Mizuno Football Boots – Wave Shinken

Mizuno Wave Shinken Football Boots

Mizuno Wave Shinken Football BootsFooty Boots brings you the latest and best football boots around so you have all the info when you go to buy your next pair of football boots. In the first of a series on the Mizuno football boots range we bring you the innovative Mizuno Wave Shinken from Mizuno – a company more renowned for its distance running shoes and baseball involvement.

Mizuno Wave Shinken Technical Details

Mizuno Wave Shinken Football Boots Bio PanelMizuno is a Japanese based company, and as you would expect, cutting-edge technology is fused with unique design to produce the Wave Shinken football boots. Mizuno use the latest software to analyse and design their products with the Wave Shinken featuring a Bio-Panel which is made up of individually shaped pads, that offers the player greater ball traction, speed and control.

Mizuno Football Boots - Wave Shinken BlackMizuno’s Wave technology in the heel allows for optimum cushioning and stability, whilst the removable sock liner also increases the cushioning effects. The kangaroo skin upper features asymmetric lacing, with a handy flip over tongue which allows the laces to be hidden away. The FG option of the Mizuno Wave Shinken comes in a multi-studded outsole for maximum traction and comfort on firm ground. The SI option comes in removable eight point studded outsole.

Colourway options: Pearl/Black/Red or Black/Red/White
Weight: 270g
Size: UK 6-11,12,13
Price: RRP £100

Verdict: In terms of the name, Wave Shinken means ‘serious’ and ‘sword’ in Japanese, signifying the seriousness with which Mizuno has positioned the football boot in the market – and this sums up our verdict of the Mizuno Wave Shinken – a serious football boot for serious players.

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    1. says: ebec gomez

      this is the best cleat ever…your on crack son…you sprobably dont like it because none of the pro players you like wear it…..thats no reason to hate an excellent cleat.

  1. says: anon

    i had one of the replicas of this boot and i had a major problem with its tongue. it was too big and when i wore it it flapped around sloppily. either its bad design, or its a problem with my foot.

    1. says: Mizuno

      We have looked at the tongue design for this collection and have made slight changes to the detail, shape etc. The Shinken itself comes with a velcro attachment and is more secure.

  2. says: andy

    There’s no way I am gonna pay 100pounds for these boots. Those Bio-Panels are just gonna make your feet look so weird when you have both boots on. AND, the soles look so 80’s.

  3. says: carl saxby

    iv had the white black an blue version of these boots 4 like 10 games now an they r by fair the best boots i have ever purchased…dont like this colour though but the colour i got look the nuts

  4. says: Drika746

    Seriously good boots. I have played on the wave shinken blue white and they are by far the best boots i have had. Only negative thing is that they didn’t last so long, after 6-8 months all the scubs on the front were gone.

    But they play much better then nikes or adidad. for sure! TOP BOOT!

    Desgin is not my fav, but what does it mather if they play so well ..

  5. says: Bartek

    I am interested in purchasing white Morelias, but the very newest model where the sole is blue and the inside of the foot is not red, but grey. Size 28cm, moulded. Please get in touch with me.

  6. says: James

    Just bought these and they are awesome. got firm and soft ground pairs for 100 quid. if ur unsure about the fit I would say go half a size down. im a 9.5 in preds but found these fit much better at 9s.

  7. says: Andy

    I bought the wave shinken ii’s a while back. They are extremely comfy and really light so on the gave of it a great boot.however be really careful with the sizing,I’m a uk9.5 normally bought the mizuno 9.5 are much much bigger feeling around the toes,to the point where I got cramping in my toes and arches of my feet.

    I really like the look of the supersonic wave but am now worried about mizunos fit so will maybe get joma total fit.

  8. says: Anndy

    I bought the wave shinkens a while back. These boots are really lightweight and comfy although for some reason I get really bad cramps in my toes and eventually my calf. I know cramp can be fitness related but thats not a problem with me. I now think it happens because the insole is so smooth the my toes are not secure in the boot and are moving around too much!!

    Apart from this huge problem they would prob be my favourite ever boots 🙂

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