiPure, Tiempo Legend, Speciali and Puma King, operating in the same price bracket as your competitors and working to a template that actually prevents innovation, it’s got to be tough to make a boot a success.

What’s your opinion? Would you consider making the switch to Mizuno? If not, why not? Or if you already own a pair of Morelia’s what really sold them to you?

Why not let the guys from Mizuno know your thoughts? I’m sure it would make for some interesting reading if you wanted to get your opinions down in the comments below!

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  1. says: kuuku

    Top class review. I love it. Quite a lot of details and good information about materials, build quality, stud configuration etc. Cheers!

    Wow, seems this boot ticks all my boxes: Comfortable, DURABLE and protective, good looking, nice surface for shooting with…..definitely looks worth investing in.

    I already got some very comfortable reebok valdes for soft ground and I think I’ll get these for firm ground in black…i only wear black boots 😉

    Pricing, colorways and availability of the morelia please?

  2. says: Baz Boot Boy

    I have to admit that I’ve never really considered the Morelia but after reading this I might have to reconsider.

    And if there are any brands out there reading this, and you have confidence in your boots, you should really let this guy review them.

    He’s fair, thorough and knows his stuff.

  3. says: Splinter09

    The Mizuno Morelia is a real classic football boot for someone like that is not a big fan of synthetic materials the Morelia is on my wish list.

    Here in Brazil Mizuno football boots have always been popular in both amateur and pro levels, I wonder why? Probably because they are more affordable than the likes of Nike and Adidas.

  4. says: aliurip

    i love mizuno though not sold in the US since mid 90s. i bought the low-end grandeza way back and they were as comfortable as copa mundials. wonderful brand.

  5. says: fifinho

    While never trying on a pair before, I’ve always been a fan of Mizuno. Like how their “speed boot” contender the Wave Ghost is actually lighter than the Vapor V while using a supposedly “better” upper.

    However I do prefer bladed studs and don’t have much cash to splash atm so I’ll stick with my adiPures for now thanks

  6. says: Blair

    had an old pair of these and i loved them! such a good boot and this review its the nail on the head!
    the only think i didnt like was the colour! ha not a good choice for a player in scotland! got so dirty after only 3 months of using them my dad binned them out =( they just needed a clean was mucho gutted ha

  7. says: boyd

    I have always consider trying Mizuno. But in the USA I can’t find any Mizuno soccer outlet. But from the review, I expect the fit to be similar to the Speciali. Especially when shooting, the Speciali felt the best when compared to Copa Mundial or Tiempo. Maybe it’s the flexibility of the out sole that made the difference. So, I, for one would appreciate if Mizuno would continue the production and distribute the boots to USA soccer outlets or soccer.com. I’m sure the boots will sell just like the Copa. If only the customers have more choices in the classic boots category, Mizuno should not lose out in the quality, performance, durability, and comfort.

  8. says: Sir Prance Alot

    This is a very strong review, objective and concise. Good work Kyle.

    I just wish you had the photos taken on synthetic grass so I can actually see the boot through all the mud !!

  9. says: Kyle

    Kuuku – you’ll be pleased to know that the Morelia only comes in the classiest of colours! They’re usually black or white with different coloured logos- full list can be found here:

    (Just so you know, the Morelia ‘Club’ range is the same boot with a synthetic upper, so they’ll usually be cheaper.)

    aliurip & boyd – I had no idea their distribution didn’t extend to North America! I think you’re probably right – I know a lot of American players who value a classic boot over gimmicks, which is why the Copa’s are popular!

    Splinter09 – I’ve read loads of your comments on the site and never known you were Brazilian!

    Blair – Gutted! That happened to my Reebok ‘Ryan Giggs’ boots back in the day!

    Sir Prance Alot – That was my own stupid fault! I forgot my camera that last time we played on the artificial turf! D’oh! I was pretty upset to get that lovely white leather muddy too…

    Fenboy, Baz & fifinho! Thanks for the comments! We love to get comments from everyone that hits the site – especially nice ones!!!

  10. says: Mati

    mizuno is the way forward for all serious footballers who look for a comfortable touch. if your ambitions lie on the lines of “swerve”, “power”, “speed” and all that garbage, stop reading. i got a morelia and i’ll never go back…cant wait to try the ignitus too!

  11. says: Tom

    I am a tiempo wearer and I do enjoy they alot; they provide great comfort, touch, looks (i like white and black boots mainly)
    But I have always had that problem with the lacing, I have a wide instep so my laces should be more adaptable, the Mizuno therefore fits the bill, when my tiempo’s are past it I shall be buying a pair of Morelia’s

    ps. great post kyle, gives you alot of info on the boot!

  12. says: Alannn

    This boot reminds me very much of the Copa Mundial.

    Kyle – what size do you wear in the Copa Mundial compared to these?

    I am interested in ordering a pair online, but cannot try them on

  13. says: Mati

    @ Alannn…measure your foot using a ruler (japanese sizing), add 0.5cm and convert it to UK, US or EU sizing. i wore preds, adipure, f50, tiempo and asics 9UK, but wear 8.5 for morelias. you wont regret them

  14. says: Hunter

    Kyle I’m interested in this boot but I live in the us and I have a really narrow foot. And have Loved the vapor cleats but I also wanna to have a k leather boot just to have do you think this would be good for my narrow fit?

  15. says: Kyle

    Alannn – looks like Mati’s got it down to a fine art!! To answer your question, I’d normally be a size 10 and it seems like Mati found the same thing I did, that as a rule of thumb to consider half a size smaller for a Mizuno boot.

    Hunter – I found the boot to be a really nice fit width-wise, and as the lacing runs so far down the boot’s top, you can pull them nice and tight!

  16. says: The Overlook Hotel

    really great review once again. since coming across this site i always check the boot I’m after has been reviewed as they are so detailed and genuinely helpful. i think these are going to be my next pair of boots. thanks again

  17. says: timeu

    I got two mizuno boots (one for turf and one for FG) and I can really say that they are probably one of the most comfortable boots I have ever had. I never got blisters and they really fit my wide feet very well. So I can recommend it to people who have wide feet and had problems with other boots. The K-leather upper is really great. Actually the good thing abouth the mizuno is that unlike the other major companies (nike, etc) they dont’t produce any low-end shoes (with plastic upper, etc). So if you buy mizuno boots you are always on the safe side (as regards quality).

  18. says: hunter

    Ok thanks Kyle I appreciate the quick response and I’m going to conisder buying these boots by the way you do great reviews thank you

  19. says: hoodwinkle

    if any one is thinking of buying mizuno football boots then i would say DO IT DO IT NOW !!!!!!! the are really the best football boot u could buy they may not have all the jazz that a lot of the boots have now. and i have have had a lot of boots with jazz in my time. but now i would not put any thing else on my feet now they are just like putting gloves on light as a feather and the leather i think is some of the best u can buy. they never let me down plus they will last u a life time i still have a pair i have had for four sessions and still good as new

  20. says: Andy Rayner

    I am really tempted to get these i love the look and the review is good. I do have a few questions. 1. Does the tounge flap around alot or is it stuck down? 2. I have a pair of Adi-pures in a 7 and fit perfectly are these a similar sizing or bigger that adi-pures?

  21. says: Andy Rayner

    I am seriously tempted in these boots because i love the styling of them and the review is good. But i only have two questions for you. 1. Does the does flap around alot ot is it stuck to something? 2. I own an pair of adi-pures in size 7 and they fit perfectly so are these a similar sizing to the adi-pures?

  22. says: Tatewaki

    @Andy Rayner
    The tongue doesn’t flap, a little velcro strip keeps it in position.
    In my experience if you wear a 43 nike you have to choose a 42 mizuno (28 cm.).

  23. says: Will

    I have had about 4 and 5 pairs of these boots and they are the only boots I will wear.

    There light and comfortable which is the main thing. You can always get a good strike in them. Highly recommend them!!

    Another good thing, you dont have to wear them in. I got a pair delivered on the Saturday morning, by 3 that afternoon I played in them. Didnt have one blister at all. Incredible.

    1. says: Mata

      Softer leather on the Japan models, full kangaroo instead of just the forefoot, fold-over tongue that stays in place without needing a velcro strip to hold it down, more rivets on sole leading to better durability, no removable insole that slides around. Once broken-in & on the pitch the differences are subtle, both are great boots, just depends whether you think the price difference is worth it. MIZUNO!!

  24. says: yuji

    hey im from japan, and whats really interesting is that people say the same thing with these boots- once you wear a pair of morelias, you can never turn back to any other lol

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